Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Could I be your Christmas gift?"

Howliday greetings, shapeshifter lovers.

Okay then, here's a rough draft of Chapter Seven from my still untitled WIP, a short holiday erotic romance.  Hope you enjoy.

Chapter Seven

Drev paused in his stride, and like a dirty dog, he roamed his gaze over Keina's delicate shape as she stood before his book collection. The round swell of her hips from her small waist caused his swollen cock to lurch.

Down humping dawg, he ordered. Yeah, no hope there. Drev grimaced at himself, and before stepping inside the room, he glued his gaze to his unexpected guest's gorgeous little ass.

Even with Keina's petite frame, her curves were voluptuous, her thighs shapely, and, thank the good lord above, not pencil thin. What he wouldn't give... Drev hammered the rest of that thought into nonexistence.

His hands itched to grab hold of her hips, and Drev balled them into fists. Damn, he wanted to stroke the shapeshifter woman until pleasure overwhelmed them both. Right now, her human form made his entire body rigid with need.

Discipline, buddy. Remember, it's how you stayed alive.

Getting a grip on his raging hormones, Drev entered the room. He halted as Keina spun to him.

Currents of sexual energy zapped between them, palpable to Drev. He witnessed the sparkly flash in her amethyst eyes, her quick pants of breath. He heard the trip-trip racing of her heart -- one of his unusual abilities.

Drev ached to swoop Keina against him, devour her with kisses, then take her with every manner of passion. Oh hell yeah, lust had him by the balls.

Slow down. Don't frighten her, Drev cautioned himself, even as the ferocity of his desire leaped. No bounds, he thought

Drev sucked in a breath, and kept his feet super-glued to the floor. Yes, she wants you, buddy boy. But you're coming on too strong.

Mentally Drev switched his testosterone-befogged brain to his other burning need, to know more about his Pegasus girl, to know the woman, Keina, better.

"The turkeys are in cold storage," he began conversationally. "My brother and his family are going to have one heckuva Thanksgiving feast. Thank you again, Keina."

Cute as could be, she tilted her head. "You are welcome. From how you speak it, hunter, you won't be there." Curiosity flared in her desire-darkened eyes.

"My sister-in-law doesn't like me to put it bluntly." Drev twisted his mouth into what he hoped was a wry grin. "She's polite enough, but I figure let them have a good family holiday."

"You must be lonely." The words had burst out of her perfectly formed mouth.

Images of her lips as she kissed his chest, then moved lower... Drev took out the mental hammer again, and pounded, temporarily ending his torment.

"Gets lonely sometimes. But I like my privacy." Drev followed his words with a couple of steps toward Keina. "Does it bother you? Being out here...in the wilderness?"

Confusion instantly altered Keina's features. "What do you mean?" She took a tiny step toward him, her shoulders rolling flirtatiously. "Being out here alone with you? Or the isolation of living in the forest?"

With her fragrance knotting, thickening his tongue, Drev barked, "Isolation."

"I have a cottage..." she began, then stopped as if she'd let a secret slip.
Drev watched as her face became luminous, then a frown knitted her brow. "Where's your cottage?" Drev prompted, knowing intuitively it would give him a key to understanding Keina.

"Flubergastov, I'm might as well tell you...since we are isolated." She worried her bottom lip with her teeth.

"Tell me?" Drev dared another step closer. He fell head over heels into her fathomless amethyst eyes as she gazed directly at him.

"I'm not from Earth...Drev."

"ET?" he inquired quickly. Blade Runner came to mind, an ET rabbit shapeshifter, who had made Talbot's Peak his home. He and Drev regularly engaged in combat training sessions together.

"No." Keina singsonged. Drev watched her gage his response. "I'm from an earthly realm, though...the frequency is slightly different...but it's easy to open a gateway...and...well, here I am."

She gave him a faint little smile, and nervously rocked her dainty shoulders.  

Drev locked his arms to his sides, given she was not more than a couple of arm's lengths from him. "Earthly realm, like a fairytale realm?"

"Some fairytales are based on, on our realm. Yes." She dropped her gaze. When she flipped her gaze to him again, she softly announced,  "I was banished."

"Banished...why?" Drev cocked his head, mystified. Who would banish a woman like her?

"I -- I defended myself against...being sexually assaulted, as you would say here. The King..." she averted her face, and drew in a large breath, "he was told I lured the...uh prin...the man to my chamber. I didn't know he had a fiancee. She demanded my banishment...for six months in Earth time."

Drev's head circled at a dizzying pace. Even so, he sensed not an iota of deception from Keina. Absolutely, she'd left something out of her explanation. Something critical in her world. That was obvious. He hummed with it.

A split second later, anger leaped inside him, blazing higher and higher until he saw nothing. "Want his brains bashed out?" Drev asked, his primitive side surfacing.

"Thank you, Drev," he heard after a moment, "however, I would prefer the punishment involve his cowardly balls."

Drev felt himself blink. A laugh erupted, harsh, abrupt. "That works," he uttered like a savage.

"If you don't kiss me soon, I'm going to throw myself at you." Keina's soft plea found his heart.

Drev opened his arms. Amusement found him too, and Drev quirked a wicked grin. "I'm waiting."

She launched herself at him. Drev caught her as Keina cinched his waist with her slim strong legs. Their lips collided. Desperate. Needy.

As their mouths fused in a fury of passion, the kiss felt endless to Drev. Long, long moments later, their lips melted against each other, and clung.

The kiss softened, and languidly they planted kisses on each other's mouths.

"Wow, oh wow, hunter," she whispered.

"Wow," he murmured, echoing her.

"Could I be your Christmas gift?" She nuzzled his neck.

"Yes," Drev rasped, nuzzling her hair.

Hot damn, buddy. Drev heard in his head. You're done. You're smitten, like Dane would say.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Damn! This one'll definitely heat you up on a snowy Christmas eve.

Screw the partridge in the pear tree. I want a lurching cock.

Savanna Kougar said...

ah, the lurching cock, much more satisfying than a partridge in the pear tree... although, if you think about it... that partridge could be a darn euphemism...

Serena Shay said...

Hmmm...if the partridge is a euphemism, I want to know where exactly he would put the five gold rings! ~wink~

Nice chapter! Have we met Drev's sister-in-law before? Sheesh, how could she not like him?

Pat C. said...

Wonder what I could do with twelve lords a-leaping?

Savanna Kougar said...

ear, ear... then nipple, nipple... then belly button, or lower...

No, Drev's sister-in-law hasn't been into-ed... she believes he's too weird because he likes living off the land in the forest.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, write it as a super menage for Siren... hehe...