Saturday, December 6, 2014


After the success of the community orchestra and the musical rendition of the battle for the Peak, many group decided to gather for holiday carol writing.  The humans down on the square decided to go with traditional hymns and contemporary holiday tunes.  The Second Street wolf pack borrowed the melodies they knew from the human songs they knew and proceeded to make up their own words.  A few of the local packs decided that censoring them made sense.  Except who was going to argue with them when they cleaned up the lyrics on their own.  There were rumors Miss Elly threated to dent a few of her soup pots by banging them on several heads if manners didn’t prevail.

Then there was Loki and Thor’s version of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” that combined howls, yips and off key crooning that set the neighbor’s dogs howling off that carried over to three other neighborhoods.  Still the boys’ good efforts challenged others in their class and group of friends to get involved.  Two more songs came out of the group that made sense and earned them a spot in the local talent show the city council decided to throw as a result of all the mirth and merriment happening.

Gill shook his head as he read the flyer Rachel handed to him as he and Chloe joined her and Tyburn for dinner.  Rumor was Ziva was in labor.  Nick was unable to take the lead as originally planned.  Vernon and Miss Elly were co-hosting the pageant down on the main square.  The live nativity scene drew a line of visitors each year.  And the community sing along as part of the show?  Gill rolled his eyes as he read the titles of the songs making the list.  Rachel’s hastily scribbled note on the bottom of the flyer read lyrics to follow.  Gill swallowed hard.  What had he gotten into now?


Happy Weekend Gang!

Have you started your holiday shopping?  The Spice Homestead has.  Of course online does make this easier.  Here's hoping you don't break your piggy bank.

Goodness, how the spirit of the season is affecting the Peak.  Seems the holidays are in full swing for our merry citizens.  May your gatherings and get togethers bring you joy and merriment.

Until next week,



Pat C. said...

Don't forget Ray Nardo and his high school garage band doing heavy metal versions of traditional carols. I love the Peak!

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, and the Big Daddy Cat Trio is yowling their jazz versions of holiday tunes... the key is a bit strange, but no one is going to challenge them.

Lots of caroling merriment happening in the Peak!

Pat C. said...

Does anybody throw shoes at them?

Savanna Kougar said...

Only the ladies. 'Cause they want them personally returned... you know, like Cinderella. ~cat-satisfied grins~