Friday, December 19, 2014

Here Come the Flying Monkeys!

Reetha stepped from the woods behind her brother’s house, readjusted her scarf, and made sure her fly was zipped before she made her way to the door.  She was done waiting for an invite to meet her new niece and nephew.  The male child, being beta and all, needed his auntie’s cuddles and the little alpha lady needed to catch the scent of the other alpha bitches in her circle.  There were so few female alpha wolves out there, so this group needed to be tight.  She and Ziva knew the loneliness that came from being female alphas in a male-centric world. Between her mama and auntie this girl would rise high and never be alone.





Whoa. Reetha pushed the door open and stepped into a standoff. Nose to nose, lips raised in warning and aggressive intents clear…these two were about to go off on each other. “Hey guys, what’s going on?”

Nick and Ziva backed up and gave each other some room, but both were clearly on edge.

“What are you doing here, Reetha?”

“Gee, Zee, I came to see the babies, you know, what aunties do.”

“Most aunties wait for an invite, Ree.”

“If I waited for that, the kiddos would be teenagers before I met them.”

“And they’ll be McMahon teenagers at that,” her brother snipped, shooting an authoritative look Ziva’s way.

Reetha grimaced, knowing full well what was coming from her friend’s mouth, having been on the receiving end of her anger one too many times.

“Only in your demented, wood-addled brain because flying fucking monkeys will shoot from my ass before they are called anything other than Wilk’s!”

“Ohp.” Reetha stifled the rest of her laugh.  Wood-addled was new, but clearly Nick had never made

Ziva this mad before considering the surprised look on his face.  Which, of course, only lasted a few seconds before her brother opened his mouth to make things worse.

“Well, want me to get you some lube…” — “Whoa, Nick stop…” — “To get the buggers…” — “No kidding, bro, stop…” — “Out easier!”

The fur flew after her dim bulb of a sibling’s last statement.  It was nearly literal in Ziva’s case, as different parts of her body seemed to change without her knowing it.  How long had it been since her friend had shifted?

Reetha waded into the mêlée, which proved to be nothing more than growls and chest bumps.  These two couldn’t even hurt each other during this clearly charged frackus.  It proved how much they loved each other and, to her great relief, that it was possible for two alpha’s to mate. 

“STOP IT NOW!”  With an ear in each hand, Reetha pulled the two apart and brought them to their knees. “Tell me what’s going on.”  When they both started to bitch at the same time, she tweaked their ears to shut them up.  “Ziva, you first.”

“He wants my babies to be McMahon’s!”  

With the feigned disgust she heard in Ziva’s voice, over a name Reetha knew Zee loved, she had a bad feeling she knew where this was headed.  Women knew these things without being told, yet men were just dense.

“They ARE McMahons!”

Oh, Nick…

“Their mother’s not a McMahon, she’s a Wilk, and so are they.”

…And BINGO was his name ooo.  Reetha let go of their ears and let them both stand.  They were quiet, so quiet she wondered if Nick was finally piecing it all together.

“Ziva,” Nick’s voice soothed. “You’re my mate.  I remember quite a wild Thanksgiving chase which sealed the deal, as it were.  You are a McMahon.  You’re my McMahon…Queen McMahon!”

“Quite a boost there, Nick, Alpha to King…”

“Shut up, Sis.”

Reetha looked over at a silently crying Ziva and wondered if she would finish what she’s started here.

“Mating may add to my designation, Wilk alpha and McMahon Queen…”

“Wow, a lofty bitch, aren’t ya.” Reetha teased.

“Shut up, Ree.” Ziva barked. “It still doesn’t change my name.”

They stared at each other as if no one else was around.  Reetha backed away as Nick reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box.  Thank Lupa her brother wasn’t a total dumbass.

“Then maybe we ought to change that, too.”

Ziva sniffed, nodded her head and let Nick put one big assed stone on her finger.

Reetha looked away as they kissed and took the opportunity to tiptoe over to the two cuties snuggled together in their bassinet, sleeping through their parents skirmish and subsequent good news.  These two, with their tiny toes and relaxed happy faces, crawled into her heart and took their place right next to Loki and Thor.  She may never have her own, but she would have them all and she would love them like they were hers. 

“Hey, before you two do that.” She wiggled her fingers in their direction. “How about you tell me the names of my new little loves…”

Ziva’s smile lit up the room as she came closer, Nick tight on her tail.

“Our little alpha is Galina…,” Ziva said.

“Greta…” Nick announced at the same time.

Reetha had to squeeze her lips tight so as not to laugh at the fiery looks they were sending each other.  “And how about out little beta baby?”

“Misha…” This from Ziva. 

“Brent…”  From Nick.

“And that, guys, is my cue to leave.  Don’t wake the babies!”

Reetha waited until she stepped outside to laugh.  These two, with all the time they had during Ziva’s pregnancy, had not taken a moment to settle on names.  It would be a wonder if they ever did get appropriate monikers.  Good thing they had their Auntie Reetha to devise the best nicknames ever.  

Even their poor author (that would be me) has not been able to settle this battle between Ziva and Nick.  Names...who knew it would be such a bone of contention?  (pun intended)  I, myself, had the perfect name for out little alpha queen...Stormageddon!  Nick and Ziva may have turned me down, but Auntie Reetha and I still need to talk.  Muahahaha

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!  Stay safe and share the love.



Pat C. said...

Finally! Are they going to get married on New Year's Eve as the acorn drops? Or the banana, or whatever it is they lower from the clock tower these days.

Flying monkeys, eh? Wonder if Marissa has a spell?

I vote for Misha. But then, I always vote for Misha. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh! A marriage in the Peak. What better way to ring in the New Year.

Looks like Reetha is going to play trickster peacemaker in the family.

Stormageddon eh? Or Stormi Geddon...?

Serena Shay said...

Oh bugger, now I have to come up with a wedding post! LOL

Hmm, first wedding of the new year, I wonder if anything special happens for that in Talbot's Peak? ~puts thinking cap on~

I'm sure Marissa has a spell for that, and wouldn't Ziva be surprised once it started happening...hehehehe

I vote for Misha as well, Pat. I wonder if Ziva can convince Nick. :)

Serena Shay said...

Yep, Reetha's gotten way better at conflict resolution as she's gotten older and wiser.

Yep, Stormageddon, 'cause per the Doctor, baby's name themselves and our little alpha has already spoken to me loud and clear! muahahah

Rebecca Gillan said...

I hope they figure it out soon; Auntie Reetha isn't the only one in the family with a penchent for slapping new and unusual names on people! I heard Loki and Thor were combing through myth books looking for twins as inspiration on what to call their new cousins! LOL!