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New Year's Eve With Sherilyn, Dontoya, and Zance

Happy New Year howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

I thought I'd share a chapter from my ShapeShifter Seductions Novel, HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS. This erotic romance was partly written with a New Year's Eve celebration at Dante's Interspecies Pleasure Club in mind. The following scene takes place at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub, an elegant affair Dante created and built for Kitty, his beloved cat-woman shifter.

Further note: I like living the fantasy with my heroines and heroes. I love their intimate interactions, the sexy nuances, the passionate dance between women and men. Thus, this scene is detailed with such moments between Sherilyn, Zance, and Dontoya. I hope you enjoy.


Chapter Sixty-eight:
His name burst from her heart...

His name burst from her heart, softly, joyously, and with a strength that surprised Sherilyn. "Dontoya."

"Mate." His velvet purr stroked her insides, as did his potent, intimate gaze.

Cocooned in love, Sherilyn remained aware Dante continued his announcement.

"The Midnight Stardust is proud to present King Wolfman and his Romantic Swing Band, featuring the songstress, Selene Katz. They'll be performing dinner music.

"Next hour the dancing music begins, and yours truly has composed a special song to start off with. Let's just say, ladies and gentlemen, it sounded good on the guitar," Dante joked, his tone humble. "That's all from me. Let's bring in the New Year 2012, in grand style."

"In grand style." Sherilyn twisted at the sound of Zance's voice. "I'm not too late for dinner, am I?" Zance flashed one of his charming, all cowboy smiles.

"Pull up a chair, pard," Dontoya invited. "You only missed the dip."

"I plan to do some fine dipping on the dance floor." Zance audaciously winked at her, and Sherilyn smiled at him like a teenager.

She let go of Dontoya's hand, and took hold of Zance's hand as he seated himself beside her. "We haven't even popped the cork on the champagne, handsome."

"Why don't you do the honors, Donny-cat, and I'll signal our waiter. Time to bring on this fine grub."

Zance gazed at her as if she was the fine dining, and Sherilyn quivered inside. Then, he was turning away, motioning to the waiter she'd seen him speaking with earlier.

In the following dreamy whirl of moments, Sherilyn watched Dontoya expertly handle the champagne. He popped the cork with his usual understated flair, then poured the bubbly in their flutes. All while Zance quietly spoke into their waiter's ear.

When both of her men raked her with their glittering gazes, Sherilyn couldn't help but feel juicy-sexy. She sinuously moved, the gown slinking against her skin, and caressing her shivering breasts.

I do feel like their courtesan.

Sherilyn picked up her flute before she entered sex-fantasy land. One fantasy at a time, she told herself, then focused on her champagne.

"What a lovely pink color. I think I'm in romance heaven."

"NV Bollinger Rosé, darlin'. Me and Zance chose it especially with you in mind."

Dontoya lifted his flute, and Zance followed.

Overflowing with happiness, Sherilyn smiled as she saluted them both. "To my shapeshifter gentlemen. I love you. You have awakened my woman's senses in ways I would never have believed, or dreamed possible."

"We aim to keep awakening you, sweetheart." Zance clinked his glass against hers.

Sherilyn tingled deliciously inside, feeling the power of his intention. "I bet you do."

Dontoya touched the rim of her flute with his. "Tickle your nose, beloved mate. Let's get this evening rollin'."

Sherilyn did just that, drawing in the champagne's luscious fragrance. She let the delicate wet bubbles burst against the tip of her nose for several moments before indulging in a sip.

"Now this must be from an ethereal realm." Sherilyn indulged in a much longer sip, closing her eyes.

"With an irresistible bouquet." She spoke in her high-society voice. Keenly aware her tux-wearing cowboys ravished her with their gazes, she continued to sip leisurely.

"Ethereal and irresistible, you sold me," Zance drawled in a bantering voice.

Sherilyn watched as Dontoya and Zance tasted the pink champagne, immensely enjoying the scene. "Manly men," she teased, rolling her shoulder with sassy attitude.

"Only for you, Sherilyn darlin'." After a slow grin, Dontoya tipped his flute up for another swallow.

"Not bad for fizzy." Zance obliged again with a longer swallow.

"I get a kick out of champagne...I get a kick out of you," Dontoya sang along with the background music.

His smooth rumble did wicked things to her, as did the way he handled the flute, caressing it with his fingertips and twirling it slowly.

"I smell dinner on the way." Zance's smug expression, his gold flaring eyes, said he knew she'd enjoy what they'd chosen for her.
"I can't wait." Sherilyn made a show of slowly stripping off her gloves.

Dontoya and Zance pounced on her with their gazes, to her woman's satisfaction.

"Now that I have your undivided attention, 'fess up, gentlemen. Or do I have to probe your minds with my new super-powered mind reading ability?"

"Once you wrap those beautiful arms around me, probing sounds damn good, sweetheart." Zance deliberately ran his gaze over her bared arms.

"Like my pardner says, probing sounds damn good," Dontoya rasped. "Let's say it's not pheasant under glass, darlin', as superb as that dish is. That'll be for another evening paintin' the town."

"You two..." Sherilyn didn't get to finish her words.

In a polished manner, their waiter placed several covered dishes on the table. After filling their water glasses, he lit the golden taper candle set inside a crystal globe.

"Enjoy dinner, Mr. DeVulf, Shaman Zhu Vani, and Ms. Wingate. When you're ready I'll bring dessert, and the drinks you prefer."

"Thank you." Zance spoke formally. "That'll work just fine."

With hardly a whisper of sound, the waiter departed, his cart in tow.

"Oh, I can hardly wait. Pheasant, right?" Sherilyn's hunger gnawed at her something fierce, and she leaned forward, setting her flute down.

"Roasted pheasant with black currant sauce," Dontoya announced as he lifted the cover.

"That looks absolutely delish. It's been a long, long time since I've been treated to pheasant." Sherilyn's mouth watered, and she placed the napkin on her lap.

"You spoiled it, pardner. She was supposed to guess." Zance removed the cover from what looked like a gourmet rice dish with pine nuts.

"I was too hungry to guess." Sherilyn barely got the words out.

Her mates filled her plates with the sumptuous fare, including braised baby carrots with thyme, and broccoli in butter sauce. Closing her eyes, she inhaled the steamy fragrances.

"The One Spirit is bountiful," Dontoya intoned.

"Yes." Sherilyn opened her eyes, and picked up her silverware.

"Bountiful," Zance repeated. "Go on, sweetheart. The sooner you finish, the faster me and Donny-cat can whirl you around the dance floor."

Sherilyn didn't need any more encouragement. With knife and fork in hand, she daintily dived in. Glancing at Zance and Dontoya from time to time, she found herself enjoying the mannerly yet lusty way they ate.

Had she ever known men this vital, this powerfully alive?

Sherilyn savored the last bite of her pheasant, then patted her mouth with the napkin.

"Looks like we picked it too clean for the buzzards," Zance twanged.

Laughing, Sherilyn lounged against the satin-backed chair. "We sure did."

"Dessert now or later, darlin'?" Dontoya refilled her flute.

"Later, thank you, handsome."

"How about a cup of coffee for me and Donny-cat, and a chocolate concoction for you?" Zance signaled their waiter. "We'll let dinner settle. 'Sides, no one's on the dance floor yet."

"Too afraid to be the first?" Sherilyn raised a brow and smiled. Idly, she brought the champagne to her lips, waiting for her wolf cowboy to react.

"Dang, woman, if we weren't all agreed Dante and Miss Kitty would be the first, I'd be haulin' your sweet ass onto that pearly dance floor."

"Oh, so forceful," she taunted. "Just the way I like it."

"You're just lucky, sweetheart, the waiter's timin' is on your side."

"Is it?" Sherilyn batted her eyelashes until Zance was forced to place his attention on the waiter.

Dontoya laughed, amused. The sound was music to her ears--even beyond the elegant sweeping strains of the orchestra.

Embracing her hand within his, Dontoya passionately devoured her with his gaze. He pressed a kiss in the center of her palm--a long *rush her blood through her veins* kiss.

"You do know how to seduce a woman." Her voice came out as a sultry whisper.

Sherilyn fingered the slim, serpentine diamond necklace her cowboys had presented to her before she'd begun to dress.

"Both of you." Sherilyn met Zance's gaze. Consumed by his gold-blazing eyes, she forgot to breathe.

"The waiter will be back to clear our table," he gravelly drawled.

Capturing her breath again, Sherilyn decided to throw some cold water on the situation. She stroked her hand from Dontoya's, then angled herself equally between her mates.

"I'm assuming Mayor Linc had something important to say."


Blurb ~

Sherilyn hides out on her small ranch near the odd town of Talbot's Peak, Montana, determined to save her prize horses from being stolen. She has no time for men. Besides she's been down that heartbreak road one too many times. The hitch: she didn't bargain on two shapeshifter cowboys who decide she belongs to them.

Zance, a timber wolf shifter, and Dontoya, a rare black cougar shifter, are longtime pardners. Having built up their immense ranch in the supernaturals community, they've settled into a cattleman's lifestyle. Now they've finally found the one woman they both want as their mate.

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Wishing you love and passion on the wild side in the New Year, 2015 ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Rebecca Gillan said...

I love this trio. They don't stint on the affection or the creativity. I think I might be envious of Sherilyn just a little

Savanna Kougar said...

No stinting is right... and heck, I'm envious of my own heroine. ~smiles~ and thanks, Rebecca!