Saturday, July 4, 2015

Not Another Battle?!

Gill looked up at the night sky.  Chloe sat next to him leaning back on her hands gazing upwards as well.

“Great display Dante’s crew came up with.  Lots of color, spark, and boom.”  A large boom drowned out Gill’s next words.

“It certainly is bigger than last year’s.” Chloe hugged her knees tight to her.  “You’ve been overly quiet since your meeting with Dante.”

“There’s a lot going on I can’t talk about.” Gill scooted closer to Chloe.  Keeping his family safe topped his priority list.  Keeping the Peak safe ranked there beside it.  There had to be a way to keep the state from infiltrating much less claiming lands for fracking.  Two more state agents appeared at his office Monday asking about accommodations and office space to lease.  And a full moon two weeks away.  Mixed nuts above, did they have enough time?  Time to get their representatives in place and deeply imbedded to get these number crunchers and picture snappers out from under everyone’s feet.  

“I know love,” Chloe offered, leaning against him.  “Miss Elly said sometimes you have to trust that what you don’t know is better than knowing.”

“Smart woman.  Dante said as much to me.  Though there are things you and I are going to know because we have to.”  Gill pulled Chloe tighter to him.  Had the coverts slipped through the ranks deeper than any of them knew?

Out in the darkness of the trees, an open area ringed by oaks and maples hundreds of years old light up as another roman candle shot into the sky.  Next to him, Kitty jumped with each boom though she never backed away as bursts of color followed.  Dante inhaled, noting each bit of subtle changes in the odors in the air.  More humans attended the fireworks display than prior years.  Of course, the number of them claiming the Peak as home increased too.  Many voiced their concerns at the hastily called town council meeting, he and Vernon used to get a feeling of their opinions on the state bullshit.  Many felt the same way most of the non-human citizens did.  This was their home and they weren’t buying what the state was selling.  Had his teams succeeded? 


Happy Weekend Gang!

Looks like the battle for the Peak rises again.  What will Dante and his crew come up with?  How deep does Gill need to burrow to keep his family and town safe?  What other preparations are happening?

Hope your Fourth is safe and sane.  Weather continues to kick my allergies and make my nose twitch.  It is better than inches of snow.  

I'm knee deep into a novella I hope to have off to a new publisher next week.  Then waiting starts.  As soon as I know more, I'll be sure to share.

Remember to share a few good books with your spice and loves.  I know I'm enjoying mine!

Until Next Week,



Savanna Kougar said...

Plans and preparations are in the works to keep the Peak safe for everyone who calls our fair shapeshifter/supernatural town home. Gil is on the frontlines. However, if the big crap hits the turbo fan, there's a tunnel from the library to the huge emergency shelter next to the Pleasure Club. Gil and friends should be safe there, if needed.

GLAD to hear about your novella, and plans to submit to a new publisher. Best of luck finishing, then submitting.

Pat C. said...

Did the FBI ever send Mulder and Scully out to investigate those mutant mammoth sightings? What better way to spend taxpayer dollars?

Savanna Kougar said...

Since there were so many witnesses and participants in defeating the Mutant Mammoth Werewolf, the FBI and other 'powers that be' gathered up the available info, and left well enough alone -- given they didn't want the story getting out to the worldwide general public... you know, as if it actually happened. Now they can say NO INVESTIGATION TOOK PLACE, and they 'know nothing' 'cause it was just a local hoax situation gone bad.

btw, those taxpayer dollars might be spent on the secret space program.

Pat C. said...

Sam and Dean on the mutant mammoth:

"Hey, Dean, look. Talbot's Peak had a mammoth attack."

"Sure glad we leave that place alone."

"Hell yeah."

Savanna Kougar said...