Friday, July 3, 2015

Boom ~ Sizzle ~ Bang

“Are you still not speaking to me, Fair one?”

Greely scrunched her face and tucked herself lower in the claws that kept her safe on the long journey home from England.  She was pissed at her dragon lover and didn’t even feel like smiling as he spoke to her from his scaly snout.

“You know I had no choice…”

“Huh, right, no choice my ass.”

“You don’t cross Karma, my love.”

“You do, when Karma has her head shoved so far up her butt that she’s lost all sense.”  Why was she even talking him?  He could be such a…such a…slimy, royal, reptile!  “That’s it, a slimy, royal, reptile!”

“What’s that, Fair one?”

“You!” she screamed into the night air around her, knowing full well his ears would hear her.  “You are a slimy, royal, reptile!  No!  Better yet, you are a Slimy, Highfaluting, Insensitive, Tool!  Yep, I like that one better, a, S.H.I.T.”
The flapping of wide wings was Erol’s only response.

As the hours and miles passed on their flight towards Talbot’s Peak, Greely grew more fearful amid the straining silence.  Had she made a mistake?  Was she being honest with those around her about her fears?  Was she being honest with herself?

“Why do I dislike him so much, Erol?”  She whispered, wondering if he could still hear her or if he was even still listening.

“Only you can answer that question, Fair one.  I would say though that my cousin would never allow anyone under his protection to come to harm.  He is younger in years than I, but fully lives up to his name.  Justice Firewing and Karma Thys have made a connection and must see it through to the end.”

“…but their connection is so volatile.  What if the connection ignites and all that’s left is a pile of ash?”

“Your question is a good one, but one that could never come to fruition.  Justice would turn himself to ash before he allowed harm to come to Karma.”

“She can be a handful, Erol,” she said into the wind.

“This I know, Greely, and yet I have managed to contain myself.  Justice has more gentle feelings toward your camel, therefore, she is safe.  What really scares you, my love?”

Greely listened to her dragon’s words and fear expanded inside of her.  She nudged it with her finger, then with her toe.  She knew what the bubble held inside, but could she say it out loud?

The nights sky was suddenly ablaze and the crash, sizzle, and bang of fireworks.  Below her was home, Talbot’s Peak in all its glory, setting off a celebration of the nation’s independence.  “Oh Erol, you brought us home for this?”

“I did, Fair one.  It is the anniversary of our first display.  I promised to always show you the stars from far above.”
Tears of happiness slipped from her eyes and she kissed the claw closest to her.  “I love you, dragon.”

“As I love you.”

As they continued to watch the fireworks Greely opened a bit of her fear bubble, enough to acknowledge the worry sitting greatest on her soul. 

What if she were to lose the sister of her heart?  Be it by death or by distance she worried she would not survive the loss.  Of course, she also had her sturdy love to keep her close.  With him she would endure, she’d thrive and continue to love.  If his cousin was of the same strength, then she owed it to Karma to support her new found connection and help her reach for her very own stars. 

Have a wonderful 4th, everyone!  Be safe and enjoy the fireworks.



Pat C. said...

Whoa, wait, what? Karma's dating a dragon? One of Erol's relatives? Show don't tell!

So that's what SHIT stands for. I'm going to use that from now on. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, that was wonderful! I love Greely and Erol together... and hey, it looks like Karma has found her one dragon... although, I feel for Greely... this story could be an antho on its own... Greely and Erol, then Karma and Justice Firewing... and what a perfect flash scene for Talbot's Peak Fourth of July.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...I'd love to show, Pat. Unfortunately, this came as a huge surprise to me as well. Damn characters are so not keeping the author in the loop these days. The only reason I know something is going on is that Greely's emotions were in super overload. ~sigh~

Q: How does someone know they were meant to be an author?
A: Frequent surprises thrown at you by your imaginary friends and too much time spent refereeing the voices in your head! hehehe ;)

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! Yeah, Erol and Greely could be a story all on their own...sadly,they only throw bits and pieces at me every once in a while...frustrating! I hope to pin them down one day and drag the full story out of them. :D

Savanna Kougar said...

"Q: How does someone know they were meant to be an author?
A: Frequent surprises thrown at you by your imaginary friends and too much time spent refereeing the voices in your head! hehehe ;)" SO TRUE, and all those sudden big surprises!

Hope you do drag the story out of them... but I know what you mean. Some of my Peakites are the same way. Or, sadly, I don't have time to tune in and listen.

Pat C. said...

The story I just finished took a left turn when something from the one character's past hit me while I was out pulling weeds. Just yesterday I got a flash on how to expand a scene in another WIP. This is why it takes me so long to write things. The longer I wait, the more ideas pop up. Pity e-publishing success is geared for the prolific.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, that is a pity... It's like Keina and Drev's love story... ideas keep popping up that are logical and enhance the story. ~sighs~