Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Operation UFOS Are Real

Hot summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

*Continued from last week, a short flash scene 'cause that's all I can manage.* ... To Quote from last week: "Our Talbot's Peak saga continues. The bad guys have made pests of themselves, and are harassing our beloved mayor, Gil. Well, they just might be real sorry after Operation Crunch."

But first, Blade Runner, ET rabbit shapeshifter, has his ornery-alien way with the bad guys.


Operation UFOS Are Real

Blade Runner performed a low aerial circle above the ambush spot. The highway sharply curved limiting visibility for the driver. Stands of tall trees on both sides all but guaranteed no human prying eyes. Except for the odd hiker, and who would believe their alien-rabbit story?

Blade Runner had already shut down cell phone service to this immediate area. No vids allowed.

"X marks the spot." he amused himself with the Earth saying. After recording the area, he repeatedly beamed the images to the two satellites surveilling this section of road -- thus masking *Operation UFOS Are Real*.

"Targets estimated to be one mile away." Kitty's sweet yet purrfectly serious voice  came over his com system, as if she stood beside him.

"In position. And ready," Blade Runner reported, keeping his tone professional. Cosmic-holy patch of carrots, never mess with a catwoman on the hunt, no matter how fluffy and cuddly her exterior. That was one of the top rules in Talbot's Peak territory, especially among the male shifters and supernaturals.

"Monitor is on and working," Kitty informed. "I see the road as if I'm on scene."

"Stay tuned for the space alien show. No ancient aliens involved," Blade Runner quipped. "Descending now."

Hovering just above the height of a car's windshield, Blade Runner waited the few secs of time. Once the state officials' black car appeared from the highway curve, he swooped toward them, blasting the expected white light -- really a frequency that would temporarily kill any vehicle's engine within a three mile radius. Except, of course, Durk and Zeo's motorcycles.

Brakes locked, and tires screeching, the car slid enough so it partly blocked the road  -- that is, before the engine froze. Blade Runner grinned and settled his disc craft in front of the state agents, not ten feet away. On his monitor -- which penetrated their black-tinted windshield -- he watched their eyes widen to saucer-size, and they were practically hugging each other, paralyzed by fear.

Blade Runner initiated the craft's ramp, and with blaster in hand, he strolled downward, then walked the short distance to the driver's window. "Greetings, earthlings."

Waggling his rabbit ears, he continued, "Take me to your leader."

Inside, the two men leaned backward as far as their seats allowed, and from the nasty smell of it they'd already released their bladders. "Take me to your leader. Or I will have to extract the information from your pathetic brains."

Blade Runner aimed the blaster at the driver's head. Both men made panicked mewling sounds, and hyperventilated so fast Blade Runner wondered if their lungs were about to burst.

With a touch of the trigger, he activated the car's automatic windows, lowering them. "Brain extraction begin." Blade Runner spoke in his sinister alien voice. He hardened his expression to *I'm a bad-ass Bunny*, and pointed the blaster at the driver's forehead.

The man on the passenger's side bolted first, nearly falling on his face as he scrambled out of the car like a space rat escaping a doomed ship. The driver followed on his heels, desperately crawling over the empty seat. Still on all fours he launched himself onto the baking asphalt, then nearly toppled his cohort in bureaucratic crime.

Finally gaining their feet in a cartoon-like fashion, the two state officials raced toward a thick stand of trees, quickly disappearing from view. Star-hole hell, humans could tail-high run when it came down to saving their thin hides.

Busting out in laughter, Blade Runner doubled over. He only straightened when he heard the machine-roar approach of Durk and Zeo on what some called their crotch rockets.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Heh heh. The gov'mint guys never knew what hit 'em.

Somewhere in Tibet, Abel Cochrane is looking nervously over his shoulder.

Savanna Kougar said...

NOPE... the gov'mint guys never knew... and it ain't over. Durk and Zeo are about to do their thing.

Yeah, Cochrane must be jumping at every UFO disc he sees.... hehehe...