Friday, July 31, 2015


Nick looked up from the editing project he’d undertaken, unsure of what he found so disconcerting.  The article was shite which was a surprise considering the writer was quite reliable, but that wasn’t the most troubling thing to tweak his conscience.   Perhaps it was that this was not the second or third article he’d found this way, but the fourth — all in one day.

Four articles, four different employees and four steamy piles of crap.

What was happening to his staff?  He wondered, rising from his chair and moving towards the door.  It wasn’t Spring fever as they were well into Summer and Fall/Winter were well loved by the shifter populace of Talbot’s Peak.  This blip had to be about something else entirely.

“Penny,” he called, stepping from his office, only to find an empty chair where his receptionist should have been.  He walked to the rail and looked down at the, also empty, bullpen.  “What the hell.”

At the end of the hall was Ziva’s office and hideout.  Maybe the staff had all taken a break to check out the new pictures of their twins.  Heck, that was definitely it, how could they not want to see the cutest babies in the world?

Nick pushed the door to Ziva’s domain open and found…nothing.  It was as empty as the bullpen.
“Lupa’s balls!” he growled and slammed the door before continuing around the upper deck of the office.

“Dayum.” Came a male voice from the conference room.

“Oh baby.” His receptionist agreed, whole-heartedly.

Yeah, his kids were awesome.  He smiled at the thought of family…

“Have you ever seen a tighter ass than that?”

“No, but don’t tell Jamie.”

“I’m right here, Lamar.”

What? Startled by the unexpected question launched by his mate, Nick growled, then threw open the conference room door.



“Not now, huh.”

Nick glared at the group surrounding the table, all watching a bare-assed stud -- yeah, he could admit it, to himself anyway -- the guy was good-looking, and the female he was pleasuring, she was hot.  Yet, here his employees sat, wasting time.  “So, anyone feel like working today?”


“Come on, sss,” Lamar hissed, not even looking at the door.  “Have a heart, we’re busy here…”

“What the hell’s so wonderful about this show?”  Nick huffed at his employees.  Sure, the sex was pretty hot, but a good porn would show you mo…

The scene changed on the flat screen and he was riveted by what was happening.  This incredible woman was shifting.  Honest to Lupa, shifting on TV, and it was astounding and quite life-like.

Okay, he could see it, maybe.  It had action, sex and violence, plus wolf shifters.  Perhaps he needed to give it a longer perusal, work could wait.

“So,” he said, pulling out a chair and dropping into it. “Who’s calling for steak delivery?”

Have you had a chance to check out this show?  If not, I'd highly recommend it.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

No, no working TV... is the show available free online? I sure wish we had our own Talbot's Peak show... if we made our flash scenes come to life, I think we'd have hit amongst the shapeshifter-loving crowd.

Serena Shay said...

Oh we'd definitely have a hit on our hands with a Talbot's Peak show! ;D

I watch it on Netflix, but I would guess you could watch it on the SyFy website. Good luck! I really enjoy it. You could also read the books by Kelley Armstrong, they are very well written.

Savanna Kougar said...

Not enough time is my problem... but I'd like to check out the show. THANKS!

Pat C. said...

SyFy Channel? Okay. I couldn't remember if it showed on there or on MTV. I guess MTV is Teen Wolf. I've never watched either, but I might check out the books. I like to compare the book versions to the TV versions.

What, nobody in the office watches Supernatural? I'm gonna tell Eric Kripke.

Serena Shay said...

I hear that, Savanna. When school starts I would give my left, well yeah, pinkie for just a bit more time in my day...

Serena Shay said...

Ha, Pat didn't you hear, Supernatural is a town event! They drag the wide screen out at the library and a certain owl tech geek who is trying to get in with the Peakites runs the show, via some unique - shh - hack jobs, right from the cable satellites. Every one in town makes an appearance. There was the infamous town riot when they killed Bobby off and rumors of a hunting party on the Hell hounds that got to Dean. :D

The books are really good. They're on my reread list. :)

Pat C. said...

And the infamous Trenchcoat Brigade. All women, from what I understand. ;)

Serena Shay said...

LOL...hell's yeah!

Darling Diva and I are re-watching the entire series this summer on Netflix. We just started season 4 and drooled over Cas raising Dean from perdition! Woot

Pat C. said...

Yeah ... TNT network is on Season 4 right now. Watching the birth of Destiel all over again. And Sam, so young ... sigh.

For the series' last episode, I want to see full-on Destiel. With Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" playing in the background.

Serena Shay said...

Oh mercy, a Destiel moment would be awesome! We can dream... ;D