Friday, August 28, 2015

The Fall

Ziva marveled at how good the boys had gotten at hunting.  Mooney must be glowing with their abilities.  As she moved around the other side of the young deer the boy’s had picked out, in order to keep it from escaping, her mind wasn’t on her surroundings.  Nope, she was picturing herself and Nick teaching River and Cooper to hunt.

And those moments of happiness caused her to misstep.  Her misstep sent her rear left paw to step out into nothingness, which caused her right to follow and quickly she was scrabbling to pull herself back to the top of the rocky ledge of dirt. 

No such luck.

Height wasn’t a factor in her fall, she wasn’t high enough to kill herself, but the steep hill, or gorge, was ragged, jagged and painful—road rash going down rather than across.  Her paws tore, blood oozed and her entire underbelly burned.  Soon enough, her back joined in the pain-fest as she rolled and continued down on her back.

A jarring thud announced her arrival at the bottom of the gorge.  It took long minutes before her stolen breath returned and the world stopped spinning.  Ziva took inventory of her wounds, noting all of the big pains and the small ones.  Nothing felt broken, miraculously enough, but everything was torn.  She should really shift, but there was no way she’d make it back up the hill and with her human voice she had less chance of calling out to Nick. 

Ziva howled, deep and long.  Gut wrenching.  If ever she needed to be rescued, it was now.

Just a short one from me today as I too am dealing with my own unhappy hands.  Per the therapist, I would greatly benefit from message.  :)  I ran right home to tell alpha hubs and got the know the one, raised eyebrow and all, but I gave as  well as I's how the convo went...

Me: She said my arms and shoulders are too tight and that I should consider some massage.

Alpha Hubs: ~the eye~ Ah huh.  Aren't they doing that there?

Me: Only to my forearms, but they said extra massage would help.

Alpha Hubs: Sure they did...

Me:  They did.  So I'm going to call that place out on 65...

Alpha Hubs: The expensive one?

Me: I've heard good things about that place...or, you know, you could do it?

Alpha Hubs: ~smoldering look~ You know where that would lead.

Me: Yeah, me going to the only place I'll get the happy ending I want. ~wink~

LOL...I do love being married to my best friend, he still makes me smile.

Have a great, massage-filled, weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, Ziva, keep howling for Nick! She's in a spot, isn't she?

Keep healing. And, happy smiles for you and your best-friend hubs.

Serena Shay said...

She sure is, hopefully her howl is loud enough. :)

Thanks Savanna, I'm definitely working on it and BF hubs is a great help. :D

Pat C. said...

Yikes! Hope Nick finds her fast. And hope you get better even faster.

Tell hubby if he massages your hands, you'll massage something for him once they feel better. ;)

Maybe Talbot's Peak needs a massage therapist. An octopus? Squidward can't be earning that much at the Krusty Krab.

Savanna Kougar said...

Squidward definitely needs to join the TP community. ~smiles~

Serena Shay said...

LOL...that's exactly what I've been promising and it seems to be working, he's been ever so willing to massage my arms and shoulders, plus I get the hey baby win/win for me! :D

Omg, a crabby masseur, yeah that is so Talbot's Peak!

Pat C. said...

No, a squiddy masseur. Crabby masseurs pinch.