Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Got 'em spotted," Ralph da bear signaled.

Summer-hot howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Once again: To Quote: "Our Talbot's Peak saga continues. The bad guys have made pests of themselves, and are harassing our beloved mayor, Gil. Well, they just might be real sorry after Operation Crunch."

Okay, how sorry will the bad-guy bureaucrats be having to drive a wolf and saber-tooth mangled car that has also been especially decorated by Miss Cardinal and her bird-shifter friends?

That is, after the bear shifters get done with them

"Got 'em spotted," Ralph da bear signaled.

Kitty couldn't help herself. Her stunned and feline-fascinated gaze glued itself to the super-tech screen Blade Runner had provided. Not to meow out loud, but she kept bending closer observing Carlotta's fast and furious aerial maneuvers.

Yowls, her bird-droppings art on the shifters-gone-wild damaged sedan. Well, amazingly impressive!

Next, the cardinal shifter invited her feathered friends, and Kitty watched in astonished awe as they flew diving patterns, decorating the now mostly unrecognizable car. At some point, Carlotta's leadership turned them into an attack flock. The mostly white splotches and splashes were applied with precision -- as if they'd practiced as a drill team.

Applauding the motley-crew flock's performance, Kitty clapped her hands, but softly so she wouldn't alert anyone outside her office. Oh clawing-yeah, she made up her mind to recruit the fiery-spirited cardinal as one of her *keep Talbot's Peak safe* team leaders. Carlotta was a natural.


"Got 'em spotted," Ralph da bear signaled. Shifted, he spoke in bear-growling language, then tromped loudly toward the two state agents who still ran for their lives. "Those stinky suits are headed your way, Ben."

Ben -- Peak store proprietor and bear shifter -- bark-growled 'he got the message'. He'd brought his entire family to give chase -- and likely to school the young'ns in who the real enemy was. In fact, the family had turned it into an outing, a picnic in the woods.

On sentry duty, Ralph merely listened to the rousing, running din of children-cubs having a real good time. He'd also scarfed down generous portions of their fare, and slurped up the dee-licious berry pie Mrs. Ben brought him. Earlier, he'd plopped his large frame down, and used the base of a huge maple tree as his personal lounger.

Yeah-hell buddy, it only took two good eyes, his alert ears, and a superb sniffer to know when the two human pests intruded.

"Here!" Drolun announced in bear grunts. Obvious as the blue sky above, the cave-dwelling bear shifter, moved on silent paws -- given Ralph hadn't heard his approach. Otherwise known as Tom Jones because he impersonated the performer at the Pleasure Club, Drolun was a master of forest survival. 

With the piss-scent of the revenuers now filling his nostrils, Ralph crashed through the underbrush toward his scared-shitless targets. Intent on driving them back to their mangled car, he roared – although, crapola! his lungs didn't cooperate too well.

Too many late-night movies with pizza and beer, he concluded. Time to get back to the gym and work out like the Rock.

"Got 'em in sight," Ben bellowed. "The missus and the kids are baiting 'em like fish on hooks."

Ralph burst into the scene. The three cubs squealed, and pretending to be afraid, they bolted toward mom. Mrs. Ben reared up and roared her motherly rage.

Frozen in the terror, the two human males didn't even notice his lumbering noisy arrival -- or Drolun who silently slipped through the trees opposite Ralph. Mrs. Ben bared her fangs. Fiercely snarling, she dropped to all fours, and charged. Ben followed, roaring his outrage, which was real enough...but had nothing to do with the safety of his cubs.

Ralph wheezed snarls when the two white-as-a-ghost humans fled in his direction. Summoning his strength, as if he fought the bad guy in a WWF fight, he galloped toward them.

Hoarse pitiful yells burst from their fear-constricted throats, and the two collided as they tried to race in the other direction. For instants, the ape-idjits pummeled each other with their fists, battling to be the first one to run the other way.

If he could have bellowed a belly laugh, Ralph would have sat on his rump, and let one loose. Instead, he advanced, doing his part to herd them back toward the car. NO ONE wanted these two dangerous bureaucrats stranded anywhere close to Talbot's Peak.

"Oh fuck God! There's another one!" the suit in the lead screamed.

Drolun, looking magnificently ferocious -- like a bear should -- charged. His muscles bunched and rippled beneath his thick luxurious coat as he running-stalked the pair. Even his gaze devoured the human pests.

From behind them, Ben and Mrs. Ben roared in chorus, and moved to cut off their escape. Their cubs followed, joining in with their little roars.

Terrified -- Ralph heard their rapidly thundering heartbeats -- the state agents wheeled back in the direction they'd run from. Scrambling to get their footing on the slick foliage, they then took off like hellhounds bit their butts.

Naw, hell bears, Ralph corrected himself. Dang it, he wouldn't mind taking a huge ole chomp outta their fleeing asses. But Kitty -- Dante's love kitten and leader of Operation Crunch -- had been adamant about there being no teeth marks on their despicable hides.

Yeah, yeah, right...no use in bringing in state hunters who'd take aim. Then, they'd have to deal with those podunks.

Ralph mentally chuckled as he pounded after the pair -- was someone timin' 'em? Their land speed had to be a damn record.

Between him, the Ben family, and Drolun, they kept the two suits herded as they attempted to veer off course -- keeping them on course for their wolf-and-sabertooth wrecked of a wreck.

Wow, wowser-powser, who did all the bird-shit decorating???


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

"Geezum Pete, why the hell didn't I bring a camera and film this? I could'a put it up on TalTube or something. Hell, I seen enough movies, bet I could make one. Any other asswipes around we can go after?"

Always fun to see Ralph and his unique view of the world get the spotlight.

Serena Shay said...

Hehe, you can't beat a bear rousting your ass out of town, especially on the tail of elk hoofs. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Never fear, Kitty and crew, including Blade Runner with his advanced tech, will release a Taltube version of events...

I don't do the best Ralph da Bear... but I give it the ole try, and Ralph demanded this starring role.

Savanna Kougar said...

Gotta keep the riffraff bad guys outta Talbot's Peak territory, no matter who they are.