Saturday, January 16, 2016

Change is Happening

Gill took a deep breath.  City hall remained quiet with half of the prior citizens moved on.  Many of the sections of the Peak that demanded representation and his elimination decided that leaving was the better part of valor.  He wished no one harm.  A few broken hearts still pinged some of the council.  He looked around his office.  Mayor for life didn’t set well with him.  He’d continued in office until spring when clearer heads prevailed.  

“Gill,” Vernon called out, moving into the office.  “I know its hard.”

“Hard is part of life,” Gill murmured.  “Just wish I hadn’t created it.”

Vernon nodded as he walked closer to where Gill sat next to what remained of his desk.  Spray painted graffiti and broken furniture littered the office.  Vernon glanced over his shoulder and sighed.  “Some people think this is fun.  I’m sure those that left didn’t do this.”

“Me too,” Gill said, shaking his head.  “We’re going to come back strong and hardier.  I know it.”

Vernon sat down next to Gill, his hand folded in his lap.  “More humans are moving into town.  Some are saying they want the protection associating with our kind offers them.”

Gill snickered.  “There is some of that.”

“Don’t let the last few months get you down.  The council and I talked.  We need humans here and shifters at the state government level.  Keeping all of us safe and informed.”  Vernon looked at Gill.

“We sure do.  How much change is next?”  Gill stood, moving toward the door.  “For now, cleaning up this office takes priority.  You in?”

Vernon rose, following Gill.  “Sure Elly didn’t teach me how to mop floors for no reason.  Of course, mopping floor races makes cleaning interesting when there’s two in the shower afterwards.”



Keep warm as the month starts its second half.  I'm back to posting once a week here.  Change takes over the Peak with the New Year.  Let's see what comes as our town puts itself back together after the massive move out.   I bet there are new folks and businesses cropping up all over.  Stay turned as the Peak reinvents itself.

Until next week, remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  




Pat C. said...

But did all those people really move out? Or are those voices just the spiteful echoes from an "alternate timeline"? Gil has nothing at all to be sorry about.

Yay, Vern! Love the guy.

Welcome back, Solara!

Serena Shay said...

Gil was doing what every good mayor should do, protecting his town and the folks in it, nothing to be sorry about! :)

I love that we have new folks, human and shifter coming to town...diversity rocks!

Oh Vern! lol

Welcome back, Solara!