Friday, January 1, 2016

The Company New Years Party...

Ziva woke, stretched and felt every tender ache in her happy parts.  “What the hell?”

“I don’t know, but once you figure it out give me an update, huh.” Mistress P climbed out of the sexy sandwich she made with Burgess, Danny and what looked to be the tight, young intern they’d just hired in the fall snuggled in behind.  Thank Lupa she was several years past legal.

“Me too,” Marissa chimed in moving from her place atop her man Mooney.

“Me three.” Reetha was currently pushing Rafe to the side and sitting up.

With a scan of the room, Ziva could see all of the women coming too, while the men were still nearly comatose.  Clothing was askew, but no one was flat out naked which was interesting.  Shifters didn’t give two shakes about nudity, hell, most everyone in town had seen everyone else naked one time or another. 

“Well, clearly, we rang in the new year in some sort of group romp,” Penny said.  “I just can’t remember what happened or how it started.”

“Marissa, could this be magical?”  Ziva asked the resident witch.

“Nope, there’s no magic residue in the air and I don’t have a post magic use sheen on me.  I do, however, have one hell of a hangover and that is very uncommon.  The supernatural part usually burns that off first.”

“Yeah, my head is throbbing a bit as well.”  Reetha said, still sitting.

Ziva moved toward the food table. “So someone spiked the punch?”

“Possibly, but with what?” Penny asked.  “Like Marissa said, liquor is not a problem for shifters.”

“Well, it’s not liquor,” Ziva said, finishing her sniff test of the punch.

“Holy crossed snake eyes,” Lamar groaned, sitting up and holding his hand to his head.  “Who got a hold of the premium weed and why didn’t anyone warn us?”

What?  Weed?”   Marissa exclaimed.  “No one was toking that I remember.  Plus, marijuana makes me really paranoid and I remember every stinking bit of it, so it couldn’t have been that.”

“Not Maryjane, this is Horny Goat Weed.  I got into a batch of it last year on a slither about and poor Jamie wouldn't come near me for a full month after the effects wore off.”  Lamar shifted around a bit and reached out to stroke his partner’s hair.  “Now I understand why.”

“Horny Goat Weed?  Who would have brought that to the New Year’s work party?”  Ziva started sniffing the rest of the food, looking for something that was off.

“There was something off about last night though,” Lamar murmured. 

“Ya think.”  Reetha barked.

“What I mean is that Horny Goat Weed only affects men, and last night you ladies were the aggressors.  Not that the men said no, but you all came on veeerrry strong.”

“All of the food smells of certain things,” Ziva said.

“Like what,” Marissa asked.

“Well, Nutmeg, clove, and saffron for starters.  And the punch smells slightly of passion flower rather than fruit.”

“There’s Muira Puama in the dip.”  Penny offered up the information slightly abashed. “Burgess brought some back from Brazil.  It’s a delicacy and an aphrodisiac, but it was never that over-powering.”

“No, but all those other things Ziva listed are also aphrodisiacs and include the Horny Goat Weed and we OD’d on sex aiding herbs.”  Marissa smirked.

“So either everyone had the same sexy idea for New Year’s,” Reetha said. “Or everyone’s favorite recipe includes a different sex herb.” 

“I think we’re looking at option number two,” Ziva laughed.  “Next year, we cater.”

Penny stood, “Well let me be the first to say…Happy Fucking New Year!”

“Literally!”  The rest of the guests who were awake and starting to wake responded.


May all of your banquets be catered!

Happy New Year



Pat C. said...

*tacks up a request for the recipe on the bulletin board*

Happy New Year!

Serena Shay said...

LOL! I agree. ;)

Happy New Year!