Friday, January 29, 2016



“Excuse me.”

“Shh… mmm…” Penny held up one finger to silence the infidel who dared interrupt her on the last few pages of the most awesome of books.

“…and they fucked happily until dawn when the terrorists charged the ramshackle shack and the boys were forced to run…”

“Ohmygawd, Lamar you slippery snake!”  She slammed the book closed and down onto her desk and looked up at the Thin White Duke before her. “Hello there.”

Penny momentarily forgot her frustration with Lamar and his love of cliffhangers when she got a look at the boy before her.  Okay, man rather.  Though man he might be, he gave off a flavor of submissive boy in need of a good Domme, or Dom, depending on his bent.

“Yes, hello, could you point me in the direction of one Mistress Penelope, please?”

“You’re in luck, Stardust, I’m her.”

“Ah, another fan.  There may be hope for this town after all.  The name's Whit.”

So proper, the Mistress in her thought. Something she’d enjoy working out of him at the end of her whip.

“Hello Whit.”  She reached for his extended hand.  His shake was firm, but the skin quite soft.  The rest of his skin would likely be just as soft, a perfect canvas for the varying shades of red she’d like to give him.  “What can I do for you?”

“A common acquaintance, Lola, suggested I talk to you about an idea I have been contemplating should I decide to stay in this lovely town.”

“Hmm, if Lola suggested it, I can’t wait to hear your idea,” Penny purred, hoping this would lead to a bit of playtime for she, Burgess, Danny, and this new call cup of water. “He always seems to think he knows just what I’m considering, before I even consider it.”

“Well, good then.”  Penny watched as Whit slid back into the chair and laying his overcoat across his crossed legs.  “You see, this town appears to be lacking a place for the homosexual population to get our bent on, though Lola implied there were not a large number of gays who actually lived here.”

“That’s true.”

“Lola also implied that there was quite a bdsm following in town and that you, Mistress P, were the one to talk to about the possibility of combined the two and possibly creating a bit of a haven for both bents?”

Lamar, you sneaky snake…
, she thought before smiling at the proper boy before her.  “Stardust, it appears Lola, or Lamar as I’m sure he introduced himself…”

“He did.”

“…was reading my mind, because I have been working on an idea for a bdsm club of sorts and you just gave it the perfect name.  Haven.”


Whit smiled at the gorgeous and colorful shifter before him, while approving of the name she’d put out there.  It was perfect.

“So it seems, Whit, that you should be a part of this adventure with me, but tell me, are you into bdsm?”

“Oh, I enjoy more than just a bit of slap and tickle with my tête-à-têtes, but my interest in Haven will be to create a place where gay men and women can go to meet and mingle.  Is there a problem with that?”

“Absolutely not, we can make this work for both our ideas.”

Whit stood as the Mistress before him did and wondered where to go next with this idea.

“How about we get some lunch and discuss the particulars.” His new partner asked.

“That sounds delightful.” 

It seemed he would be staying in Talbot’s Peak, hopefully for a good, long time.

“One question though, Stardust…”


“Male or female top?”

Have a wonderfully bent weekend!



Pat C. said...

Thank God. Now I don't have to come up with a name for it. I don't even know what the tigers have named their club yet. Something male and aggro, probably.

That is a good question. I don't know Whit well enough to answer it yet, other than he's a llama and therefore very particular. He may be a top, but would switch for the right guy.

Serena Shay said...

Hehe, Haven just felt right so I went with it. I still need to come up with an appropriate biker name for Reetha's place. I'm thinking it needs joint in the title...I have no idea why, it just feels right.

I get the feeling that Whit is definitely switch material, but likes his tops and bottoms to be male. Mistress P is going to be so disappointed. :(

Pat C. said...

But Danny won't. Maybe they can play together?

Pat C. said...

The tiger club will probably be called Nirvana. Rather obvious and unimaginative, but so am I this morning.