Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jarod Black, Chapter 4 -- NWS!

Ok, I promised a full chapter and here it is. It is very NWS (not work safe) so be careful where you are when you read it. There's no actual sex, just very explicit remembrances from Jarod's point of view. If you don't want to read spicy bits, it's ok to skip it. The story will still make sense over all, but you will miss a bit of insight into Jarod's introduction to, ahem, intimacy. He was a warrior monk before becoming Morgan's pet, after all!

~ Rebecca

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Last warning: NWS at all!

Chapter 4

Dust motes danced in a beam of pure sunlight, adding texture to quiet of the main hall. There was nothing else interesting to watch, being mid-morning and therefore between meals. Lady Megan was puttering around in her healer’s garden and not interested in company. Instead, he was relegated to lying in a sleepy heap at Lord Morgan’s feet as his lordship read dispatches. The heavy trestle table at the top of the hall made a good work desk, and also an acceptable hinging place. The big cat who was Jarod Black flicked his tail, sending the dust swirling again.
If anyone had told him a week ago that he’d enjoy being a cat, he’d have laughed in their face before gutting them for the insult. Being a giant, terrifying cat was awesome. In the four days since his transformation, he’d spent every day as a cat and every night as a man. He’d also discovered what a travesty his life had been. Sold to the order of Nicodemus so young he barely remembered his life as a street orphan, he’d been raised to be a warrior monk with no choice in the matter. Monks didn’t eat rich food, sleep in fine rooms, or wear fine linen clothes. Ok, so he never actually wore the clothes provided for him, but he did try them on during the fittings. Linen was much nicer than rough spun horse hair. That wasn’t the biggest difference, though.
Warrior monks don’t have sex. Oh, they masturbated in private. Had fantasies and such. They never sought fulfillment of those fantasies or sought out another’s hand on their cocks.
Oh, the joy of another’s hand upon his cock! The raw, dirty pleasure of a mouth upon it! The taste of a lover’s sweat and the moans of pleasure as he licked it off their nipples! Tasting his lady’s nipples while his lord rode her and stroked him off was his favorite late night adventure so far. Lord Morgan seemed to like bringing him right to the brink and then stopping his release at the last moment with a sharp tug on the ring in the head of his cock. It was surprisingly erotic and exciting. He never knew if he was going to be allowed to finish or forced to maintain his erection! Lady Megan was subtler in her torture. She’d slowly work on him until he was half mad with need before bringing him to completion with pure feminine aggression.
He hadn’t been allowed to stick it in anything but one of their mouths so far. He had a feeling that might be better than being stoked or sucked. He’d have to wait for that experience, though. He suspected his lady only allowed their lord to fuck her when they were both playing with him. She had yet to let him pleasure her one-on-one, though his lord had given him permission to do so as long has he didn’t actually fuck her. He could understand that. Lord Morgan was every bit the jealous aristocrat he appeared to be and he, Jerod, was there to be enjoyed, not competed with.
That didn’t mean his lord didn’t fuck him one-on-one. Jarod hadn’t expected to enjoy having a cock in his ass, but he was quickly learning to love it. He only got fucked like that when the lady wasn’t present. He also only got restrained in private. Every morning since his change, he’d been instructed to bathe himself while his lord watched. Once he was done, he was bound spread eagle from eye bolts set in the floor and walls, had his groin shaved bare, and then had a cock shoved up his ass. Then, as he hung panting from need, his lord would bathe in front of him. Once his lord was clean and dressed, he would release one of Jarod’s hands so that he could finish himself while his lord watched. Then, still naked, he would do sword drills while his lord ate his breakfast. Twice, Lady Megan had joined them. Both times, his weapons training had ended with her mouth on his cock, wringing a second orgasm from him. All that before he was allowed to eat his own breakfast.
Another thing he hadn’t yet been allowed to do was to suck his lord’s cock. Lady Megan seemed to enjoy doing it as much as Lord Morgan seemed to enjoy having it done. But like fucking, sucking seemed to be off limits for him. Early days yet. It had only been three days since he lost his virginity. No need to rush into every aspect of intimacy. He chuffed. Who ever heard of a man losing his virginity at his age!
The door to the hall opened, interrupting his pleasant thoughts. Good thing the sniveling little seneschal chose that moment to intrude. He had been getting rather aroused, which seemed to force him back into his man shape. One more thing he wasn’t allowed was to relieve his own need without permission, which would not be given in a public place. Lord Morgan had made him spend the whole of his first day sitting at his feet with a raging hard-on. He’d learned his lesson. Don’t get excited in public unless he wanted his engorged cock on display for everyone to ogle. 
And they did. Ogle him, that is. Every time he stepped out of his lord's chambers, eyes were upon him, mostly out of curiosity at first, then in lust. More than one lustful look and became a covert grope. He didn’t like having those stranger’s hands on him. He did kind of like having their eyes on him, though. Watching their eyes as they imagined fondling his body in ways only his lord and lady were allowed to made it extremely difficult to obey the rule of not masturbating in public. That’s why he had been instructed to only show them his tiger. No one lusted after him in that form. They only feared him, which was also good. It made his job of keeping his master safe easier.


Pat C. said...

Oooph! That's not safe for the library either. Good thing the Mennonite ladies can't see my screen.

Does all that cock handling count as "weapons training"? (snicker)

Rebecca Gillan said...

If it does, it adds a whole new dimension to the term "disarming the brigand". Lol!

Rebecca Gillan said...

Also, sheathing one's sword would signal that the fun's about to begin instead of meaning it's all over.