Monday, May 16, 2016

The Story Board

“What’cha working on, Ralph?” Ralph looked up from his keyboard suspiciously. It was just Mooney. No need to worry about ol’ Crotchety Tail chewing him out for wasting company resources on personal business, since the boss’s little brother wouldn’t rat him out. He’d love to know what happened between Nick and Ziva this time, but frankly, he didn’t care. Ol’ Crotchety Tail was always doing something to rile up his Missus. She was always coming up with ways to punish her surly mate. He kind of liked how she did that. Ziva could’ve been cast as Xena had she been inclined to act.

He returned to his work. “I’m making a story board for a movie idea I’m tryin’ to pitch to Seven Bucks Productions.”

“That’s the name of Dwayne Johnson’s production company, isn’t it?” Mooney slipped around the side of Ralph’s desk and looked over his shoulder.


“I thought you had a cease and desist order against you about contacting the Rock.”

“Ah! But not against Seven Bucks! This movie idea is so flippin’ awesome. I know if I submit it through the regular channels, it’ll make its way to the Rock’s desk.”
Mooney frowned at the story board frame up on the computer monitor. It showed several pictures of Ralph dressed up as a deer with cations beneath them. “What’s it about?”

“You know doing remakes of classics is all the rage right now, right? This one’s a re-make of Bambi, in the stylings of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. ‘Cause he really kicked butt in Hercules a couple years ago.”

“Hercules was an action flick,” Mooney said. Ralph looked at the wolf, who was frowning as he studied the story board.

“Yeah. But that don’t mean Bambi can’t be remade as an action flick. It’ll be epic!


Pat C. said...

Oh Lordy. "Bambi" redone as a live-action revenge flick, starring the Rock. You know, that's just crazy enough to work. I'm surprised Hollywood hasn't done this already, only starring Stallone. Are you writing the script yet?

I vote we let Rebecca post every day. We get a lot more traffic when she posts. (demonic grin)

Rebecca Gillan said...

Or I could share everyon else's post the way I share mine. I feel like a doofus for not thinking about that...