Thursday, July 14, 2016

This Week's Excuse

No chapter this week. I got caught up in writing projects that I’m hoping will result in paydays somewhere down the line. I enjoy writing the blog entries, but at the moment they don’t pay the rent, and I’ve gotten accustomed to eating on a regular basis. Here’s what’s in the pipeline: a proposal to Carina Press for a M/M shifter story; an entry for an upcoming Carina SF anthology; and the story that took over my head earlier this week, a contemporary M/M for Evernight’s Romance on the Go line. I might have that one done in draft by next week, once I get the paid freelance work out of the way. I’ll see if I can squeeze in a chapter of the serial story next week.

This week we're going to do a version of “Caption This.” I found a couple animal-related headscratchers on Google Images. What do they suggest to you? Let us know in the comments. No prizes, just the satisfaction of knowing you're more clever than I am.

I suspect someone may have an allergy ...

Being cheap isn't Mr. Krabbs' only nasty habit ...

C'mon, dude, it wasn't that funny ...

This is either the opening of Dr. Who done with cat memes or ... nah, I got nothin'.

And, of course, this. I could write a whole erotic M/M novella based on this one pic. I'm sure you folks out there have much cleaner minds. Have fun, and see you next week!

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