Friday, July 1, 2016

Wait...What...It's Friday?

Are you kidding me, it's Friday again?

So seriously, these two pics accurately describe my life of late.  No time!!!  I told myself I was going to take the summer off from classes, but then the school offered Creative Writing online!  I need that for my degree, soooooo....

Here I am, once more, without a blog post.  On the upside I'm working on a story again,(Mz Muse is very happy!) it's my take on Greek Mythology.  More so about Furies!  They're kind of shapeshifters so perhaps I can post a bit here soon.

For now, my apologies for not having a Talbot's Peak post this week but here's another funny.  This one, just 'cause I love it!  :D

That's Me!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Pat C. said...

I need to get a copy of that first one to hang on my wall.