Friday, July 29, 2016

Reading is Sexy!

“Fair One, I must fly…,” Erol said, standing behind the lounger his mate rested upon, his hand outstretched.

“Okay, have fun.” She replied, slapping her free hand into his much like the youth of the past with the “give me five” business he’d never understood.  In her other hand she held her book with no pages, what did she call it—a book reader or some such thing.

“No, you must fly with me, mate.”   A dragon’s mate always flew alongside her man, even if she was wingless.

“Can’t right now, hon.  I’m reading.”

Engrossed as she was in her book thing she wouldn’t even look up at him and that alone stoked the fire burning within.  He wanted to be the center of her attention, not some silly love book.  “You will come with me now!”

“Shh, Erol, I‘m right in the middle of a sex scene…”

Once again she drifted off into her book, but he would not have that.  Erol grabbed the reader and tossed it onto the table.  “Let us go, Fair One,” he said, picking her up even as she stretched for the book.

“Erol,” She screamed, juggling the offending item she'd grabbed, between her hands. “Can I at least bring it along?”

“If you must,” he grumped, taking them both to the sky.

“Say, hon,” she yelled from the safe place in his hands.  “How would you feel about sharing me with another man…you know just once or twice to try it out?”

Fire flew from his nostrils before he looked down at his mate.  “The next time you ask me that, Fair One, I will spank you!”

“Ooh, the hero does that on page fifty-nine, want me to read it to you?”

Erol raised his head and tipped his wings for another lap around the mountain and the little town of Talbot’s Peak.  He needed to make this quick.  The words spilling from Greely’s mouth were going to send them home PDQ.  Who knew, maybe there was something to this reading thing…

So today's post is short...more of a wink than a flash, but much like Greely, I've been reading...a lot!  I've been discovering all kinds of new authors and books to adore now that school is out for the summer.  Swing on over to my Goodreads page to check out what I've been reading and I would love to hear from y'all what books you would suggest!

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Have a wonderful, book-filled, weekend!



Pat C. said...

Maybe Greeley should suggest they act out a few of those sex scenes. Bet he'd change his mind about reading then. ;D

Serena Shay said...

Heh heh, absolutely!