Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And you thought this would be about Valentine ShapeShifters...

Nope... why?
Okay, because my brain has officially become mush. Fried mush, most probably. There are WAY too many things happening at once in my little author’s realm.

Yes, February 14, 2010 ushers in the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Metal or Golden Tiger! 2010 is predicted to be a tumultuous year, but the Tiger's influence will offer us courage, while inviting bold actions and risk taking. The Metal element will provide steely resolve, fortitude and determination to accomplish goals.

So, if you want a taste of Valentine Shapeshifting claw-click on over to my blog, The Tiger Romances Valentine’s Day ~ at HAPPILY EVER AFTER ~

For the past several weeks, the Tigers and Wolves have been battling for my writerly attentions. If you want the clawing and howling details check out my personal blog ~ Kougar Kisses ~

For this post, here’s an *X-rated* rough draft of how my black wolf shifter hero, Duke, came into existence, originally.

Late news flash ~ I’d already written this blog when I heard the song, Duke of Earl, as bumper music for Coast-to-Coast am, nighttime radio show... well, my hero, Duke mentions this song in his story... yep, synchronicity strikes again.

Note: This is written in OtherTime lingo, not current language, that is.

From my WIP ~ The Black Wolf’s Prophetess

The first kingdom of Atlantis ~ 202,366 days after The Arrival on the blue planet, Earth

Shellah, Second Princess of the Fauna Originators Dynasty, rubbed her bare upper arms against the slight chill of the evening air. Restless, worried, she stepped forward, leaning on her balcony wall for support. Scanning the splendor of the dark teal blue sky, she was aware she substituted the strength of the alabaster stone for the support she didn’t feel inside herself, from her own True Spirit. Yet, in sacred truth, was there any other choice for her?

She was the only one qualified, the only genetic-creator knowledgeable enough to succeed in the human-animal split project, as decided upon by the Earth Salvation Council, after years of study and divisive debate-battles. Shellah blinked, her eyes overly dry from her unshed tears, the ones she could no longer cry. Crossing her arms again, she gazed at the bright-shimmer beauty of the two satellites in rotation with each other. In low orbit, they provided a harmonic balance for the planet, regulating the great oceans.

She sighed softly, hearing his footsteps approach. She hadn’t meant to awaken her lover by leaving their shared bed. Why burden him with what could not be undone? Or with the pain constantly spiking through her heart over what she was about to accomplish. Shellah owned no doubt she could genetically fulfill what had been decreed as the wisest protection for their paradise world. After all, she and her team had already populated the planet with new species of mammal life, currently flourishing for several generations now.

“D’markos,” she gently murmured his name, just before his arms wrapped around her from behind. Comforting, yet with the passion that always flowed between them, a beautiful raging current.

“The animal split project?” he asked, the tender huskiness of his voice soothing her. He caressed her arms, then floated caresses over her loins. “You know, my sweetness, I have dwelled long upon which animal form I would choose.” His tone lightly teased her, and waited for her playful response.

“Dwelled long and with utmost deliberation, I am to believe,” she lightly returned, allowing him to lift her heart to more lightness. Gently she stroked her palms over his hands. “Which one, my lover?”

“Why the one most suited to your voracious libido, my fierce lover.” His voice growled passion near her ear. “And the one most devoted in his protection and love.” His lips brushed down the rim of her ear, causing sizzle-tingles of desire to roam her flesh.

“And no doubt a beast to match your primitive hungers...lover,” she challenged, her voice low and breathless. Sensually Shellah leaned back into his hardening embrace, her body molten.

“A canine beast,” he whispered, nipping her ear lobe. “Guess which one.” He swept long strokes down her hips and thighs, his hands sliding the sheer red fabric of her night sheath over her skin.

“You ignite my woman’s pleasure,” she whispered. Sparks of desire swelled her mound. Reaching back, Shellah twined her arms around his neck.

“Which one?” he demanded. His hands skimmed over her breasts, circling and teasing. When she didn’t answer, he nipped her earlobe with his teeth.

Pain and pleasure raced down to the jewel between her thighs. “Tell me,” she pleaded, her hands passionately caressing the back of his neck. “Tell me, and join with my womanhood as pleases you. My beast.”

“Wolf,” he growled, the potent sound of his voice was the potent strength of his phallus cradled between the cheeks of her bottom.

“Wolf.” Shellah flowed her fingers through his wild mane of hair. “The same color as your hair. Black as night before the first red rays of dawn.” With her dancer’s grace, she turned in his embrace. His warrior’s body hard against her softness, intoxicated her to the blazes of lust. She was met by the jet black hunger of his eyes. His eyes glittering for her. “Wolf and Man,” she murmured. “Is that what you would be when we love each other ferociously?”

“Your Wolf and your Man.” His lips seized hers, so boldly she could only swoon and cling to his shoulders.

With furious kisses, they gradually moved within her chamber. Their hands were frenzied strokes over each other’s bodies as he guided her toward their enormous silken bed.

“Shellah,” he hoarsely spoke, capturing her head between his hands. “I’m here. Here with you.”

“Yes,” she whispered, her eyes so glazed with desire she could barely see his face. Merely the deep celestial blackness of his eyes. Yet, she knew what he meant. He wanted to be allowed into her life, more than she’d been willing to allow him so far.

Closing her eyes, she moaned with sensual bliss as both of his thumbs glided down her throat. As if he sculpted passion, his hands slid over her shoulders, his thumbs caressing her collarbone. Their lips fused again, the sweetness and the fierceness of their kiss lifting her toward untamed pleasure. Shellah collapsed against him, her body liquid-sun surrender, wanting only whatever he chose to give her, as her lover.

Roughly sliding down her red sheath, baring her, he claimed her waist lifting her to the savagery of his mouth on hers. How well he knew, she adored his primitive nature as much as she adored his tender caring ways with her. Meeting his barbaric masterful kisses with her own wildest mouth, she sank her nails into his shoulders. He groaned and growled against her lips, then nipped her bottom lip with his teeth.

Instantly he licked away the droplet of blood from her lip, then toppled them onto the bed. Cool satin briefly greeted her back. Utterly mad with passion, they rolled over the immense surface, their lips clamped in raw desire, their arms and legs lusty tangling and twining endless strokes against each other.

Growling, he swiftly rolled her on top of him, and powerfully gripped her bottom cheeks. He spread her roughly and lifted her to his pleasure. His magnificent phallus speared into her. A ruthless strike, she adored.

“Beast,” she praised, and mock scolded.

“Wolf beast,” he rasped.

“Your eyes glow for me, wolf beast,” she taunted, then struggled in his fierce grip, trying to wriggle her hips.

“You will feed my hunger,” he guttural commanded.

Thrusting her forward, he seized the tip of her breast. Suckling forcefully, he struck inside her, his rhythm so brutal and so pleasing to her, she stilled. Opening her womanhood more to him, she allowed her head to fall back.

“D’markos,” she called his name softly, as the whipping harsh ecstasy of her orgasm grew from deep, deep down inside her loins.

“Come to me,” he growled, then latched onto her other breast. Vigorously, he suckled her, carnally drinking her essence.

Obeying him, Shellah screamed, her loin ecstasy ripping her inside out. Finally, she flew on the wings of immeasurable joy. She knew when he freed her breast, that he watched her as he often passion-enjoyed, and that he would take his orgasm after hers.

“Woman,” he rasped, once she’d descended, and began slipping inside the honey gleaming after her orgasm. Keeping her tight to his loins, he rolled them over. On his knees, he towered above her, his black gaze devouring her with such intense passion, her entire body nearly shivered. When he widened his knees, pulling her closer, his grip on her hips strong and dominant, chills chased through her body, fear chills and the most pleasingly wicked chills.

“Do what you will with me,” she murmured. “As I have promised you, lover.” Feeling as fragile as the mist clouds of dawn, she offered him her truth, her helplessness.

He smoothed his hands up her thighs, a long possessive caress. Trapping her knees, he spread her wide to his desire, and lunged his blade-hard phallus deeper. She gasped both pleasure and shock. As he swiftly lunged again, her breath leapt back inside her chest.

“My Shellah,” he hoarsely sang her name. Seizing the top of her thighs, he plunged long and deep, his rocking rhythm so fierce she keened whimpers.

Bracing herself with her hands as she could on the cushiony silk of their bed, she watched his whip-lean warrior-chiseled torso. She watched the noble handsome cut of his features, harsh with her, and harsh with his enormous pleasure as he loved her with their passion.

Overwhelmed with waves of ecstasy, she reluctantly shut her eyes. Collapsing back onto the bed, she surrendered to each surge of rapture from the smooth powerful strike of his phallus.

“Lover,” he growled, his ecstasy fierce in his voice. Forcing his phallus deep inside her, he braced himself above her.

“Lover,” she gossamer-returned, her heart flowing toward him. Opening her eyes, she pleasured herself with the wild black storm of bliss glowing in his eyes.

Once the gods released him from the heights of his orgasm, he brushed his fingertips on her cheek, his obsidian gaze cherishing her.

“Wolf,” she teased him, caressing up and down his arm, his fiercely muscled arm. “As strong and savage as my Earth wolves.”

“You need sleep, my beautiful woman.” Gently and gradually, he removed his phallus, then rolled on his side. He gathered her beside him comfortably. Pressing a feather kiss to her temple, he draped his arm across her waist.

“Yes,” she whispered, “If I am to succeed...yes.”

“Promise me.” His voice was cave-deep serious as he gently stroked up her arm. “Promise me, my Shellah, when you create your Human-Wolf split, you will design the Man’s physique for me. That if we choose to incarnate in the future, I will be your Man-Wolf.”

Feeling like gossamer as she turned within his strong embrace, she pressed a kiss on his bold broad shoulder. “Yes, my lover,” she whispered against his beautiful dark brown skin.



Starting Sunday 7th February through the 14th , heaps of Siren Bookstrand authors will be dropping in to share their own Valentines experiences and offer heaps of competitions and prizes.
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Anonymous said...

We had two feet of snow up here in the Dutch Country, with another foot expected on Wednesday. I'm going to read your excerpt aloud and melt out my driveway.

I wish you hadn't mentioned metal tigers. Now I'm picturing a tiger shifter as lead singer for a metal band. Or maybe that's just my unrequited passion for James Hetfield of Metallica flaring up again.

Pat C.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey Pat, two feet!!! That's a whole lotta snow.
Yeah, if I could read aloud and melt my driveway I would.

Ooooh, I like that, a tiger shifter as lead singer for a metal band. Why not? And he could sport his stripes, too. The audience would love it!

Serena Shay said...

Whew...I-I, Whew.... that was hot! You have steamed up the site and I agree with Pat...a snow melter! Woot!

Paris said...

A tiger shifter as lead singer in a metal band--I definitely think there's a book in that;-)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, a snow melter... now that's a great description! As is this read was a 'snow melter'.
Given the amount of snow this season, it's perfect.

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, I agree. It would make a cool-hot story.