Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's All In How You Start...

Happy Friday!

First up, a shout out for the Be My Valentine Blog Tour which starts here Swing by and visit some incredibly talented authors blogs, grab a little eye candy, maybe win a prize or two and don't forget to say hi to Savanna and myself on your way through... :)

Now, on with the show...

You know, as a little girl, I was sometimes lucky enough to be able to attend live concerts and shows with my parents, Ice Capades, Beatlemania (not the real Beatles, but the music was still great.), The Beach Boys and movies galore. Much to my chagrin though, they saw Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seager without me.

As I hit my teen years, money was short and live shows were out, except for my thrilling night of bliss when my friends and I saw Duran Duran, and were banging on a Big Thing, baby! Eighth row center!! (for any of my pals who might be reading this blog...)

Now, ya'll might be wondering, is she going to get to a point anytime soon? Yes, yes I am, but bear with me a few more moments while I set the tone...

As a kid, the shows were neat. As a teen, they were totally, freaking cool, totally(it was the eighties and all) Then I became an adult and again, my tastes changed. Duran Duran gave way to Aerosmith and the shows became harder and sexier, they ended not with a kiss on the head and being sent off to bed, but rather a lets hope we make it to the bed. Right? It is all in how we look at things.

Which leads me to the idea of this blog, It's All In How You Start...

For me, each of the shows above started with a big ol' bang! They sucked me in from the moment I landed at the theater until the lights went low and everything around me exploded with color and sound...I was hooked.

That is what I look for in my entertainment...the bang. And as you can see in my last two Friday's posts, is what I was missing. Last week I had decided to skip around in my story since I was having so much trouble trudging through, but do you know what, I always came back to beginning. I liked it, I hated it, I was so-so about it.

What's an author to do.

Know what I did...I chucked it. No, not the whole story, just the first scene and I started somewhere else. And you know what, it seems to be working! Yay! So fingers crossed for me, please. ;)

The other thing I did was a lot of free thought and free writing. All of the ideas that had been percolating in my brain got a bit of time to be worked, either in my head or a few sentences on paper to help me remember them. One happens to be Valentines Day like so I thought I would share the rough's gonna be a fun one to write!


Devotion, Devi for short, hated this time of the year. It all started around the first of the month, people would begin to blather on about love and passion, poetry would again be spoken by the masses of horny guys, hoping for a successful night of embraces on the streets, in their cars, in their homes – bluck!
She blamed fate, of course.
Chance, bum that he was, thought he was being funny when she’d asked him to give her a purpose. She’d hoped to stop wars, or start them as the case may be. She’d lauded her desire to smite the masses, reign down challenge after challenge on the unsuspecting. She’d have even relished having the voice of a siren or the kiss of death… Yeah, that would have worked. Love me mortals, love me to your death.
The idea of it snaked a lustful trail right to her core.
But, no. Chance, The Bum, as she’d called him since ancient times, felt “her strengths lie elsewhere.” “Elsewhere, indeed,” Devi grumbled as she watched the beautiful white feathered wings emerge and spread nearly the length of her bedroom. The barely there scraps of cloth covered just the essentials and her bow and arrows waited.
It was Valentine’s Day, again; and Chance, The Bum, had turned her into a freaking Cupid. She bet he was laughing his fate like butt off up there on the mountain, while she had to go out and spread the love. “Fate, you suck!”


Have a great Valentine's Day everyone!


Savanna Kougar said...

Nothing like a happy sappy Cupid to bring more love, passion and poetry to Valentine's Day, I say with the bite of sarcasm.

Good Goddess, Devi must sting with those arrows...

Serena, glad you're on the right writing track!

Paris said...

LOL! Happy to hear your creating wonderful stuff again;-) Loved the Valentine piece! Can't wait to find out what kind of trouble Devi gets into;-)

Serena Shay said...

LOL. Yeah, Savanna, Devi is anything but happy and sappy. Rumor has it that she asked Chance for a broadsword rather than bow and arrow, but he didn't think that was a very good idea. Thank goodness!

Yep, so very happy to be back on track! ;)

Serena Shay said...

Hey Paris, Thanks! and I too am glad to be creating again. It's amazing how off I feel when the creating vibe is out of whack. I get all growly and

Oh Devi and trouble go hand in hand. She sure keeps Chance on his toes! hehe