Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Red Lioness Returns to Hold Off the Wolves

Shapeshifter lovers, my space opera novella, RED LIONESS TAMED, is now two years old and was my very first release on March 3, 2008.
In celebration here’s a little x-scene I wrote during the year, 2008, that occurred after the e-published story ended.

Oh yeah... Sun Rocket Kahoqua, my red lioness heroine, has granted me permission to tell you that Pat Cunningham’s A LONDON WEREWOLF IN AMERICA is being released today... info below.

Ice on Mars ~ Growls and Giggles

Sun Rocket giggled loudly, her un-shifted shifter fur tickled over what she’d just read on Draxen’s instructional screen. She’d been perusing the history archives of early 21st century Earth, the USA news section. Always good for comic relief during a long day of space travel.
Just for more grins and to quell her growing disbelief, she leaned forward, re-reading the press release.

Phoenix lander confirms ice in Martian soil
From Associated Press
July 31, 2008 3:25 PM EDT
LOS ANGELES - The Phoenix spacecraft has tasted Martian water for the first time.

The robot heated up soil in one of its instruments earlier this week. Scientists say the chemical test confirms the presence of ice near the Martian north pole.
Until now, the evidence for ice has been circumstantial. That was based on photos Phoenix took of a hard splotchy area near its landing site and changes it saw in a trench.

Phoenix landed in the Martian arctic on May 25 on a three-month digging mission. NASA on Thursday said it was extending the mission an additional two months.

Yowling another laugh, she reared back and slapped her thigh. “What a stinky fish meow of a joke,” she muttered derisively, then laughed louder and longer, her head thrown back, one hand on her belly.

“Sun Rocket Cub,” Draxen affectionately spoke, then grinned a teasing leer the instant she gazed at him. He swaggered inside the commerce communications area of his ship, ignoring her momentary scowl.

Standing behind her, he gripped her shoulders with a lover’s tenderness, and looked at the screen.

Sun Rocket erupted with another chuckle, pointing at the primitive news someone had forgotten to lose over the centuries of time. Inside, she became still as claw-captured prey, the niggling memory of her grandmother’s stories of what she’d endured and the horror circumstances her ancestors had lived through on Mars came to the forefront of her mind, large and vivid as a hologram re-enactment.

“There were already black ops troops, top scientists and colonists from Earth crawling all over the surface of Mars, most of it, ” she muttering-growled.

“Top Secret had become Top Syndicate Control of the Earth masses by then, my beautiful one.” His fingers lightly caressed the nape of her neck. “And you and I, or our ancestors, we’re either created by experiment, or were being created in the warehouse labs.”

Sun Rocket turned her face, rubbing her cheek against his arm sensually. “Meow-wow...can’t complain about how you were genetically enhanced.”

“The order of the universe eventually rights all wrongs.” Draxen slipped his palm beneath the loose gossamer-like blouse she wore. With absolute possession he gently claimed her breast. Casually he flicked his thumb over her rising nipple.

“Bad Captain,” she complained, then languidly lightly bit near his wrist. “You’re tempting the lioness to come out and play with that beastly cock of yours. And you’re too busy taking care of the ship.”

“The Dendryff did take a toll on one weapons’ system.” Draxen rolled her plump nipple between his fingers, a delicate finesse that only teased, but didn’t inflame her to raunchy ride-his-handsome-hide, no matter what the danger was, demand. “I have to return, check the progress, put in more restoring calculations, my woman.”

Sun Rocket growled low in her throat. More often, her lioness nature emerged with him, even when in her full human form.

His hand deserted her breast, then cradled the side of her face with a sweetness she was gradually becoming accustomed to from him. Bending down, he caressed a long kiss on her lips, his kiss warming her, charming her, and enchanting her.

“We arrive on the Outer Station soon, my Sun Rocket. You will wear your collar.”

Before she could hiss properly and swipe him with the cut of her words, he had spun around and was nearly through the archway.

“If you don’t purr my pussy to contentment, Captain, your balls are mine to bat, claws promised!”

Intro ~

If yer partial to a futuristic adventurous romp of lust and love on the high celestial seas of space...if you have a yen for those cat shifter types, lament no longer...
And watch out if yer a bad kitty shifter roaming the galactic ports, there’s a kick-ass Lioness on your fleeing furry tail.
Year 3051, the Earth calendar used on Terra-Mars, a terra-formed moon orbiting Mars, the home world of ‘Sun Rocket’ Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan.

Blurb ~

What does a lioness shifter do when she's suddenly trapped in an unknown space cruiser's cargo hold? Then, despite her ability to savagely defend herself, she's trapped beneath the handsome human Captain. And next, cat-scratching ridiculously, she finds herself carnal-trapped, and meow yowl! bound by leather straps in his bed?
Answer: She fights tooth and claw. Problem: The loner Captain is nova-hot at seducing her.

Sun Rocket & Captain Draxen Z invite you to read their love story ~
RED LIONESS TAMED ~ Lioness shifter lost in space with a loner captain who will do anything to keep her, even seduction by leather ~ *5 Flowers* from Book Cravers ~ Available from Liquid Silver Books, Molten Silver ~
http://liquidsilverbooks.com/books/redlionesstamed.htm ~ a spicy sci fi ~ http://liquidsilverbooks.com ~

Howling Congratulations are in order to Pat Cunningham.

BEST OF BREED ~ Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Autumn!


Summary: It started out as a joke: a werewolf entering a dog show. Adele Chase has always believed herself ugly, with her doggish wolf form and non-shifter blue eyes. But in the show ring she’s discovered a place where she can be beautiful.

Now, poised on the brink of her biggest win, nothing can deter her-–not even the presence of Bowie, the notorious werewolf hunter. He’s stalking the show in search of a werewolf and found what he thinks is a woman. Adele realizes he could be her destined mate–-or, if he uncovers her secret, her death.

With Best in Show within her reach, she plays a dangerous game with a man who might either love her or kill her…with neither aware of the enemy who’s out to destroy them both.

"I meant to write a funny story–-werewolf undercover at a dog show–-but low self-esteem and bad body image aren't laughing matters for too many young women. Adele proves strong enough to find her own beauty, and triumphs over the ugliness around her. Confidence breeds beauty, no airbrushing required." ~Pat~

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Autumn’s Review: Best of Breed is an awesome read! Pat Cunningham combines suspense, paranormal and romance, with great results. From the beginning, Ms. Cunningham grabs your attention and doesn't let go; making you wonder, will Adele (Heidi) win Best in Show, or will Bowie catch her and her brother? How can a were-hunter be Adele's destined mate? Why does Bowie have a beef with were and just what is he hiding? With all these questions, I couldn't put this book down. I had to know, and Ms. Cunningham didn't disappoint. She weaved a story that had me on the edge of my seat, and not only on the suspense, but on the romance aspect as well.

I loved Adele; while she’d been beaten down her whole life, she still believes in herself enough to think she can win Best in Show. Bowie is a were hunter, who’s also destined to be Adele’s mate, not that he realizes it. He also has a thing for Adele before he knows that she’s a were.

The whole story comes together, leaving you satisfied and happy.
THURSDAY, March 4th ~ Pat will be blogging about her latest release.

by Pat Cunningham

British werewolf Roderick Chase has been sent to Philadelphia to get married. Instead he finds himself the target of werecoyote assassins. His only hope: Darinda Lowell, a witch with a low tolerance level for arrogant alpha males. She agrees to act as his bodyguard and use her magic to find out who’s trying to kill him.

There’s no way the pushy wolf and the vegetarian witch can get along, or so Darinda tells herself. However, love tends to work a spell even a witch can’t ignore. Can she claim the wolf who’s won her heart, or will she lose him to a murderer?

"I like comedies. I like murder mysteries. I like paranormals. I like an evenly-matched hero and heroine engaged in snappy dialogue. And I just love me an English accent spoken in a deep sexy voice. I had a blast writing this book. Hope you have as much fun reading it." ~Pat

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

AVAILABLE: Tuesday, March 2nd

If you haven’t already, take a look at COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham ~ Can a half-werewolf woman, unaware of her wolf nature, come to love the WereCoyote determined to free her wild side and make her his mate? ~ http://bookstrand.com/pat-cunningham ~

ALSO available: BEST OF BREED by Pat Cunningham ~ “Confidence breeds beauty, no airbrushing required” ~
http://bookstrand.com/pat-cunningham ~



Savanna Kougar

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Author of ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise
Red Lioness Tamed
When a Good Angel Falls ~ In Print
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Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ In Print
Black Cat Beauty
Her Insatiable Dark Heroes ~ In Print
Stallion of Ash and Flame ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Big Cats and Wolves... can they get along?

Serena Shay said...

Red Lioness Tamed was such a fun and sexy read... Sun Rocket was so cheeky at times and Draxen was, well, Rawr!

Congrats Pat on the awesome review and new story, it looks wonderful! :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena... ah thanks... I'd luv to write the next chapter in Draxen and Sun Rocket's love story, including a section featuring the incomparable Ms. Giggles... lightly disguised for the innocent among us, of course.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...That would be a must read, for sure! I bet Sun Rocket would treat Ms. G, juuuuusssst right. ;)

Anonymous said...

You could take a page from comic book writing and do a massive ultra-universe crossover where all your feline shifters meet. Sun Rocket and Sable together? Cat fight or all males beware?


Savanna Kougar said...

Serena... hmmm... I had Draxen showing her around ... well, all the statues had impressive nether regions... but Sun Rocket could sink in a few claws, or maybe I should let Sable have at her, since that's who she trashed...

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat... a comic book smackdown with fang and claw... though, to be honest about my heroines, Sun Rocket would never go after Sable unless for some insane reason Sable fang and claw or word-scratched her first... Sable is too smart for that, unless she was drugged, mind-altered, etc.
More likely, if they were forced to be foes, they'd find a way to create a feline sisterhood and go after the bad guys and bad gals.
Actually, their worlds could intersect, given the advance tech of D'Torr/Devon's race... and, hey, he could fly at superspeed... and you know those time portals, always opening and closing and ever so chaotic in nature.

Paris said...

So many goodies today! I'm in awe of your talent and I adore this story, yum;-)

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, you sweetheart. If you ever want a trip through space in the year, 3051, I bet Sun Rocket would be available.