Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WEARIN' OF THE GREEN... fur, scales, feathers...

Pic from ~ http://theeestory.com/avatars/the-green-dragon-cross.jpg ~

Just for fun... if you were to write about a GREEN shapeshifter, who and what would it be? Think emerald, aurora shimmering shades of green, ice green, deep forest velvet green, the gemstones ~ peridot and jade, even green diamonds... how about mint green?

Admittedly, I’ve always had a weakness, yes, a deep fondness for dragons, whatever the color, and would love to pen a dragon shapeshifter erotic romance one of these days. I mean they are so splendidly and spectacularly fierce. They soar the skies magnificently. To ride a dragon, to be a dragon shifter... what a fantastic fantasy! And, the baby dragons are so darn adorable. I always want to cuddle them whenever I see an artist’s rendition.

Going shifter green... let’s see... okay, an easy hero would be the frog prince. How much fairytale fun would that be, concocting your own version of that romantic story?

Yes, snakes are hissing and slithering their way onto the erotic shifter scene, and there are green-colored serpents... in all shades of green, of course... how about a jungle green... your heroine or hero is easily hidden in the tropical rainforest... talk about sneaking up on the enemy.

Green fairies... I can’t leave them out, or the Leprechauns. Enchantment of every kind and magic is waiting just around the corner if you pen a fae shapeshifter.

Oh, what about those absolutely gorgeous Green Parrots flying in the Amazon forest? And all the other green, and partially green, species of birds? A smart bird-brained heroine or hero... Polly doesn’t want a cracker. Shapeshifting Polly wants the handsome man who has just inherited her from his deceased aunt. Although, I think I’d prefer to go with an Amazon forest meeting of the destined lovers.

Green insects... like some dragonflies... okay, this is for the very adventurous shapeshifter writer. Or, you can always go alien-extraterrestrial, the green insect humanoid alien grasshopper on a reconnaissance mission to Earth.

Aquatic... all the greens of a water world or an ocean world... Mermaid and Merman, wouldn’t I have fun with that myth-fantasy story set in the unknown ocean depths? There are green fish species. How about a turtle shapeshifter... can anyone say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Okay, yes, I admit it, I like those guys. But then, I like tortoises and turtles.

Well, let’s not leave out the GREEN lizards, or the green-colored reptiles. Iguanas have their own special charm and talents. How about an alligator shapeshifter? Really walk on the different side of writing your shapeshifter romance. Plus, there’s tons of lore and personal accounts from those who have encountered humanoid lizards, including Native American accounts, if you’re looking to research a character.

More GREEN FEATHERS... the ducks, omygosh! There are beautifully feathered ducks in shades of iridescent green and teal. QUACK! QUACK! I’m here to save the day. Super hero or super heroine Duck Shifter to the rescue.

GREEN FUR... no, I didn’t find any actual green-fur mammals ~ that excludes mold, of course... not to say they don’t exist. Certainly in the mythical realms there are green and emerald-colored unicorns and all sorts of amazing magical creatures in every hue of green that can be imagined or dreamed up. This is an opportunity to create your own unique shapeshifter.

Yes, there are those who dye their pets’ fur green in celebration of the wearin’ of the green. While not a practice I recommend, unless the dye is natural, organic and harmless to all biological life... this could be a great St. Patrick’s Day shifter story. You know that standard poodle down the street... who is he really? And just why has he snuggled that close against you, after a wee bit too much St. Pat’s celebrating on your part? And, hey, he seems overly interested in tongue-kissing your cleavage, then in sniffing your crotch... hmmmm...


The Kougar’s news and mews ~

Nara Malone, new Ellora’s Cave author, recently featured my RED LIONESS TAMED on her blog site, as part of her unique contest, an e-library on Tiger flashdrives... so I’m returning the favor. But not only that. Her book looks like an extraordinary shapeshifter read. And HER COVER is absolutely exotic-fabulous!!!

Blurb ~

Never quite fitting in, Marie has always struggled with her identity. Adam has shown her just how sensual she can be, but despite this awakening she still doesn’t feel complete. That’s because she’s not. Orphaned at birth and raised by humans, practical Marie has no idea of her dual heritage as tiger and woman, or the role she must play to save her species.

When Adam discovers that his alluring girlfriend is not only a Pantherian tiger but carries unique genetic traits that could save their species, he asks Ean to join them as the third partner in the traditional Pantherian mating triad. With the future of the species at stake, the sexy shifters have only one week to convince her that not only is she a tiger, but she must mate with both men to save the Pantherians from extinction.

Check out THE TIGER’S TALE at ~ http://jasminejade.com/ps-8215-50-the-tigers-tale.aspx ~

At the National Geographic website, check out these SEVEN CAT SPECIES caught on camera that were not known to inhabit this particular area together.

Leopard Spotted
Photograph courtesy Kashmira Kakati

Caught by a camera trap, a leopard prowls under the dense canopy of the Jeypore-Dehing lowland rain forest in the northeast Indian state of Assam (map).
http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/03/photogalleries/100312-cat-species-rain-forest-pictures ~

LOOK FOR SOME GREAT NEWS ABOUT PAT CUNNINGHAM ~ I’d spill some beans, but I don’t want to jinx anything.

If you haven’t already, take a look at COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham ~ Can a half-werewolf woman, unaware of her wolf nature, come to love the WereCoyote determined to free her wild side and make her his mate? ~
http://bookstrand.com/pat-cunningham ~

ALSO available: BEST OF BREED by Pat Cunningham ~ “Confidence breeds beauty, no airbrushing required” ~
http://bookstrand.com/pat-cunningham ~

AND! A LONDON WEREWOLF IN AMERICA by Pat Cunningham ~ “There’s no way the pushy wolf and the vegetarian witch can get along, or so Darinda tells herself.” ~
http://bookstrand.com/pat-cunningham ~

HAPPY WEARIN’ OF THE GREEN... fur, scales, feathers... HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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s7anna said...

This book looks fantastic! I read the blurb last night when I was browsing the EC website and I added it to my wishlist. I absolutely adore shifter romances! and a menage to boot *sigh...in total heaven*

Happy Reading

Paris said...

You have the most creative imagination! All you had to do was mention the Amazon setting and I was ready for you to write the story... How about, an Amazon setting, an anti-social naturalist escaping the confines of society...a rare, never before-seen parrot...with a big ole secret;-)who really needs someone to talk to...

Pat C. said...

I agree, Paris -- love the parrot concept. Write that one now! I already did a snake shapeshifter story of sorts, though it wasn't a romance. Check out Beneath Ceaseless Skies ezine, issue #7. It's free!

Also, fellow furry freaks, thank you for inviting me to join your blog! Now I have to come up with ideas on a regular basis. I knew there was a catch ...


Serena Shay said...

~sigh~ Savanna, is that gorgeous dragon cross for me? ~happy giggle~ My own draco is going nuts wanting it as treasure!

A dragon shifter story would be hot yeah, pun intended. ;) So would the the parrot story, which I'm sure you will write one day. :)

Pat - Welcome! I know you will come up with some wonder posts! I can't wait to read more. :)

Paris said...

Welcome Pat!
I'm with Serena and can't wait to see what you come up with;-)

A snake shifter! I'll check it out...

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi s7annna, yeah, Nara's new book looks shifter menage fabulous!

Happy Reading!

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, I couldn't have said it better... IT WILL GO IN MY TO BE WRITTEN FILE ... unless someone else gets to it first!

Paris said ~ "You have the most creative imagination! All you had to do was mention the Amazon setting and I was ready for you to write the story... How about, an Amazon setting, an anti-social naturalist escaping the confines of society...a rare, never before-seen parrot...with a big ole secret;-)who really needs someone to talk to..."

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, I've been thinking a lot about your SNAKE IN THE GLASS story... before and after we had rather large visitor recently... a snake in the drawer... actually, since it wasn't a poisonous one, we just closed the drawer and it went back outside... where the hole is, I'm not certain.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena... I dunno, isn't that an absolutely gorgeous dragon and Celtic cross? Maybe our dracos will have to figure out a way to share, though, that seems really doubtful considering they're dragons!
There will just have to more than ONE!

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat's SNAKE IN THE GLASS is an incredible fantasy short story. I enjoyed it immensely!