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'Bring Your Own Wolf' Costume Party ~ Part Two

New Moon howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Halloween celebrating, shapeshifter style, is in full swing here at Talbot’s Peak. And, not to howling-mention, but we’re participating in the Ripped Roaring Halloween Hop ~ October 28-31. Prizes, a Kindle up for grabs, flash scenes, and lots of trick or treat eye candy to ‘fill’ your bag.

So, it looks like there will be a Part Three to this flash scene that seems to be turning into a story... hope you enjoy. And wouldn’t it be fun to bring your own wolf?

‘Bring Your Own Wolf’ Costume Party ~ Part Two

There were some advantages to being thought of as only a dog. Zovier settled himself in his sphinx position to enjoy the show. His star witch, Sapphyra, had finished bathing and prepared to dress.

Once they’d arrived at her tiny house, Zovier had behaved as if he’d been obedience trained. By following Sapphyra’s every instruction, he’d earned her trust, and earned her sweetly stroking hand. When she’d finally hugged, he taken advantage nestling close to her firm yet very soft breasts.

Sapphyra had chatted and cooed to him as she warmed up meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Teasing him about being the big bad wolf, and how she didn’t want him to devour her, she’d fed him what she ate.

Afterward, Zovier had stayed on her heels as she moved with dancing steps inside her bedroom. Because the room was small, he remained in the doorway, watching her arrange her party costume on the bed.

Excitement sparkled her eyes, and he’d relished it, observing her beyond the slavering lust he felt for her beauty. Brandishing a brush, Sapphyra had commented about his lack of dog smell. She’d brushed his coat with a massaging thoroughness that had Zovier relaxing in a way he’d been unable to do since arriving in this backward dimension.

Careful to keep his tongue from lolling out, and his panting under control, Zovier watched Sapphyra move before the full length mirror, her steps light and lithe as a woodland Dryad. Unwrapping the large towel, she tossed it onto a plain chair.

“I’m not used to an audience, Bruno,” She smiled at him, then combed her fingers through her drying hair. Tumbling, and naturally curly, her light auburn tresses reached to the middle of her back.

At the sight of her naked beauty, Zovier snapped his jaws closed, having almost howled his appreciation at the display of her curves, lengthened to an erotic loveliness by her movements.

“Especially someone as handsome as you are,” she added as she reached for a pair of black fishnet hose. He may have been from Avalon, but they had all the twenty-first century amenities. Although big screen TVs were useless next to the crystalline mirrors they used for reception.

Zovier greedily ogled her shapely, voluptuous charms as she slipped on the stockings, then put on a strapless black bra. His tongue dripped to lap the valley between her breasts. Too soon, she’d donned most of her Red Riding Hood costume, and his gaze fastened on the delicacy of her wrists and ankles. He licked his chops.

“What do you think?” Sapphyra twirled for him, her attitude all sass and feminine satisfaction.

Zovier uttered his imitation of a low admiring bark. He panted despite himself, his ears pricked so high he thought the tips might touch.

“Oooh, you deserve a kiss.” In a few strides, Sapphyra stood before him. Leaning down, she embraced his head between her palms, then pressed a soft kiss on his forehead.

With the sight and scent of her inciting him to a ferociously wild desire, Zovier touched his tongue to her cheek, then keened a long whimper. She continued to hold his head, so he nuzzled her cheek with his nose.

“You are irresistible, big wolf guy.” Sapphyra kissed him again, then caressed her hands from his cheek fur. Backing away, she swept her gaze over him, and crooned. “Just give me some time to put on lipstick, then I’ll walk you and we’ll be on our way.”

As he waited, Zovier squirmed restlessly, his balls aching, and giving him fits. Gods, it was going to be a long torturous night since he couldn’t shift to human.

But, by the grand starry arch of heavens, he knew he wouldn’t have it any other way. Savagely, he wanted to be with Sapphyra, to stay by her side.

Howls beneath the grace and strength of Diana! With each passing moment, the star witch captured him, enchanted him to the sweetest distraction. If only he could persuade her to mind-listen to him.

Sapphyra didn’t know it -- as he hadn’t realized until this very moment -- but his beautiful star witch possessed the ability to release him from the curse. Her power now shone as scintillating silvery waves around her.

What had suddenly changed? Had it been her kiss?


From the corner of her eye, Sapphyra saw the ultra-intelligent dog sit up straighter, and go on the alert as they approached the main ranch house. An impressive sprawling structure, it was lit by the subtle placement of spotlights. “Bruno, you look like a sentinel.”

He answered with an almost growling sound, then yipped. “If you aren’t the smartest thing in the world. How did you ever get lost?” Sapphyra asked, as she followed the long line of cars and trucks into the designated parking area. “I sure hope no one wants you back.”

After sliding the pickup into the next available slot, Sapphyra scooped up her basket of goodies that now served as her purse, and took hold of Bruno’s leash. “Come on, you big bad wolf. Only I hope you won’t do anything really bad. If you plan to, you know like scarfing down Helen or some other attractive Red Riding Hood as a snack, let me know first, and we’ll head home.” Sapphyra chuckled at her own silliness. “That way, we’ll avoid all the really bad consequences, and have a happy ending.”

As if he understood her words, Bruno gazed at her with a golden-eyed directness that should have been unnerving. After a quick shake of his head, he offered a rumbling sound suggesting there would be no problem with his behavior.

“Good boy, let’s go.” Squirming a bit, and twisting, to turn around, Sapphyra planted her feet on the ground. Bruno followed, waiting patiently as she shut and locked the pickup’s door.

Every year since she’d lived in the Montana town, the Wolfsen clan as she thought of the extended family, had thrown a themed costume party close to Halloween. The only ones not invited were those who had somehow managed to get on their bad side. Not many that Sapphyra knew about.

At first, Sapphyra had thought it was only a measure of good will on their part, plus a way to keep in good stead with the town’s people. Now, she figured, and also psi-sensed, that the parents of the single Wolfsen men wanted to introduce them to possible wives.

Since she’d never had a crush or a hankering for any of the brothers or their cousins, but truly liked the ones she’d met, talking to them regularly, Sapphyra hadn’t been worried about knocking their fancy cowboy boots off with her attractiveness. Besides, Helen would have been considered the real beauty. So, why bother?

Sapphyra only wanted to party and have an evening’s worth of pure fun. As she always had in the past. The Wolfsen’s knew how to throw a damn fine party.

“Now that’s a wolf,” Gayle shouted toward her.

“Oh, can I pet him?” Patty moved alongside her.

“I think Bruno is fine with it. Chris found him not long ago, rescued him.” Sapphyra stroked the dog’s thick neck ruff. “He’s been an absolute sweetheart with me.”

Quicker than the words left her mouth, Sapphyra was surrounded by a bevy of women she knew, and Bruno was being stroked from nearly every direction as they continued walking toward the main entrance. The double doors had been thrown open, and bright illumination spilled onto the front walkway.

“He is a handsome beast.” Gayle slid her hand down the length of Bruno’s back.

“If he was a man, he sure could feast on my bones.” Betty laughed, clearly enjoying her thoughts.

“Are you sure the Wolfsen’s are going to be okay with you bringing him?” Kathryn asked, once she took her turn petting Bruno -- who seemed to be lapping up all the attention.

“We’ll find out. Soon,” Sapphyra answered, then felt herself shrug nervously. “The invitation did say ‘bring your own wolf’.”

“Yeah, what are you?” Hal hollered from behind them. “Just dumb or stupid? Pulling a stunt like that.”

“You’re just jealous.” Patty whirled toward him. “Because you’re not half as good-lookin’.”

“Ain’t that the truth.” Gayle tossed the snarky words over her shoulder.

“He’s welcome. Long as he behaves.” Every face turned toward Chet, who stood in the doorway, dominating the sizeable area. “And, I’m bettin’ your wolf will behave, Miss Sapphyra.”

Chet directed his gaze on Bruno with an intensity that puzzled Sapphyra, as did the fact that Bruno halted in his tracks and regarded the Wolfsen son with same palpable intensity. Then, her party wolf pressed against her side in what seemed like a possessive manner.

“Anybody want to lay odds on it?” Chet called out loudly, once he’d lifted his gaze.

“I’ll give you some action,” some of the men hollered.

“Come on in, Miss Sapphyra, ladies.” Chet tipped his gray Stetson that had fake wolf ears on the large brim. “We’ve got the chow laid out, and the music is about to begin. I’m in a mood shake a tail.”

Somewhat surprised by the humor in his voice, Saphhyra’s eyes popped wide as Chet turned. A big furry wolf tail hung from the back of his dress western pants, beneath his tan, fancy-braided jacket. She nearly chortled a laugh.

“Who’s bringing you?” she called after him. The damn words had escaped her mouth, and she’d had no chance to stop them. None whatsoever.

“That remains to be seen,” he returned, his tone close to jovial. Spinning on his heel, and facing her, Chet waited until she and Bruno entered and stood before him. “Later on, Miss Sapphyra, I’d appreciate a special consultation on that very matter.”

From the knowing twinkle in his eyes, Sapphyra knew he meant he wanted one of her fortune-telling readings.

Smiling, she gave a nod. “I’d be happy to oblige.” Chet had always treated her right. So, why not?

After a piercing glance at Bruno, Chet semi-whispered, “That’s a special wolf. Looks like he’s bonding to you. Hope you plan on keepin’ him.”


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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Oh Miss Sapphyra will be keeping the fine Bruno whether she knows it yet or not! hehehehe

I want to attend the Bring your own wolf party! ~grins~

Pat C. said...

Whoa. He watches her shower and even gets a lick in? And then lets all the women pet him? Zovier, you hound.

Are the Wolfsens shifters? Do they recognize "Bruno" for what he really is? Would it be in someone's best interest to keep him trapped in his animal form? (Plot complication!)

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, good plot complication. Certainly, the sorceress who cursed him wants his hide to stay wolfen... Since the Wolfsen clan ranch is located between Talbot's Peak and Sapphyra's small town... well, shifting happens... and the old west buffalo herds were some fine dining... once upon a time.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I sooooo want to attend that party. But, I only get to write it vicariously.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, sorry for all the mistakes... stayed up way past beddie by time to write it.