Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Predators Meet Prey ~ The Rabbit Trickster

Almost Full Moon Howls and Yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Oh, what a discombobulating past week, and it looks like there will be no let up this week. Suffice it to say, I have several authorly projects on the proverbial burners. Burning away... and my hot little fingers are tapping away on the keyboard.

Anyhoo, and Halloween seasonal boos, here’s a costume party you might like to attend. I know I would.

Predators Meet Prey ~ The Rabbit Trickster

Standing before her bedroom’s full length mirror, Karly peered over her shoulder at her large fluffy white bunny tail. She gave her butt a shimmy-shake, appreciating how the realistic puff wiggled invitingly. She also took several long moments to appreciate how her trim athletic figure looked in her version of a Playboy Bunny costume. That is, what she could throw together at the last minute from lingerie shops, and the small costume boutique in Talbot’s Peak proper.

After a wicked little smile at herself, Karly strutted in her black stilettos across the floor and reached for her witch’s black velvet cape. With a flick of her wrists, she swirled it, draping it around her shoulders.

She gave her gently waving, sable-colored hair a toss, freeing it from beneath the cape before she grabbed her evening bag. Being a black coyote shapeshifter, the color was a close match to her coat.

Satisfied her rabbit ears remained secure, Karly grinned, anticipating her trickster prank. After all, every now and then her perverse nature needed to assert itself.

“Predators Meet Prey, Hunters Moon Costume Party, here I come,” she murmured, moving down the winding staircase toward her brother.

Per the party rules, Kevin had made his shifter side obvious with a faux coyote tail and ears. He’d attired himself in the swashbuckling style of a Musketeer, complete with a rapier dangling at his side. To her sisterly eye, his handsomeness couldn’t be, and wouldn’t be denied.

Waiting by the front door of their parents’ well-to-do, newly constructed home, he jerked it open impatiently. “I should never have let you con me into this. You and that fox-sly tongue of yours.” Kevin scowled at her as if she’d just caused him to lose a plump pheasant dinner.

Holding the door, the reluctant gentleman, he growled, “We’re going to be late. Late as in I don’t want Reba shaking her fluffy tail for any other predator.”

“Oh, get a grip, cavalier stud. We won’t be late. Not with the way you drive. Lead foot and all.” Karly passed beneath his arm, smirking a smile up at him -- some combo of sibling irritation and her deep fondness for him.

With a soft snarl, Kevin followed her to his low-slung, expensive sports car, parked nearby on their circular drive. “Just remember, we don’t know each other.”

“Oh, don’t get your butt fur in a matted wad,” Karly sang, once she gripped the passenger side handle. “We don’t look like each other, and we’re new in town.”


Having politely fended off several men who wanted a piece of her bunny tail -- two wolves, a fox and a damn fine mountain lion -- Karly took a sip of her Flirtini. Keenly aware she had several, hard-panting admirers, Karly rolled her hips as she sauntered toward the spacious dance floor.

True, when she’d first arrived at the Pleasure Club, Dante, the werewolf obviously in charge, despite his low-key presence, had given her the once over as if he suspected she wasn’t playing by the rules. His intense gaze had raked her but good, and Karly held her breath for several moments. However, after a quick upturn of his lips, he’d looked away, attending to another matter.

So far, her little trickster game had been highly amusing, in a twisted, predator-mind bending way. Also, it’d proven entertaining to note the different approaches, the different come-ons predators used when flirting with the prey shapeshifters they wanted to jump, hump and bippity-bop bump to the lusty heights of orgasmic pleasure.

And, if it was one thing Karly enjoyed, it was learning for the sake of learning itself. Simply because it suited her, she taught online college courses -- Animals in Myth and Legend.

On the far side of the dance floor, an excellent samba ensemble played both recognizable tunes and their original music. The quality surprised her, given Karly hadn’t expected this level of sophistication in the backwater Montana town.

All about survival these days, her parents had decided on making the move to Talbot’s Peak while they could easily do so. Karly hadn’t protested too vigorously, given she realized a change was needed in her life. And, here it was.

And, yes, there it was. Twins by the nearly identical look of the two coyote shifters, who were costumed as Native American Skinwalkers. Holy damn, the two bronze-skinned, gorgeously sculpted men with shoulder-length dark hair, eyed her like a hunting prize.

Karly continued across the room at a leisurely pace. When they locked their gazes on her, both of them, she moved in their general direction, swaying in time to the samba music.

Only... why couldn’t she scent them? Karly had masked her own canine smell. Before she could think of how to sniff them, they suddenly darted toward her, striding powerfully, silently.

Karly froze in her tracks, an unusual reaction for her.


Dirk angled around the woman shapeshifter he and his brother had decided belonged to them for the rest of the evening, and long into the night. With her sleek, yet luscious curves displayed to perfection by her Playboy Bunny costume... her long shapely legs begging for their caresses... her onion-round ass their loins ached to feel as they took turns mounting her... her pert breasts shaped for their hands and the roaming pleasure of their lips...

Deke roved his gaze over the woman’s refined lovely face first... then he stared at the shining beauty of her dark, red-burnished hair. Her wary gaze, the golden yellow glow deep within her black-as-midnight eyes gave her away now. His shaman senses hadn’t lied, despite the fact that he and Dirk hadn’t been able to determine her species scent.

She was coyote. Coyote shifting woman.

Stepping toward her, Deke took her drink and set it to the side. He captured strands of her hair, letting the heavy silkiness slip through his fingers. “Beautiful trickster, you are caught.”

“You are caught,” Dirk echoed, as he gently trapped her against his body from behind.

“Caught?” she burst out breathlessly, then made a move to escape them.

Deke pressed himself against her, halting her steps. He watched as his brother stroked his hands down her arms, and held her lightly. Feather-soft, Deke slid the back of his finger beneath her chin. “What’s your name, coyote woman?”

“Rabbit,” she accused instead. “You two are rabbits.”

“Hare, actually.” Dirk teased his nose down a strand of her hair until his lips brushed the rim of her ear. Her breath jerked inward, and her eyelids fell shut in pleasure. “Even though, we are called jackrabbits,” he rasped into the shell of her delicate human ear.

“Don’t tell anyone,” Deke cautioned in a joking tone. He touched his fingertip to the center of her full lips.

Her gaze flew to his, vulnerable yet wild and fierce with warning. “Why not?”

“For us, deception is often a matter of survival.” Dirk cupped her shoulders, and caressed.

“Why is that?” she snapped with coyote haughtiness, even as her body became molten against Deke.

Dirk pressed closer, and she gasped a tiny whimper.

“Shamans have many enemies in these times,” Deke answered. Threading his fingers in her hair, he tenderly slipped his thumbpads along her lovely, lovely cheekbones.

“As your kind does,” Dirk added. “Dance with me, coyote woman.”

“Skinwalkers,” she murmured only for their hearing, even as she moved to turn toward Dirk.

Deke watched her, felt her flow into his brother’s embrace. Already her hips undulated to the Samba’s sensual beat. “You are caught. Tell us your name,” he gently ruled.

“I don’t know your names,” she protested, her voice husky with her rising heat. “Rabbits,” she uttered. “Hares,” she corrected herself. “I am caught by Jackrabbits. It should be the other way around.”

“Didn’t you know?” Dirk crooned to her, as his hands swept over his hips, then her sweet-riding ass. “Rabbits, Hares are the original tricksters.”

“So, it was decreed by the Goddess many, many moons ago.” Deke lightly gripped her thighs, and stroked upward. His palms claimed the full swell of her ass before he tugged her fake tail. Briefly.

Like the sassy woman coyote she was, their captured trickster shook her rabbit tail for him. Deke rumbled a carnal growl.

“Karly,” she announced in a queen bitch’s tone. “My name is Karly.”

Have a Magickal Shapeshifting Full Moon Day!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Mmmm...caught in a trap of her own making! I just bet, Dirk and Deke will make it a night to remember. ~wink~

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, the trickster girl out-trickstered. ~smiles~

Pat C. said...

And the trickster gets tricked by the bunnies. Awww, poor her.

Black coyotes? Is that a subspecies?

I want to see a picture of Kevin in his Musketeer outfit. That is so coyote, flamboyant and in-your-face. Another favorite costume would be Captain Jack Sparrow, complete with eyeliner. Trickster, pirate, coyote to a T.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, I'm not certain. All I know is that I saw what I finally figured out via info on the internet, was most likely a black coyote. She ran right in front of me sometime last year. So I got a close-up but brief look. She was DEFINITELY NOT A DOG! For one thing her tail set was all wrong for ANY dog breed. Nor was her behavior dog-like. Some speculate what are called black coyotes are a subspecies, some say it's coyotes mating with dogs and/or wolves. I got some pics from the internet.

Hmmm... Kevin in his Musketeer outfit, oh yeah... I'll have to do a pic search. I thought of Captain Jack Sparrow as a description. However, Kevin wanted to be a rakish Musketeer.

Pat C. said...

I just looked up "black coyote" on Google and you're right, that ain't no dog. Lovely animal, though.

Savanna Kougar said...

She was beautiful in that sleek wild canine way... I hope she's still out there.