Friday, October 7, 2011

A Day in the Life of an Alpha...

 I swear, there are only two women who would get away with speaking to Nick this way, but I have yet to see him interact with his mother...

I'm betting there are three.  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nick growled as he clicked on the funny family foto, Ziva had decided on this week.  It was a picture of him, protecting a bit of fluff from the unfriendly furry’s at the Talbot’s Peak humane society.  His association with the group was suppose to be kept on the DL to protect his grumbly nature. 
He’d worked hard over the years to make those around him think he was just an asshole alpha.  It wouldn’t do anyone any good to think otherwise.  Hell, even Ziva questioned his attitude on more occasions than not…it was how it should be.  He had family to protect, pack to protect, employees to protect…what good would he be if everyone thought him a weak-assed beta.

ZIVA!”  The newsroom buzz dropped to church quiet as he bellowed for his about to get her ass paddled employee.  The bunch of gossiping pains in the ass could all use a good scare to keep them in line and out of his f’ing business.

“Now-now, Nick,” chastised his colorful assistant as she entered his office.

“You’re not the one in trouble—this time, Penny,” Nick groused, digging through the pile of rulers Ziva insisted on leaving on his desk.  Well wasn’t she going to be oh-so glad to see, or feel them rather, on the soft white skin of her ass?  “Damn it!”  Great, now he was getting hard—f’ing wood.

“All of you get back to work—go on now, get.”  The door slammed with less force then he usually gave it, but more determination.  Penny was pissed at him, again.

“Just get me Ziva, Penny.  Right n…”

“Enough, Nicolas McMahon!  You are disrupting the office.  I have a big night tonight and need to focus my mind—your tantrum is not helping that process.”  Her angry voice squawked and her hand hit his desk with a loud wallop.  “Do not call me Penny, you have not earned the right to that name—yet.”

“Pen…”  Nick stopped talking as her look nearly shriveled his balls.  He and Penny enjoyed the give and take in their boss and employee relationship, but right now, she was quite serious.

“You must try to reign in this over the top alpha act, Nick.  I know you exaggerate it, but for the sake of those around you ease up a bit or there will be no one left to play alpha to.  Now, as for Z, she is not here at the moment.  There was something about purple fairies and naked pictures.”

“What?”  No way, after the last conversation they’d had about those damn pictures, would she really still be looking into them?  Yeah, she would. 

“Mmmm…I really can’t wait to hear that story.  Now, put the ruler away and let’s keep it down in here.”  Penny opened the door and prepared to leave him, alone again with that damn picture.

“Excuse me?”  He’d been pushed as far as he’d allow from his employee and friend, now it was time to get back to business.

“By the way, I love the family foto…just tell me this, you didn’t eat the poor little kitty, did you?”


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh no, not a kitty snack... I bet Nick just pretended to devour a bit of fluff... he and kitty are probably secret fast friends.

Loved it, Serena!

Pat C. said...

Poor Nick ... he don't get no respect ...

Serena Shay said... kitty snacks for alpha Nick. He hangs out at the humane society and protects the smaller animals from being picked on. :)

Serena Shay said...

Isn't that the truth, Pat! LOL

Savanna Kougar said...

We need alpha heroes like Nick!