Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Waking Up to a Man-Wolf

After Halloween, brain-fogged howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

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Waking Up to a Man-Wolf

Still deep in slumber-landia, but beginning to awaken, Shauna rubbed her cheek against thick luscious fur. The warm silky fur coat felt delicious against her skin. Shauna smiled as she snuggled the side of her face deeper, and continued rubbing.

Hearing a rumbled groan that reminded her of low thunder, Shauna stilled. The hair on the nape of her neck stood on end. She raised upward, her eyelids popping open, wide open.

With the dregs of sleep hampering her voice box, Shauna could only gasp. Staggered, she stared as a shriek of terror froze in her throat.

A real live wolf met her gaze, and sleepily regarded her with dark amber eyes. Not just your regular variety of wolf either, but one apparently attached to what could only be described as a long, tall wolf humanoid body. A fully equipped body with... well, good-sized male equipment.

“Not a costume,” she muttered.

“Not a costume,” the man-wolf growly agreed. With his expression all too obviously sentient, and almost human, the cryptid creature grinned. Wolf-like, of course.

Was that cocky satisfaction she saw? Stifling the urge to scream her lungs out, Shauna continued to stare. “Nightmare,” she muttered. “I must be having a nightmare.”

Propping himself on one elbow, her ‘nightmare’ then roved his gaze over her, his manner clearly appreciative. “You’re a Cryptozoology hunter. I should be a dream come true.”

Shauna grabbed the sheet, covering her naked breasts just in case this wasn’t some realistic dream born out of her burning desire to discover a real cryptid species. Which is why she and the other three hunters had arrived in Talbot’s Peak for Halloween weekend. They’d heard major rumors about bizarre happenings and sightings.

Narrowing her eyes, Shauna forged ahead. So, she’d broken out in a sweat, and her legs were tensed, ready to run. “Shouldn’t you be in Elkhorn, Wisconsin? You know Bray Road... the beast of...”

“Too many of us in the pack now, sweet morsel. I headed west where the real shapeshifter action is.”

“Shapeshifter?” Shauna clutched the sheet tighter having caught a definite canine scent, and more, the smell of sex. Had she...? For seconds, her brain went numb with shock.

“I won’t devour you like the big bad wolf,” he joked, and toothy grinned, his white fangs showing. Yet, as he spoke, her nightmare wolf’s fur began to recede. “Give me a few minutes, pretty Shauna.”

Her own name clanged loudly, vibrating her insides. How the freaking hell did a wolf talk, let alone know her name?

Shauna trembled, feeling her eyes bug out big time as he continued to change shape. Gradually, wolf-man morphed into the uber-hunky stud she’d practically thrown herself at after the haunted trail ride. Shauna knew her mouth hung open.

“Is this better?” He quirked a small grin, his gaze amused and concerned.

With her head suddenly whirling like she’d tossed it into a fast-spinning clothes dryer, Shauna felt herself sway. Strong arms enfolded her, the ones she remembered... but, she faded in and out, the blackness attempting to seize her, to keep her.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to shift. Happens when I sleep too deep. And you were so good...”

His husky voice faded away as Shauna lost the battle, collapsing in a faint.


Druk, third son of the Vijazri Dynasty Pack, methodically checked the human female’s vital signs. That is, once he’d gently arranged her on his oversized bed. Satisfied, she would regain consciousness soon, he indulged his ravenous appetite for her womanly beauty.

Her features, angelic yet sensual, had drawn his second notice when he’d first seen her astride the chestnut gelding. The haunted trail ride had been a test of his ability to blend in with the other shapeshifters and humans in Talbot’s Peak.

Having arrived several weeks ago, he was still scenting his surroundings, and still wolf-roaming to get the lay of the land. He hadn’t planned on a mate. Not yet.

When the ghost rider had appeared to rescue the jaguar woman, Druk had been standing closest to her, and Shauna had flung herself against him. Her fright had been real, and he’d sought to comfort her.

After their long hug, Shauna had clung to him, her gaze asking for more. Then, when she’d kissed him, molding her voluptuous body against his, Druk had taken command of her lips, guiding their kisses.

They hadn’t been able to let go of each other, and Druk had never tasted anything so sweet, so perfectly feminine, so wildly passionate as the way she kissed him. It was as if her mouth had been made to pleasure his.

Hiding them in the shadow of the one tree close to the main barn, an oak of great age, Druk had encouraged her feverish desire. A making-out marathon such as he’d never experienced, had convinced Druk to bed her, make love to her... and howling-damn any consequences.

Now here he was, wanting Shauna more than ever -- with a hard-on that could have rivaled a rock phallus. Grrrr-ing with need through his clenched teeth, Druk took one last look at Shauna’s angelic face, at the fiery golden fan of her hair spread on the pillow, before rolling off the bed.

He’d cook breakfast for her. That should convince the human female he wanted her stay, and also convince her he could act fully human when it suited him. Yeah-howls, take a big bite out of destiny, so she’d have to adapt to living with his kind, and adapt his shapeshifter lifestyle.

His human woman wanted a real live cryptid. By the Great Wolf she’d found one. She just couldn’t tell anyone. It might take some sweet nuzzling talk, but he’d talk her into keeping his secret.

With a groan and yipping grunt, Druk zipped his jeans, then padded into the kitchen. Ignoring the complaint of his cock, he swiped a hand through his hair, then opened the fridge. Damn good thing he’d stocked up on human food recently.


Shauna stirred at the fragrance of freshly cooked bacon and eggs. Tempted, but not certain where she was, she cracked one eyelid, and peered around.

How odd. Usually, she had no trouble knowing exactly where she was, and why, and with who. Now, there was only a haze, a memory that taunted her from a distance.

Sitting up slowly, Shauna gazed around the large bedroom that clearly belonged to a man, but one with very good taste. Unlike her past boyfriends, whoever the man was -- the one she’d obviously spent the night with -- he appeared to be somewhat well off financially.

Hearing a light masculine tread, she waited, her stomach clenching with apprehension. Carrying a tray, a man she would have described as “I want you’ gorgeous, entered and gave her a rakish grin.

“Breakfast is served,” he announced as if she really and truly mattered to him.

“I... I... you’ll have to forgive me, but I don’t... I don’t remember your name... or much of anything." Shauna swallowed hard. "At all," she added, watching his face for any sign that she needed to leave fast.

For a split second his brow creased in a frown. His gaze scrutinized her face as he continued toward her with the tray of food. Once he sat on the edge of bed, his dark eyes cleared as if nothing concerned him about her inability to recall their night together.

He placed the tray between them, and his eyes glinted with an intriguing amber color. Entranced, Shauna lost herself within their depths, her anxiousness disappearing.

“Shauna, my name is Druk. It means "Thunder Dragon". My sire -- father has a strange sense of humor. He claims I wailed during a thunderstorm as a new babe, then waved my fists like a warrior. Mother disagrees...” he paused as if he thought twice about explaining any further.

“Oh, I remember now. The haunted trail ride. You saved me from that ghost rider. How they pulled that one off, I don’t know. It was so realistic.”

“What else do you recall?” His voice was raspy, rumbly... teasing her senses.

“We kissed.” Shauna felt herself go up in the flames of a passion she’d only known with him. And that was when they’d been making out like a pair of raunchy, hormone-crazed teenagers. “I’m sorry. That’s all I can remember right now... Druk.”

His large sudden smile threw her. Most men would have sustained tremendous ego damage.

“Let’s eat." He leaned closer and his mouth brushed hers. “Later I’ll devour you like I did last night. This big bad wolf is hungry for more of your sexy wild lovin’.”

Have a Magickal Shapeshifting Autumn!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Hmmm, he turns furry and snuggly after a good nights sleep, and he cooks... I'm thinking he's a keeper! hehehe ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, I'm thinkin' he's a keeper even if Shauna doesn't know it yet. ~smiles~

Pat C. said...

Sure was a lot of action on that trail ride ... I'm going to have to take up horseback riding.

Of course he cooks. It's an alpha's duty to provide for his mate. This is why they're in demand.

Savanna Kougar said...

Merry and Dash should continue their trail rides! Make enough money for the ranch, and provide fun for all.

Cooking is good. Providing is even better! However, that's not the ONLY reason they're in demand. ~naughty grinz~