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Happy Howlidays ~ The Jingle Bell Hop

Happy Howlidays, blog hoppers. You've entered the werewolf town of Talbot's Peak. Like Shapeshifters and Paranormals of every type and stripe? Then, this is the place for you. And to avoid being dinner, bring a holiday dinner for that favorite shapeshifter.

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Ravi glowered at the crowd, human and shifter, that had gathered in the Talbot’s Peak town square. He let his irritated growl rip forth, and didn’t care who heard. He’d never had a high opinion of American holidays. After his humiliation during the Halloween trail ride, his outlook had deteriorated into downright murderous.

If only he could do to these fools what he’d done to the Thanksgiving turkey.

Sadly, he must now curb his righteous impulses. This mission required stealth and subterfuge, hence his disguise. He would also have to fulfill it alone, because when it came to subterfuge, his brothers – Ravi growled again. The less said of Guri and Sanjay, the better.

Readjusting the turban of his costume, Ravi rejoined the nativity scene.
This little piece of ridiculousness was the brainchild of their target, Lexor. He had arranged a live nativity outside the coffee shop he owned. As Lexor himself was not Christian, Ravi suspected this nod to the holiday had more to do with commerce than Christmas.

He eyed his fellow participants and concluded they posed no threat. The holy couple and the shepherds were all shifters, but none he’d been told to be wary of. The animals appeared to be actual beasts, though Ravi had his doubts about the camel. Same for the burly bighorn sheep hovering beside the woman, and the squirrel perched on the manger. His knowledge of Middle Eastern wildlife was sketchy, but he was fairly certain such were not traditional desert creatures. Talbot’s Peak had a slippery grasp on its own holiday’s requirements.

Vishnu save them. Guri was chasing children around and making woooo-y noises. The brats shrieked with laughter and easily eluded him. Ravi’s teeth showed. Nothing Guri did ever came to good.

He snagged his brother’s arm as he ran past. “Guri! What are you doing?”

Guri tugged the sleeve of his white robe out of Ravi’s grasp. “I am Caspar, the ghostly wise man. I scare people away so they don’t steal my frankincense. It’s part of the Christmas story.”

“A ghost is part of Christmas?”

“A friendly ghost. That’s what I was told.”

Ravi didn’t dare ask who he’d consulted. “Where is Sanjay?”

His other brother slithered over to him, dressed all in black and brandishing a fake scimitar. Against his better judgment, Ravi asked, “What are you supposed to be?”

“Balthasar, the ninja wise man.”

“There were no ninja wise men.”

Sanjay shrugged. “Someone has to guard the gold. Nobody’s scared of the ghost.”

“Of course. And who am I again?”

“Melchior, keeper of the myrrh. The most important wise man of all.”

“I don’t even know what myrrh is.”

“I understand it’s vital to the holiday. Everyone wishes people a myrrhy Christmas.”

“These Christian holy days are too confusing. I’m going to complete the mission. Keep an eye on these fools, especially the shifters. If I’m not back in fifteen minutes, come and check.”

Sanjay saluted him with the scimitar, nearly whacking Ravi in the face. Guri went woooo-ing off after another pack of human cubs. Ravi hurried into the coffee shop, grateful for the chance to escape.

Thankfully, the shop was all but deserted. Lexor had his underlings outside with Thermoses hawking their wares to the crowd. A single blue-haired human woman stood wiping tables. “Help you?” she asked.

“I require use of the facilities.”

The human nodded toward the restrooms. “Back there.”

Ravi headed toward the restrooms, but relief wasn’t his aim. From the hallway he could see the door to Lexor’s office. Shere Khan’s intel said the man kept mystic scrolls in there. He was also reputed to be a brewer of magical potions. Ravi’s orders were to investigate these rumors, and to come away with any and all such items he happened across.

He had a folded burlap bag tucked beneath his costume. He also had a knife. Should the serving woman interrupt him – well, one less monkey wouldn’t damage the world.

With a final glance at the blue-haired ape, Ravi crept toward the office.
The door was unlocked. Lexor must allow his pets the run of the place. All the better for Ravi. He stepped inside.

“That’s far enough, tiger boy.”

Ravi whirled. That squeaky voice hadn’t belonged to the waitress. He stared about the office, but saw no one.

“Down here, stripes.”

Something flashed across the floor, too small and quick for Ravi to see. Then he felt the prickle of tiny claws on his skin as the whatever-it-was slid under his wise man’s robes and clambered up his leg.

He definitely felt the teeth.

Ravi howled and yelped and staggered about the office, frantically slapping at his body. His robes blunted his attempts at defense, and his attacker was too agile and too fast. “Thought that was you.” Bite. “Always making trouble.” Bite. “Like to chase squirrels, huh, tiger boy?” Bite. “Like to bat ’em around?” Bite. “Toy with this, you sadistic bastard.”

Really big bite, in a very tender place.

Ravi's scream shook the walls. He lurched awkwardly toward the doorway, straight into a blast of pepper spray. The scream increased in volume. The blue-haired serving girl barely dodged out of his way as Ravi made a desperate and agonized escape. The knife he’d tried to draw clattered to the floor at her feet.

Marissa stared after the fleeing tiger-shifter, her canister of pepper spray still poised for quick use. “What the hell just happened?”

“Your boss almost got burglarized by a wise man, is what.” The little gray squirrel picked up the knife. Its blade was as long as his body. He held it like a sword. “Whoa. Sucker wasn’t playing around. You’d better tell Lex.”

Marissa accepted the knife. She was dating a werewolf; talking squirrels didn’t faze her. “Thanks, Gil. You know that guy?”

Gil’s tail bristled. “Oh yeah. I’ve been keeping an eye on his family for some friends of mine. When they volunteered to join the nativity, I figured they were up to no good. Him, anyway. The other two are relatively harmless.”

“Says you. What’s with the one in white? He keeps going ‘boo’ at me.”

“I think he got his Caspers mixed up. Who cares, as long as everyone has a good time. Tell you what, honey. You have a triple-chocolate latte waiting for me after we pack up and we’ll call this even.”

Marissa grinned down at him. “Deal.”

Posted by Pat C.


Talk about a fortuitous and timely blog hop theme, Dylan turns the Twelve Days of Christmas into the twelve passions -- all in one night, and only for Kaily.

Coming Soon ~ Santa Baby, Several Stars Away

~ A Short Shapeshifter Erotic Romance for Christmas ~

Blurb ~

Consumed by curiosity, Kaily gives herself to a mystery man for Christmas. Will Dylan be able to resist her waiting naked, but gift-wrapped beneath his tree?

Excerpt ~

Chapter Six:
A Partridge in a Pear Tree

The blush that crept over Kaily's cheeks was painful. ''Gender," she squeaked like the one mouse who had stirred on the night before Christmas.

His brow furrowed some, and she watched Dylan ponder for a moment.

''Because I did not choose any woman," he stated as if a puzzle piece slipped into place.

''No one knows anything about you...really." Kaily grabbed for her slim chance to learn something, anything else about him.

Instead of satisfying her curiosity, Dylan lowered his head until her face was directly beneath his. Kaily could only stare, struck by how regally handsome his features became in the gold-tinted lighting.

''You're about to learn everything you need to know about me, Kaily. Right now."

His masculine purr fired all of her jets, while his gaze devoured her with a passion she'd only seen in the movies. Kaily felt her breath disappear...somewhere.

''Right now," she echoed, her tone an invitation.

Omygawd, her lips pleaded for the feel, the taste of his. Her only other experience with this level of feverish desire had been in High School. Billy McShea.

Oh yeah, Billy had finally kissed her behind the stands at a football game. One long sinful and dreamy locking of their mouths, a kiss that had seduced her lips and her virgin body.
However, he'd never touched her again. Even though, he hadn't exactly avoided her, Billy would look at her as if she was a temptation forbidden to him.

So, Kaily stuffed down her angsty pain, and kept her distance. When Billy married one of the cheerleaders, then left town, she realized she hadn't been part of his life's plan.

Goodbye, Billy.

Hello to the slow, slow descent of her mystery man's beautifully carved, oh-so handsome mouth.

To Kaily, it felt as though Dylan deliberately prolonged the moments before their lips touched because it increased his pleasure, and because it heightened her to a burning want.

His mouth alighted on hers, the sensation feathery. Then, he rested his lips on hers softly yet firmly.

The texture of his mouth, and the wintry coolness thrilled through Kaily, awakening her body, all of her senses -- passionately blistering her insides.

Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner, she thought.

Gradually, beautifully, his kiss deepened, his mouth becoming a large dominant force on top of hers. So dominant, she could only succumb, and wish for more.

So much more. Please...oh, please.

The moment it seemed natural, Kaily kissed him back. Need and want uncoiled inside her belly -- so long repressed she'd almost forgotten what it felt like.

Raw with desire, she seized the relentless heat of his lips with hers, and savored how he branded her mouth with his.

For how long, she didn't know. Their lips were locked, fierce for each other. The sensations smoldered parts of Kaily she didn't know existed.

When his mouth slanted against hers, and their lips fused in a different way, excitement blazed through Kaily like never before.

This was terrible. It wasn't in and out sex, as she'd planned, even though she'd never attempted it before...only listening to Monica describe her man hunts, quickies in the nearest place available...then Monica was long gone, unless the man impressed her.

As slowly as he'd first deepened their kiss, Dylan's lips separated from hers. Kaily was aware he still held up the mistletoe, and even though he seemed closer than a whisker to her, he hadn't actually touched her, except for his lips.

His gaze burned like dark fiery gold, so impossibly hot for her, she breathed out, ''Santa." She couldn't help it.

''Santa is coming down your chimney tonight," he growled with such virility, Kaily couldn't laugh at his phrasing.

Without removing his gaze, Dylan plucked the bow from her pussy. His smooth finesse made her all a-tingle, above and beyond her burning tingles.

''On the first day of Christmas, a partridge in a pear tree," he crooned in a deep-throated purr.

His partridge...a mighty huge bird indeed...touched the front of her thigh.

LATE NOTE: Now Available at Smashwords. Coming soon to Amazon and other ebook vendors.

Have a Magickal and Shapeshifting Holiday Season...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

“What is with this town?” Ally mumbled, gawking at the colorfully feathered woman wrapped in a leather milkmaids costume and flailing, oh lordy was that a flogger at the ten birds sitting quietly in a pear tree. Behind the dominatrix stood a small, sleek drummer boy and a blue-haired, stud, she could only assume was a leaping lord going by his attire. Of course, with pants that tight he was giving a good impression of a piper piping, too, but who knew.


“Once second, Rosie,” she muttered to her daughter, still in awe at the scene playing out in front of the coffee shop across the street. A live nativity. With a mix of human and real animals playing the parts. She was a little confused by the big-horned sheep and the squirrel, but this was Montana so maybe they just want to include a little of their local flavor, as well.

“Move it, freak-girl, I wanna talk to mom.”

“Hey, that’s mean, Silas…Hawke says to knock it off and apologize to me.”

“Listen up, freaky. There is no such thing as ghosts, especially ones that would befriend a fre…”

“Silas that is enough!” Ally looked at her oldest, who continued to confuse her. His foul attitude had only gotten worse since they’d become stranded in this town when his father had ditched them to be with his young lover. She could somewhat rationalize his behavior, the anger and fear, considering how disengaged her soon to be ex had been in the months leading up to his defection. A boy needs a strong male influence and theirs had been anything but. “Apologize to your sister, right now.”

“Geez, sorry.” His huffy body language said he was anything but sorry, but she needed to pick her battles.

“Mom, mom…” Daniel, Silas’ twin and her perpetually uninterested child, looked anything but bored right now. “Guess what I saw?”

“Damn, no way,” Silas swore, as only a child could, ridiculously out of order. At least it wasn’t the F-bombs he was now starting to latch on too. “I was here first; I’m telling mom what I saw.”

“Take a number, dick weed…”

“I was here first…” Piped in the small, feminine voice.

And they were off. Bickering, always bickering, as was par for the sibling course. Ally tuned out the squabble and looked back to the tree on the hotels front lawn. Between the tree and the ten birds, four of the twelve days were covered, but how were they going to handle the rest and where would they put the sheer numbers of lords a leaping and drummers drumming? Not to mention, the outdoor pool was drained already so where would the swans swim? And how in the heck, was the sexy dom keeping her birds in that tree…why had they not flown the coop, or tree, as it were?

“…swans in the dog dish…so, I saw dancing chicks in the woods…but, look at this.”

Voices raised in volume as the squabble turned into a tiff, well on its way to becoming a full-fledged argument. It was again time to intercede. One day these kids would love and respect one another—she just hoped she’d live to see it.

“Okay, guys, enough already. We’ll go in birth order and each of you can tell me what you saw. And before you ask—because I said so! End of discussion.” Ally covered all her bases when dealing with this trio. They kept her on her toes—that was for sure. “Okay,Silas, you’re up.”

“I saw swans, swimming in the dog dish fountain. All of them pure white and some big dude was talking to them like they were people, telling them what they could and couldn’t do. Then he turned to go back into the newspaper office, but had to pick up like a million rulers that were on the ground around the door. This place is weird.”

Ally turned to the next child to speak, unsure of how to respond to her oldest. Hell yes, this town was odd, but it was friendly and accepting as well. The town had put their collective hands out to an abandoned mother with three kids in their time of need, she’d never forget that. “Daniel, your turn…”

“Well, I saw some, er, naked ladies, dancing in the woods behind the hotel. There were dudes playing pipes and drums for them. It was pretty cool. I hope they come to town…you know like in a parade or something.”

“Son of a…” Ally shushed her oldest hoping he wouldn’t finish that thought. “But, I want to know where he found the naked chicks.”

Of course he did, he was a pubescent boy, after all.

“Daniel, we’ll talk about the naked women, later.”

“Aah yuck!” The boys moved slightly away, whispering, and probably not about swans.

“Rosie, your turn sweetheart. Thank you for being patient.”

“Here mama, this is for you.”

Ally took the long velvet box. A stone the size of the peak this town was named for sat in her stomach. She wondered where her youngest had gotten the jewelry case from, and if she needed to read up on kleptomania.

“Open it mama, it was by our door and I wanna see what’s in it, please.”

By our door huh, please let that be the truth… Ally eased the lid up and stared down at five golden rings. It was white gold, her favorite, and it looked like possibly a toe ring, a finger ring, two that were much too small to be a ring for a finger or toe, but had no posts like it was for the ears and one that did look like a piercing, only not for the ear.

“Gorgeous, aren’t they?”

Ally yelped as she looked up into the face of the milking maid with the, yes, indeed it was a flogger. “Sorry?”

“The ring set, they’re gorgeous. If you should happen to need any help getting those last three on, let me know? I have all the tools needed to get them on comfortably and correctly.” The sexy woman started back to the two waiting men, but turned back before reaching them. “I’m Penelope; by the way, I work at the gazette. Come find me when you’re ready.” Her smile warmed Ally’s most private parts in a way that reminded her of last night’s erotic dream.

“Oh God!” She slammed the velvet box closed and pulled the sweater over her hard, tingling nipples. She remembered exactly where those rings had belonged in the dream. She just couldn’t imagine how she would get them there in real life, especially that last one, since she’d never been pierced—there.
Her kiddos were right. This was a very odd town; there were ghosts on Halloween, Zombie sightings around Thanksgiving and now sex jewelry, from a stranger, for Christmas? She supposed she should be offended by the gift in her hands, but she just couldn’t muster up that emotion. Instead, she wondered if this could lead her to a very Merry Christmas and one hell of a Happy New Year!

Here's to hoping a few sexy, sinful gifts from your lists...make their way under the tree!

Happy Holidays!



Santa's Sexy Helper

Macy tugged at the short skirt Kazim insisted she wear while they had handed out presents at the local children’s hospital. He’d not dropped one present or put her in compromising positions until now.

“Why are you frowning, my candy cane?” Kazim purred with every term of endearment that he called her. The way his eyes glowed as his gaze roved over her again sent warm pulses deep into her nether regions and lit fires unlike any other man she’d been with. And his sexy build---no wonder a few of the nurses had hung on to his arm longer than was needed. Too bad ladies, he was with her.

“This skirt leaves little to the imagination. If I raise my arm---,” Macy reached down to pull the blasted skirt back into place.

“Leave it,” Kazim mewed. His eyes darkening as he approached. There was no mistaking the bulge in his tight jeans.

Macy swallowed hard. Heat rippled off Kazim and enveloped her. His open shirt drew her gaze. His rock hard chest and six-pack abs made her hands itch. Lord, she wanted to press her palms against his warmth and soak in the desire clearly showing. Yet part of her held back. Why?

Kazim read the hesitation in Macy’s eyes. Her posture told him more than if she’d spoken. Who had she talked to? Was she afraid one of the nurses had caught his attention? None compared to his heart’s delight. The other women stroked his chemistry and ignited his animal half. Only one captured his heart. She stood before him half dressed in a skirt so short it barely reached her thighs with bare from the waist up. Her bare breasts moved each time she did. Her body flowed and danced with delight when she let her confidence empower her.

“I-I –err—this skirt has mind all its own.” Macy’s cheeks darkened. He loved how she flushed and colored as she became aware of her sexiness. Yes, the skirt moved as if it were alive. He would have it off her if his cock wasn’t pounding in time with his heart. Much more and he’d have her on her hands and knees begging him for more as he lay between her thighs licking and lapping up every ounce of her delicious cream.

Kazim inhaled. Female hormones mixed with her perfume as the scents he adored made their way up his nose and across his palette. How much more of her in those thong panties he could stand wasn’t going to be debated. Easing his shirt off one shoulder, he smiled and tossed his head.

Macy backed away. Kazim’s shoulder length blonde hair moved as though it were alive rather than part of him. When he was in human form, she knew his shoulder-length blond hair moved like it was alive, twitching like a cat's tail when tied off with leather, the way he always wore it. How she loved the way he rippled as he undressed. Each inch of revealed flesh stoked her internal core hotter and higher into an inferno of wanton need.

“Kazim, what you do to me,” Macy began, licking her lips in between each word. “Watching you undress is like unwrapping a present only with my eyes instead of my hands.”
Kazim’s smile deepened as he stood toe to toe with her. His hands caressed his chest and ribs as though he touched her, lingering in areas she knew he loved being touched. He reached for her hand.

“Please don’t tease me,” she whispered. “You know I want you.”

Kazim willed his heart to slow and regain a normal beat. He couldn’t rush tonight. His future lay in her hands. His heart as well. Would she reject his gift? Or did her heart and core speak the same as his?

Taking her hand, he guided it to the pocket nearest her. Deep within lay the gift he’d purchased two months earlier. Her liquid warmth flowed over him in wormed its way deep into his heart. “Reach inside my love and find part of your Christmas present.”

Macy inch her hand slowly into Kazim’s pocket. His scalding heat wrapped over and around her palm with each caress as she worked her hand deeper inside the small area. His swollen hard cock nudged at her fingers begging for her touch as she encountered the box. Retreating out with the same care she’d entered, Macy reminded herself to breathe.

Working the box free, she took in the size. Had Kazim gotten her the earrings she’d pointed out in the jewelry store window she couldn’t afford unless she saved six months’ pay? The box was too small to be much more. He’d ooed and ahed over the sweater and afghan she’d made him. He wouldn’t have store bought gifts as to him they weren’t from the heart.

Her hand shaking, Macy tried to open the box. It fell from her hand speeding toward the floor.
Kazim dropped to one knee, catching the box midair. “Let me help you my passion flower.”
Taking the box between his long fingers, he opened it. Sparkles leapt out as light hit the contents. Inside a four carat diamond ring sat crowing the simple silver ring it topped. Kazim grasped Macy’s hand. “Help me purr my darling purr-vert for the rest of this cat’s nine lives. Be mine now and always all ways.”

Macy’s yes was lost amongst the kisses and caresses following. The rest of Santa’s lil helper’s outfit joined the rest of the unwrapped packages beneath the tree.
Posted by Solara Gordon

What in the world were these mammals up to? Oops, mammalsand snake, Porfirio correctedhimself. Shifters were not, as a general rule, overly religious, thoughChristmas Eve was a sacred day for them. Few true-born shape shifters were bornon that special day, but all new-blood shifters were. None of that explain whythe population of Talbot’s Peak were rehearsing a traditional Christmas Pageant.Or mostly traditional. Porfirio stirred from the choir loft and flitted closer.


“Trust me, chico, this is going to be great!” Larmar said,trying to sooth a clearly agitated Jamie.

“I trust you,” Jamie fumed. “It’s that muse of yours I don’ttrust.”

“Don’t be hatin’, chico. My muse and I are a perfect team.We go together like peanut butter and jelly, like margaritas and enchiladas,like—“

“You and your muse usually write triple X porn,” Jamie saidpointedly.

“Erotica, not porn. Porn has more pictures and no class.”

“And that makes you a good playwright for a Christmas pageanthow? Lamar, people are going to be bringing their children to it. You can’thave wolves being shepherds!”

“Aw, Bo and Bambi can take care of themselves,” Lamar replieddismissively.

“And I’m pretty sure there were only three wise men, not sixwise flamingos.”

“Little kids can’t count anyway. Look, I know everyone wantedto do a Noah’s Arc theme again this year.

But it was getting stale. Besides,this is the Christmas season, not the rainy season. “Tis the reason for theseason, as they say.”

“Ok.” Jamie said, fuming. “Then what’s with the naked purpleangel?”

“What naked purple angel?”


Shit! They sawhim. Maybe the top of the undecorated Christmas tree hadn’t been as good ahining place as he’d originally thought…

Happy Holiday's!



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