Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ooh Santa Baby!!

Josh pulled his Santa hat lower and reminded himself to breath. Too many women in one room ogling a nude male sent ripples of apprehension racing through him. Sex for the sake of sex wasn’t bad, it just- - -

“Look at this one, Doris. Isn’t he delicious?” The voice belonged to a woman in her mid-thirties he bet. How had Tory gotten him to say yes to a living art display? Where did charity come into play when he had to sit on this bale of hay and get poked in his arse and balls for three hours a night for the next week?

Cracking one eye, Josh looked to his left. Poor Anthony, he stood wearing a G-string and firefighters’ hat holding a hose. And someone had put a condom over the end of the hose. Lords and Ladies, who was the politically straight one in the bunch? Biting his lip, Josh struggled to keep from laughing.

It ain’t that funny.

Anthony’s voice boomed through Josh’s mind. Ever since they’d completed their commitment ceremony with Tory under the light of the full moon on Samhain, the psychic connection between them had grown stronger and fuller. Having sex and knowing what went unvocalized still unnerved him. Tory’s sweet fantasies grew bolder and hotter. Watching her blush as he came over her hard and wet with his pre-cum turned him on more than he imagined wanting a woman could be.

But it is. Who put that damn rubber on the hose? What a waste!

Josh tried to keep still, but Anthony’s mental snort and laugh was more than Josh could bear. His nose started itching and his eyes watering, oh shit someone had gotten alfalfa hay. The one thing he was very allergic to. How was he supposed to sit still and not itch? Much less not sneeze?

“Talk about hotties. I’ll take one of each and play touchie feelie all night for sure.” Two more women stopped and ogled with their disposable cameras. Tory and Sally were collecting them at the end of the tour. Digital prints were available for a price. Extra prints sold by the sheet with proceeds from both going to charity as well.

Tory love, who the fuck got the damn alfalfa? My nose is ready to sneeze and my balls itch! How much longer?

Tory’s soft giggles reached his ears. Raising his eyes as he blinked, Josh found her. She stood close to the entrance. Two women were talking animatedly to her. If someone didn’t get him an antihistamine soon, he’d be streaking and sneezing his way to the office in wolf form, snow be damned.

Easy love, your fifteen minute break is coming as soon as I get these two out the door. You’re supposed to be sitting on a towel.

What towel? That miniscule piece of cloth someone left on this blasted itchy square? My arse is- - -

Oh, stop fussing Josh. Try standing here with a piece of elastic up the crack of your ass and your balls tight to your dick for no reason. This damn G-string has got to go.

Tory grabbed the two remaining women’s arms pulling them with her toward the front entrance. Shaking her head, she winked at Sally as she passed. Sally’s knowing smile and nod had Tory rolling her eyes. A loud growl roared through the back portion of the exhibit. Tory turned.

Sally moved forward. “I’ll take care of them. Mike’s alter ego must have decided raw meat was too good to refuse. Let’s get a move on ladies before he decides to try other delicacies as well.”

Tory hurried toward the last exhibit at the end of the long hall housing all the displays. Who’d put raw meat in front of shifter?



May your yule log burn bright and your celebration be filled with love and happiness!



Savanna Kougar said...

Who indeed? Fun holiday flash, Solara. Sitting on hay naked wouldn't be my preference, that's for sure!

Pat C. said...

Condom on a fire hose? That's a new one. Gives "up your nose with a rubber hose" a whole new meaning.

Fear no art!