Friday, December 2, 2011

Rayne Deehere's Game

Rayne limped through the woods, dragging the hefty twelve-gauge behind her as she looked for her stupid, stupid brothers.  John, Mule and Rudy had left early that morning with a promise on their lips— they would head directly into town, look for any available jobs, and then come straight home.

That had been twenty-six, freaking, hours ago.  A full day, plus a few, and they only lived a few miles outside of Talbot’s Peak.  

Rayne would love to think that her brothers had found immediate work.  The kind, of job, which included hours upon hours of hard labor to tire her thankless, harebrained kin out and keep them from getting into trouble, but she knew better.  The best case scenario would be to find them at some local watering hole, using up the pittance they had saved before fleeing from the last town.

Leaves rustled above and jittery neighs taunted her into action.  It was time the Deehere brothers learned their lesson, and she would once again have to be the one to serve it up.  Rain raised the gun and fired the puny pellets into the trees around her.  Surely she’d hit one, or all, of their lazy ass’ if she just kept firing.  


The burn of a thousand fiery needles pierced Vix’s ass as he made his final loop around the wooded area surrounding the town of Talbot’s Peak.  Thrown from his animal form, he plummeted to the ground wondering just who he was going to be adding to the naughty list.

To be continued...

 Well, December is upon us at last...  Here's to hoping you're shopping is quick and painless this holiday season and there's cookies each and every day!



Rebecca said...

Oops. Not a good idea to shoot Vixen in the butt. Unless he's got the kind of butt youwant to have to bandges, that is...

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...It will get you on the naughty list, that's for sure. Maybe a fine bandaging job and a thousand kisses will get her back on the good list and an appreciation of Vixen's butt! ;)

Pat C. said...

Has Rayne checked Dante's for her brothers yet?

Better Vix than Blitzen. I hear he's a total bastard. Dancer and Prancer, of course, are gay lovers.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, that will get Rayne on Vixen's naughty list, and he's an antlered stud to be reckoned with.

Sounds like the brothers need a real good kickin' in the butt by the right hooves.

And where's Santa when you need him most?

Serena Shay said...

Nope, Rayne hasn't gotten over Dante's way quite yet...she's still healing from the butt kicking she took in the last town trying to protect her brothers!

Definitely better Vix, but The Blitz hasn't seen Rayne yet, so who knows what he might do then...Vix will have his work cut out for him.

LOL...Dance and Prance are trolling town trying to find the succulent male snake they've heard so much about!! ~wink~

Serena Shay said...

Antlered stud...yep that's Vix, but who knows, maybe his naughty list is just the place to be? What might he do to naughty, shotgun weilding ladies who shoot him in the tush?? ~mind wanders to all points sexy~

er, urm Santa, yep Santa's throwin' down with Mrs Claus. This close to Xmas gets Jolly old St. Nick in a randy mood!

LOL...Vix does have the right hooves, Savanna!