Friday, December 30, 2011

Lola Longing, The Stardust Supperclub and a Stanky Wolf - (Not So) Little Johnny Strikes Again

“Shhh…”  John Lytle waved at the loud group of teens behind him.  Hell’s own licker, couldn’t the flea bait shut up for two damn minutes?

“Johnny, I don’t think this is a very good idea.”

Lola Longing, such a miss-named cat, never thought anything was a good idea.  Her folks should have tagged her with whiney priss, worry wart or buzz kill, yeah buzz kill would have been the best.  Every time their group set out for some fun, Lola got a tick in her ear the size of that ugly dog bowl fountain in the town square and tried to convince them to do something else…like bowling or the movies, blah. 

John wanted more than blah; he wanted thrills, chills and sex.  Gah, he wanted sex and even though she was feline and he canine, he wanted it with Lola.  Inexplicably, she filled his thoughts.  He’s always thought that with a few damn good shags he could make her worthy of her name and then she would be out of his system.  Thus, he’d brought her along on tonight’s adventure into the as yet unopened supperclub Dante had built into the pleasure club.

“Lo, you don’t think anything is a good idea, but trust me…this you will love.”  Johnny leaned down into her face and gazed into her sultry kitten eyes.  “Now shut up, will ya.”
He twisted back into position, ignoring the gasp and whimper of the beauty below.  If Lola had a claim to fame, beyond the buzz kill thing, it was her eyes.  They were forest green, with golden sparkles and small specks of chocolate brown.  They tilted ever so slightly at the outsides and had the telltale oblong shape of her cat.  She passed for human, unless you were a shifter…then she gave herself away, everyone knew her designation just by catching her eye.

The guard at the mouth of the cave that led to the back stairs inside the pleasure club was a buck.  He was ornery with a side of dumb, a winning combination in Johnny’s book and he was bored.  You could see it in his stance.  He was fascinated with his nails and ignoring everything around him.

“Markus, have you got the bait ready?”  Johnny’s friend was a beta bitch in every way possible.  He took direction, followed orders to a tee and was even a little bit in love with John, though he’d never say so.  There wasn’t a better man on the team of an up-and-coming alpha like himself.

“Sure do Johnny.”  Markus lifted the bag, high above his head and snickered as the thing moved around like a pissed off snake. 
“Take that thing over to the end of the incline and spray this, liberally, into the hole.  Then unzip it and let that thing out into the woods.  And for fucks sake, don’t get any on you or your staying outside.”

“Sure thing, man.”

Johnny watched the bag move, he watched Markus fiddle with the small bottle and he knew the oaf would be waiting outside.  Thank goodness there was only a squirrel in the bag; fricking snakes gave him the willies and a pissed off one would be beyond stupid to tangle with.

“Lo, come here, baby.”  He pulled Lola off to the side and watched the rest of the group move far away from Markus.

Three things happened at once.  The cap came off the bottle held by the oaf, the squirrel made a dash for freedom and Markus squirted doe piss all over his clothes.  The stink was atrocious and the look of panic on the beta bitches face was hysterical.

Johnny looked over at the suddenly eager guard and knew time was running short.  “You best run, Markus,” he laughed.  “And, may the Lupa force be with you!”

The stanky wolf man beat hell out of the area with a horny buck hot on his heels.  He wondered how long it would take Markus to remember that a wolf could take down a deer any day of the week…even a beta.

“Come on, Lo, let’s go get our dance on,” Johnny whispered, happy that he remembered to bring his favorite CD.  “Have you ever done the Horizontal Bop?”


May you stay safe, silly and electric sliding on into 2012!

Happy New Year!



Savanna Kougar said...

LOL!!! But, Johnny...Johnny...Johnny...never ever underestimate a real alpha like Dante...cause, he's waiting for the likes of're going to be on clean-up duty for New Year's Day.

Savanna Kougar said...

Fabulous fun flash, Serena!

Serena Shay said... know, Savanna, that could be exactly what Johnny needs - direction and responsibility. He's finally legal, but has to much time on his hands for mischief making. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, all that youthful energy needs some directing.

Pat C. said...

"Ornery with a side of dumb" -- love it! In fact, this whole flash is full of great imagery.

Yeah, Johnny looks to be headed for a comeuppance. Hope he doesn't run into any experienced alphas ... or oversized tigers ... or gay snakes in drag ...

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, Pat, that would be hysterically funny if Lamar used a bit of constriction for some comeuppance.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Oh yeah, it would be a hoot to see Johnny get some comeuppance from Lamar. A pants wetting might even be the outcome...(not so) little J really hates snakes...hehehe

Pat C. said...

Go for it!