Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gill rounded the bar, shaking his head as he made his way to the kitchen.  An old lady flipping the bird at the bar door.  A tall dude downing beer like it was water who growled at him to get Louie.  Between the bitchy vampiress who took up residence above the bar, the strange rash of folks moving into town, and- - -Gill sighed and shoved the kitchen door open.

“Hey Louie,” he called out.  Thunk!  Thunk!  Two darts quivered in the doorframe near Gill’s head.  Great now someone wanted to use him for a dartboard.  Ducking, Gill crouched behind the warming table closest to Louie’s office. 

 “Louie, you in there?”  Crap, had one of Bettina’s henchmen gone over the edge.  Gill didn’t need trouble.  His therapist suggested he try celibacy for a while.  Problem was the woman’s perfume drove him nuts.  Didn’t she understand squirrels needed to screw and get frisky every chance they got?  

Thunk!   Another dart flew past him.  Landing this time in the cutting board on the counter opposite him.  “Okay fucking enough already!”  Gill peered over the table.  Three large wolves stood near Louie laughing as they raised blowguns to their lips.  What the hell?  Had Louie lost his ever loving were rat mind?

“Louie, can a squirrel get a reprieve please?  I swear I didn’t deliberately do it.”  Gill wondered what he’d forgotten to do or had done.

Louie’s rancorous laugh itched its way down Gill’s back.  Great, the last time he’d heard the laugh Louie was planning his motorcycle trip.  Gill reminded himself to breathe.  Louie knew Gill understood to ask questions first and not assume anything.

“Come on out Gill.  We’re sorry.  My cousins didn’t realize you worked for me.”  Louie’s voice carried over the deep growling laughs coming toward Gill.  

Gill looked over the table toward Louie.  Cousins?  Louie had werewolf cousins? Great, now wolves and bats were ruling the roost.  Or was the feud from hell going to erupt at any moment?

“Didn’t know you had wolf cousins Louie.”  Gill extended his hand open while he held up his other.  He hoped none of them noticed he carried the revolver in his pants pocket.  

“From my grandfather’s side of the family.  They got the height and good looks.  I got the cooking savvy and charm.”  Louie cuffed Gill on the arm. 

 As introductions finished, Gill cleared his throat.  “There’s a big dude out at the bar swilling beer like it is water.  Said tell you Hadley wanted you.”  

Louie wiped his hands on his apron.  “Well boys looks like the boss has arrived.  Come one let’s go see what he wants.”

Gill grabbed Louie’s arm as the others made their way through the door.  “Boss?  I thought you owned this place.”

Louie chuckled.  “Oh, I do.  Hadley is the packs’ leader.  They refer to him as Boss since he barks so much.”

Gill swallowed hard, catching the door as Louie walked out the swinging door.  A were rat godfather, a barking wolf Boss, and a town of nutty shape shifters and humans. . . .what was a squirrel to do?  No telling what came next.


Happy weekend gang!  Another round of wet weather seems to be here and gone.  Hopefully we don't get clobbered too bad this summer.  Keep cool, dry, and safe.  Remember to hydrate and use sunscreen.  Share a few good books with your spice and loves.



Pat C. said...

Rats, wolves, tigers, vampires ... no wonder Gil carries a gun.

I like your take on Louie and Gil. Did you want to borrow them for a story or something?

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, no wonder... a squirrel gotta protect himself and his nuts...

Talbot's Peak, the shapeshifter frontier town...

Love that pic!

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna for the comments. Pat, not at the moment do I want to borrow Gill and Louie. I'm enjoying do this serial flash piece with them. One of my spice loves coming up with situations for Gill. This spice got me the motorcycle wolf that inspires this serial flash. Thanks on the pic Savanna.