Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Underdog To Save the Day, Starring White Fang

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

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So, yesterday I unexpectedly heard the lyrics of the theme song for Underdog, a Saturday morning cartoon that was one of my favorites as a youngster. Thus, this flash scene was born in my fertile imagination. Hope you enjoy and it is X-Rated.

Underdog To Save the Day, Starring White Fang

Pasha leaned back against the large alabaster column, the coolness pleasing to the bare flesh of her back in this summer heat. She gazed skyward then giggled, a rare occurrence for her.

To contain her laughter, Pasha covered her mouth. She had no intention of missing one moment of White Fang, her super wolf lover, wearing the Underdog costume he'd purchased just to entertain her.

One morning he'd caught her enjoying the silly cartoon character on that internet phenomenon called YouTube. Pasha had been researching superheroes in the mortal world to gain more insight. After all, being a goddess had its limitations when it came to such things.

Somehow she'd cyber-stumbled upon the noble canine with his cape, ferocious snarl and steely gaze. Fascinated, and tickled by some of the similarities to her White Fang, she'd begun studying what was called a Saturday morning cartoon.

As she watched White Fang dramatically straighten his arms high above her, Pasha smothered her giggles. He leaped into flight from the rock ledge of the enormous, natural grotto. His Underdog cape, woefully undersized, billowed behind him as he flew toward her through the glimmering dusk sky.

White Fang, muffled by the mask's muzzle, announced in his baritone voice, "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here."

"Underdog...Underdog," Pasha cried out, imitating a needy heroine. She hadn't been able to quite convince herself to play the part of Sweet Polly Purebred, TV reporter, and the female who put the besotted glint in the caped canine's eye.

When the cartoon's theme music unexpectedly began, Pasha almost jumped like a scaredy-cat, nearly embarrassing herself. Above her, White Fang exaggerated his circling flight in a comical way.

Gradually, he descended singing, "When criminals in this world appear, and break the laws that they should fear, and frighten all who see or hear, the cry goes up both far and near for..."

Understanding her cue, Pasha smiled, then shouted in a singing voice, "Underdog. Underdog. Underdog. Underdog."

Adding to his role, White Fang punched the air with his fist. Soaring, he sang, "Speed of lightning, roar of thunder, fighting all who rob or plunder..."

"Underdog. Underdog. Oh save me, Underdog. Only you can save me."

Pasha panted at the sight of her canine superhero. Only White Fang could save her with the ferocity and finesse of his carnal passions. To keep herself steady, Pasha reached behind her clinging to the column.

After a midair spin that caused a lovely whirlwind around her, White Fang landed and stood about twenty feet before her. He ripped off the mask, tossing it aside.

"When in this world the headlines read," he intoned in his deep alpha voice. "Of those who's hearts are filled with greed." He moved toward her, his gaze piercing her like an obsidian blade. "And rob and steal from those in need." For moments, their gazes clashed, lightning desire battling lightning need -- then their gazes melted into each other. "To right this wrong with blinding speed goes..."

"Underdog. Underdog. Underdog. Underdog, oh please, save me," she whispered, no air left her in her lungs.

White Fang halted, his mouth mere inches from her own. His virile scent wrapped around her as tangible as a cloak, and intoxicated her like the most potent wine.

"Speed of lightning, roar of thunder...fighting all who rob or plunder," he rasped in a growl, his lips hovering above hers. "What brainless, bumbling fool dares threaten you?"

"An enemy only you can save me from...with a kiss."

"Only a kiss?"

White Fang pressed her against the column, his body deliciously scorching hers. He captured her wrists inside his super strong hands yet his touch remained deceptively gentle.

"Please." Her lips brushed against his. "Do whatever you need to do...to save me, superhero."

Pasha cat-moaned with her desire as White Fang pressed closer, flattening her breasts against his granite-hard chest. He rumbled a wolfish groan, and their lips seized each other.

Sensually they explored the shape and texture of each other's mouths. Then he kissed her hard.

The unrelenting crush of his lips shivered fire through Pasha, and caused her nipples to beg for his touch. Commanding her surrender, White Fang tightened his grip on her wrists.

Pasha's legs weakened, a response only he could draw from her. With a rough growl, White Fang broke his mouth from hers. He nipped kisses on her swollen lips, teasing.

Yet, his lips didn't persuade. He tasted her mouth with the savageness of his passion. Pasha arched against him, thrusting her mound against the super strength of his rigid cock.

The thin fabric of her shift and White Fang's costume tights did little to lessen the extreme heat of his shaft. Wanton from his punishing kisses, and the feel of him, Pasha braced herself against the column, wrapping her legs around his hips.

As she embraced the pillar that was his manhood with her sex lips, and rubbed, White Fang groaned vibrating her mouth. "Pasha," he poured in her ear.

He released her wrists, his hands caressing up her arms. "I want you beneath me in our bed."

Pasha didn't argue despite her wildness to mate with him here and now. White Fang's tone had been demanding, dominating.

"Yes, super dog."

Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

LOL...I'll never think of Underdog and Polly Purebred in the same way again. Thank Goodness! I like this version way better. :D

As a kid, I always wondered what happened once the crime was solved and the hero's went home for the night...

As an adult, I suspect that gang of meddling kids did a lot more than solved crimes in their club house. ;)

On a side note: one little mouse was quite vocal about what he did both publicly and privately..."Here I come to save the day...MM is on the way."

Great flash, Savanna! It just tickled me. :D

Pat C. said...

Whoa. They never did that on Saturday mornings when I used to watch cartoons. This must be the HBO version.

I may have to counter with Superchicken.

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, Mighty Mouse, another one of my cartoon faves. I never understood why he didn't get more appreciation.

Thanks, Serena, this was a fun flash to pen.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh yeah, bring on the Superchicken. Squawk, squawk. Oh, baby, sqawk-more,,,yeah. LOL...