Saturday, June 30, 2012


Tomas rounded the bend and stopped.  Two more yards and he’d be home.  Months passed too quickly without family around to snuggle or even share an evening of childcare with.  Hell, he even missed making Tongson sneeze.  Tavia’s cryptic telepathic messages about the twins and their son left Tomas missing his family more than he cared to admit aloud.

“Home is where the heart is,” he sighed out loud.  “I know where mine is.  Up and around the bend.”  Mickey and Night Hawk’s unit was about to expand.  Their newest addition to the pack would arrive in early October.  Tomas loved the idea of a junior named after him leading his mothers and fathers by their hearts as well as his older brothers and sisters.  

Birds tweeted as he walked past.  They seemed to be calling welcome home or you again.  Tomas smiled.  How long had it been since he last morphed without reason or purpose?  Enjoyed the pleasure of being a cat with no other reason than to pussyfoot around and do the crazy things cats do.  Then there was the tomcat side of things too.  Sure Tavia would fuss and cuss, even shake a wing at him as she soared above the trees scolding him in her owlish way, and yet enjoying his pleasure at pleasing another female of his species for a small bit of time.

Yes, home is where his heart led him night after night, dream and dream while he was away.  Talbot’s Peak housed friends and foes alike.  Ms. Elly and Vernon’s upcoming nuptials defied the shifter’s purist credo.  Hell, most of the pair bonds any more did.    So friggin’ what!  Love didn’t observe strict rules or social dictates.

Tomas paused as he reached the knoll marking the start of their rise on the mountain range.  He could have shifted and traveled less arduously in his native animal format.  That would have taken longer and left him bereft of the gifts he brought with him.  Small in size, everyone would welcome them because they were given with and in love. 

 The handmade rattles for the children were blessed by Serge before he gave them to Tomas.  His handwritten note to Tongson touched Tomas’s heart in more ways than he realized until Serge hugged him as they parted at the end of the Peak’s Solstice celebration.  Tammie’s- the Peak’s newest citizen-quilt patches would keep Tavia and Mickey busy as summer waned and fall arrived.  The magic dust procured by Dante puzzled Tomas.  The old parchment, enclosed with the pouch, contained calligraphy even he didn’t know the origins of.  Tongson probably would.   Useful gifts for each.  The one he carried for himself was the album of souvenir photos of Shere Khan’s heirs and women at several of the town’s events over the many months he’d been away.  His mission paid off.  They knew more about their headstrong power-hungry enemy than he could even begin to surmise.  

Two more bends and a bit higher, home would be in sight.  His heart sang as a jaunty tune came to mind.  Tomas puckered his lips and whistled as he started the last yards home.

Happy Weekend Gang!  

Hope you're keeping cool and out of the many storms rolling through every where.  We at the spice homestead are doing good.  Remember to share a good book and story with your spice and loves.
I sure enjoy doing this!

Tomas's return to Anchorage hearlds a change in the balance of power in Talbot's Peak, maybe.  With Ms. Elly and Vernon's nuptials happening and the media knowing about the Peak's unusual citizens, who knows what will happen to Shere Khan's plans to dominate another section of the shape shifter universe.  Anyone care to take bets on the outcome?



Savanna Kougar said...

Coming home, where you're loved and wanted, is the best!

No bet taking here... lol...

Sweet and moving flash, Solara, so good for the heart.

Pat C. said...

Hey it's good to be back home again ...

Take me home, country roads ...

Now I'm missing both John Denver and the Jersey shore. I need to take a road trip just so I can go home.

Solara said...

Thank you Pat and Savanna! I enjoyed writing this last night.
Pat thought about you as the storm last night ripped through our area.
The spice homestead has all 5 of us under one roof for various reasons. Power outage at one of the homestead sections. The other cuz it is family gathering time over the weekend. We're enjoying our time together.

Pat C. said...

Yeah, it got me up around 4 in the morning and knocked some branches off the tree next to the house. Nothing damaged, though. I had one tree fall over and come within inches of crushing the back end of the trailer. That's enough for one lifetime.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, so glad you were spared! We've had close calls like that, and I am grateful we've been spared too!