Friday, June 1, 2012

Whose Training Who?

“Damn…”  Angie didn’t want to be here, teaching an obedience class to a room full of wolves?  What was wrong with this town…did no one own dogs anymore?  Was it the newest trend to have a wild animal by your side?  She shuddered to think of the very real possibility that these pets would eat their owners as soon as they fell asleep.

“Hellooo…” The echo of the metal door opening alerted the group to the arrival of a gorgeous and colorful woman and her…ferret?  “Sorry we’re late; my idiot boss left a terrible mess in his office.  It was as if he couldn’t find just the right ruler for the job.”  Her look was directed to the antsy beast at the feet of a clearly dominant female and he clutched a—no, that can’t be—ruler between his teeth. 

“Okay, Angie, pull it together…” Even putting the tough girl pants on her inner monologue wasn’t helping.  She really didn’t want to teach this class, but with Big Blue, her car and now home, in the shop she didn’t have much choice.  She needed funds and until she scored something permanent this would at least feed her.  If, of course, she could reign in her fear of animals.

“Lamar, sweets, I love the look.  Those pearls are perfect with the dress…and Jamie’s bow.”

“Thanks, Mistress P.  He didn’t want to wear it at first, but I insisted—firmly.”

Good Lord, not only does this group have wild animals as pets, but they try to humanize them as well.  Angie thought, walking over to the colorful creature and her vermin.  “Um, excuse me, Miz…”

“Penelope, dear.”  The look she gave Angie surprised and warmed her happy zones considerably.  “But you I’d let call me Mistress.”

“Ah…” Stunned that she was actually being hit on at an obedience class she stumbled over her next words.

“Well yes…I, ah, we…see, this class is for…”  Angie looked around and swallowed a nervous giggle before finishing.  “…dogs.”

“Really?  I thought this obedience class was open to anyone…you know, considering some of the mutts you have in attendance.” 

Once again, Angie caught Penelope staring at the enormous beast with the leather-clad lady.  The dog coughed out what she sounded suspiciously like ‘pure-bred, bitch’ but that couldn’t be.

“Z, I think it’s time to start withholding the wood.”

The room laughed at Penelope’s words, even the pets.  How could that be?  Angie felt the panic rise as it always did when she was surrounded by so much animal flesh.

“Don’t even joke about it Penny.  Can you imagine Nick crankier?”

Angie cleared her throat and raised her voice to be heard over the chatter.  “Everyone, please…let’s get started.”  She needed this over as soon as possible.  “Miz…Ms., Penelope…”

“Mistress, dear,” the vermin wielding woman said, close to Angie’s face.

“Please remove your ferret from the class.  Your payment shall be refunded within a week.”

“He’s a mink, my dear.”  Mistress Penelope reached down and picked up the slinky creature.  “Touch him.  Feel the soft fur against your skin.”

“No!”  Her refusal came out crazier than she’s intended, but no way, no how would she be touching that thing.

“Touch him,” The whispered voice of Mistress Penelope reached into the panicked place inside of Angie and soothed.  “Or I guarantee your first punishment beneath my hand will include extreme touching.”

The vermin’s head rubbed the underside of Angie’s chin, pulling the air from her lungs.  “Lordy, he is soft,” she wheezed, moments before she met the floor, wondering just who was teaching obedience in this class.
Okay, isn't that picture just too freaking funny!  That would be my two little loveable terrors!  hehe

Had to share in the obedience training this week with a little training of my own...I'm making the muse deal with letting it fly and not getting worked up about the editing...true flashing.  Gah, she is pissed at me.  hehe

Have a fabulous weekend!    
~ Serena ~


Pat C. said...

LOVE the pic. Before my little schnauzer was housetrained, I was walking barefoot through the room and ... never mind.

We forgot to include the horses! Saddles, bits, reins, bridles = bondage! Throw in those quirts and crops and whips and spurs and you've got one kinky encounter. (For the record, Merry doesn't treat Dash or any of her horses this way. Mr. Ed, on the other hand, could give, um, "riding lessons.")

And Lamar got Jamie to wear a bow? In public? Must be true love.

Good luck, Angie. Only speak when spoken to.

Serena Shay said...

LMAO...riding lessons with Mr. Ed. Oh Gads, the visual I have of that one!!

Don't forget the blinders and perhaps some sensory play...Dash might like to be blindfolded and touched with different kinda brushes. :D

Yep, love indeed! Or maybe Jamie lost a bet. ;)

LOL...Word has it Angie's sexy mechanic cat pays occasional visits to Mistress P...Maybe this will be good for our 'fraid of animals Peaker.

Savanna Kougar said...

That pic is a treasure!

Stepped in my share of pet poo... lol...

Omygoodness, is this flash rich with erotic possibilities. Fabulous, Serena.

The Equine Training Center could definitely have more than one purpose, huh?

Geez, Talbot's Peak is not the place to be if you have a fear of animals... unless you want extreme psychotherapy... leave it to Mistress P for that... hehe...

Pat C. said...

Maybe Merry's a horse whisperer.

Blindfolded with brushes ... hmmmm ... any number of species might like that.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, that would be passion-erotically good... blindfolded with brushes.

Serena Shay said...

I like that, Savanna, The Equine Training Center...the fun to be found there would wild!

Yes, Angie needs to get over her fear...hopefully Mistress P can find the right cure. ;D

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, a horse whisper. I can imagine what she might be saying. I bet she has a pocket full of sugar cubes and apple chunks. ;)