Friday, April 5, 2013

Beware the Dazzle...

Intuition struck with the delicateness of a red hot poker to the prefrontal cortex—right behind the eyes.  Karma hit the floor of her 21st century shop mere moments before the feather duster she’d been using on the antiques.  The burning pain brought with it a memory she longed to scrub eons ago.


“Now, now Neph, is that any way for a Lady to talk?”

You slimy, scarab dung smelling bastard…may your camel be flea ridden and bite your ass all the way into the afterlife!”  She should have listened to her intuition about her husband the last three times it had tried to speak to her.  If she had, perhaps she wouldn’t be here.  Here being the burial chamber he’d clearly been building behind her back.

“My dear, are you going to be a good wife and climb into the sarcophagus?  Or do I need to put you there myself?”

Nephthys crossed her arms over her breasts and stared at the man who had at one point dazzled her with his good looks and apparent charm.  She’d disregarded the rumors that he was a womanizer and liar.  She wanted to believe in something happy, light and not the death and mourning that surrounded her.  He was chaos and she’d been young.

“Who is it this time, Seth?  Bast or Hathor again?”

“Ha…neither, Hath is so fickle for the goddess of love and Bast, just getting near her burns my balls.  Nope, my new lady love is Isis.”

“Idiot.  Osiris is your brother and the judge of the dead.  He’ll flay you for touching his wife…”

“Nope, I took care of the old killjoy already…brotherly trust goes a long way.  Now get in there.”

Neph fell into the stone prison.  The force of Seth’s shove painful enough to remind her she didn’t have strength enough to stop him.  The grate of sand and stone sang loudly as he pulled the top nearly into place.  “Seth…”

“Don’t beg, Neph.  Who knows, you’ve got a great set of breasts and you’re okay between the 
veils…maybe if I get bored with Isis soon enough I’ll come back for you.  Don’t die too quick.”
The whoosh and thunk of the sarcophagus’ top and bottom sliding into place sent a shiver through her…

“Hey, you okay down there?”

Karma, as she went by these days, looked up into gorgeous green eyes and moaned.  They dazzled and his hair could be nothing short of chaotic.  “Please tell me your name is not Seth.”

“Know an unsavory fellow by that name, huh.  Well, you’re in luck,” he said, holding out his hand.  “My name is Jason.”

Well, it appears Karma has decided to give us a glimpse into her past and possible future... May we all be careful of things that dazzle!

Have a great weekend!


Pat C. said...

Whoa ... she has definitely not had luck with men in the past. Hope she buried that dick under a pyramid somewhere.

It could have been worse ... in India they burn the widows. I'd like to see Shere Khan try that with certain members of his harem.

Savanna Kougar said...

Glad Karma escaped! Yeah, totally agreed. Beware of the excessive dazzle... hell, just beware!

Agreeing with Pat, his punishment should fit his heinous crime.

No, I don't think Zhere Ghan, as criminal as he is, is really into burning, except roasted and smoked meat... certainly not his harem.

Serena Shay said...

Yep, bad luck indeed, but thank goodness he didn't know about that burning thing...ouch!

LOL...yep, his punishment should be bad...good thing she knows some dragons that could help. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

...absolutely, call in the dragons!