Friday, April 12, 2013

Tell Me Your Name...

Jason waited for the lovely at his feet to take the hand he’d extended.  She was stunning.  Her perfectly straight, black hair teased him with flashes of indigo every time she moved her head.  Oval eyes, the color of warm sand peered up at him, but it was her make-up that intrigued him.  Eyes colored like an Egyptian princess, he could see her in very little fabric and paints meant to entice.

“Would you like some help arising, Princess?”

“Why would you call me that?”  The pained expression on her face had him wondering how close to the truth he’d come with his simple endearment.

“You are more beautiful than any depictions I’ve seen of Egyptian princess’, but it’s your eyes that draw me in and your lips that speak with such precision.”

“You are a poet then, or were you hoping flattery would garner you a discount on my merchandise?”

Jason stared down at her, still holding out a hand.  He would not move until she placed those tiny fingers into his and he could verify their relationship to be true.  She was his and the cool wash of water beneath her skin would sooth the fire burning deep inside his dragon soul.

“No poet, Princess.”  Jason knelt, waiting still for her hand, but close enough to whisper in her ear.  “Just a man.”

“That I don’t believe, Sir.”  She placed her hand atop of his and gasped.  “Oh my.”

He watched as her face flushed with his heat while a sense of peace and ease flowed throughout him.  She was his mate and he’d yet to learn her name.

“All will be well, Princess.” Jason rose, and gently pulled her up alongside him.

“I’m afraid that is not so, water dragon.”

“You surprise me, Dearest,” he said, cocking his eyebrow to the ceiling.  “You know me for true, yet I have not been blessed with your name.”

“Please, you must stop calling me such things.  I am not a dearest or a princess.”

Jason smiled inwardly as she pushed at his back, steering him towards the door.  He would allow it for now as he loved having her hands on his person, but he wanted more.  “Your name, lovely lady, I would have it before you send me on my way.”

Her sigh was as delicate as she appeared.

“I am known around here as Karma.  Now please go.”

“But that is not your true name…”

Jason stood firm and allowed her to push no more.  She was his mate and she appeared frightened, he would know her fears and slay her demons.  He would care for and love her with all inside of him that was dragon.

“Karma is as true as it gets these days, sir.  Anything other died out long ago and should be left buried.”
May Karma be kind to you this weekend and find you many happy discounts.  :)



Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, I'm loving Karma's story. And what a tempting water dragon-man! I adore his manners.

I'm loving that pic too.

I wonder if Jason knows my blue water dragon,Xanuvvi, who has made himself at home at the Pleasure Club, and a water cave close by.

Serena Shay said...

They sure might, Savanna. Jason hasn't given me too much by way of background yet...but hopefully soon. I would think the water dragon community to be a small one. :)

Pat C. said...

Whoa. That flash just drips with sex. Between all the heat and his being a water dragon, this is gonna get steamy real quick.

Must be something in the air. Burne, being half Asian, is also a water dragon. Maybe Jason, or his ancestors, hail from the Orient?

Serena Shay said...

Yep, I suspect Jason and Karma are going to come together in a really fast and steamy way.

Jason might have a little orient in him, although something about Greek about him is coming through. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, this is fascinating about our water dragon heroes. Xanuvvi has spent a lot of time on Earth, and the nearby galactic. However, he is from another planet-world system.