Friday, April 26, 2013

He's Got A Room For That...

Ziva tilted the office chair back and kicked her bitch boots up to the desk.  She tapped the pencil to her lips and between the two couldn’t help but remember the wake up spank she’d given Nick just this morning.

Her man was a cover kicker and always awoke on his stomach, bare-assed and ready to go.  With the old-time wooden ruler she kept tucked under the mattress on her side of the bed Ziva paddled his tush to a beautiful red glow, then rolled him over and rode him to a happy good morning for her.  She’d even gotten him to admit that she was the bitch in charge today…thus the boots, a visual reminder to him that tonight she would once again make merry  with his body.

Theirs was a game they played daily…alpha for a day.  Typically, two alphas did not a pair make, but they’d found a way.

“Sooo, Z, did you hear about Manscaped Mike?”

“Oh shite, Penelope, please tell me they are not calling him that around town.”

“No-no, that was just me.  I hear when they found him frolicking in the boxes; they also caught him without a stitch on and honey I don’t mean his clothes.”

 “Hell, Penelope, you don’t have a stitch on either.  You haven’t since high school.” Ziva watched her friends smirk get bigger and more lascivious.

Their weekly visits to Wanda’s spa for toning and tidying made sure their partners enjoyed a soft smooth palette while each lady reaped the benefits of their lover’s artful tongues.

“Yes, well the difference is that he’s a cat.  Generally, they don’t like to be shaved.”

Ziva moved her feet to the floor and as discreetly as possible arranged herself on the chair to ease the sudden ache between her legs.  She was nearing her weekly appointment, but sometimes she missed the feel of a blade on her skin.  Perhaps that would be Nick’s duty tonight.

The wax jobs at Wanda’s were excellent and done with as much anonymity as you wanted though honestly it was hard to be anonymous when you relaxed on a table, feet in the stirrups while another worked you over with hot wax and strips of cloth.  The rooms were calm, comfortable and totally asexual.  If, of course, waxing was your sexual thing, then there was a room for that as well.

“You know, doesn’t Dante have a room for kinks of the cardboard kind?” Ziva wondered out loud.

“Honey, if he doesn’t already, he’ll find one…this for you or Manscaped?”

“Lupa above, Penelope, you’ve gotta stop calling him that.  I’ll never be able to look at him without thinking of his deforestation.”

“Hey, it makes the trees look bigger.”

Ziva threw her pencil at the colorful admin chuckling by the door. “Go away; I’ve got an article to write.”

“’Kay.  Come to think of it, I do have an appointment to set up.”

“Yeah, what’s that?”

“Oh, a play date for Daniel, I think.  He and Mikey would have some fun in that cardboard room.”

Penelope winked and stepped back into the hall.  “By the way, what’s the title of your article…I need something to torment your lover with today.”

“You’re lucky Nick likes you, Pen…”

“He’d crash and burn without me here at the gazette…at least that’s what I tell myself.  So, title?”

Ziva looked at the screen again, then tilted her head back and smiled at her friend and cohort in crime, “I’m thinking, Dante, He’s got a room for that.

“Perfect Z, just bloody perfect!”

 May whatever 'scaping you prefer be done just the way you like it!  ~wicked grinz~



Serena Shay said...

My thanks to Rebecca for bringing us Mike...I just couldn't resist. BTW if the deforestation is a problem, we'll let it grow back! ;)

Pat C. said...

It makes sense for a cat to be manscaped. Fewer hairballs that way.

Quote of the week: "It makes the trees look bigger."

I firmly believe posts like yours and Rebecca's are why we started this blog. You won't find this kind of shapeshifter action anywhere else.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh yeah! THAT nickname really needs to get around town! I figured out what Mike's going to be doing: Opening up one of those steakhouses that offers a jumno if-you-can-finish-it-it's-on-the-house promotions. That will tie in beautifully with the whoe "Manscaped Mike" thing, especially if he doesn't know folks are calling him that!

Serena Shay said...

~Grin~ Thank Pat, but it's definitely a group effort! What would we do without Lamar? My characters would have nothing to read and they'd probably be on the losing end of on narcissistic snaky god thing... Gah! ;)

Ugh, hairballs are nasty so yeah, good thinking on Mikes part!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...OMG Rebecca, that would be a hoot! And knowing Talbot's Peak, I bet the residents will start leaving him "gifts" at his know, boxes, clippers, Nair, and the t-shirts Mike orders that say I ate the jumbo at Mikes... on one side and added on the back with marker... and no hairballs!

Oh man, someone stop me or I'll spend all day trying to think up one-liners!

Rebecca Gillan said...

Great and twisted minds think alike! Maybe someone needs to ask in tubesteak is on the menu. Or if they have any boxed meals to go! Oh, you started something with the manscaped bit! Of course, if memory serves, you accidentally started Talbot's Peak with a now-notorious letter to the editor written by one Kitty Cutie.

Serena Shay said...

Ohohoh...that's perfect! Tubesteaks and Boxed meals, Mike will never live it down. We tease because we love Manscaped. ;)

Ooops, those fingers of mine always getting away from me, but dang what fun it's been! hehe ;)

You know, it might soon be time to bring Kitty on home, 'cause surely a fine beast like Dante must be getting hit up on by all the ladies and some delicious dudes as well. Kitty needs to keep her man safe from the throng!

Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, I think you all have covered all the good kinky ground. Have cardboard box will travel for fun and pleasure.

Fab kinkatude flash, Serena.

Yeah, Dante and Kitty have a love-forever appointment... but honestly, Dante has no probs fending off the throngs. Either they get the message quietly, politely, or he exercises his alpha prerogative, so fiercely, the howl has gotten around. Fast. You don't ever mess with Dante.

Savanna Kougar said...

DEFINITELY! Quote of the week: "It makes the trees look bigger." ~giggling~

Pat C. said...

Dang, we could have used that for the Earth Day blog hop: "Visit Wanda's -- make your trees look bigger."

Serena Shay said...

LOL...thanks, Savanna. I love the Kinkatude. ;)

I still hope Kitty plans on coming home soon...considering where Dante spends his days and nights I'd think he'd be beyond frustrated by now. ;)

Serena Shay said...

LOL...that would have been a good thing to use for the blog hop. :D

Savanna Kougar said...

Well, Kitty has her own special tunnel,hidden in the forest, direct to Dante's suite of rooms. Dante has been having a lot of tunnels, built.

Serena Shay said...

Woot! Let's hear it for tunnels! Tunnel love in the Peak!

Savanna Kougar said...

Tunnel love and "tubesteak is on the menu" ONLY IN THE PEAK... stay tuned.