Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Resurrection, a Fae Wolf's Work Is Never Done

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

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Okay, I am about to doze off, so my flash scene will have to be polished up a bit, and  continued next week. It's been a long, way too busy-busy day.


Resurrection, a Fae Wolf's Work Is Never Done

Syressa hummed along with the harmonies of nature as she slowly flew in a circle above the mountain clearing. She nourished the native berry seeds with her love vibes, then sowed them with abandon.

There would be enough berries for all to feast on, for everyone and every animal who ventured this way. Hearing a thunderous bellow, then a roar of outrage, Syressa halted her flight.

Her heart thumped, and she hovered, her fae wings flapping only enough to keep her aloft. She listened to what could only be a huge male Grizzly bear challenge the beast invading his territory.

Immediately, her inner wolfess scented the tiger shapeshifter, and she heard the deadly charge, his leaping attack. Syressa winged swiftly toward the life-and-death battle now disturbing what had been a serene day.

"Oh no!" she burst out quietly, even as she grabbed onto a high tree branch, and clung. Instinctively, she positioned herself, hiding from the victor.

Sergei, the Siberian white tiger. Syressa recognized him only because she'd scouted out Talbot's Peak, and spoke with Gypsy Red Wolf, before deciding to make her home in the forest close to the Pleasure Club.

Now...to her great sadness, the Grizzly lay in a distorted heap, his life force draining fast. Yet, the bear's will to live remained strong, and he hung on with all the might of his grand ferocious being.

She could do nothing to help him yet. Her magick would activate against Sergei, not to stun, but to slay. Because the madness to kill still gripped him.

Now Sergei waited, hidden, watching for more prey. Closing her eyes, Syressa concentrated slipping a tiny stream of energy inside the Grizzly. Only enough to help him live, and hopefully not be detected by the assassin.

Oh yeah, she could read Sergei's frequencies now, clear as the crystals that lived in her home.  It was why Syressa didn't intervene when the tigress shifter and her cougar protector arrived, discovering the bear who looked dead.

So, the Grizzly was called Vesuvius. That certainly fit.

She knew from her fae sense that the woman and man were Sergei's targets, but not for an assassination. Not yet, anyway.

The moment Sergei slipped into the forest as white tiger, Syressa floated to the ground. She crept silently toward Vesuvius at first, only waiting for Sergei to move out of range.

Summoning her healing force, she ran toward Vesuvius.


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side… 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Hmmm, is Vesuvius more than he seems? Not just a bear, but a fellow town folk? Or is Syressa just tender-hearted enough to not like the sight of death.

Savanna Kougar said...

She doesn't like the sight of death, unless passing on relieves suffering, or the soul-being is moving on. Since Vesuvius isn't ready to leave the land of the living for the next land of the living, she wants to help him.

Pat C. said...

Can I step on ants? Is that okay?

Seriously, I'm not into animal cruelty. Like I said in my comment on yesterday's post, I'm trying to set up tension and establish character. Grizzly bears have a rep for being badass. What better way to present Sergei as a threat than to have him take out a maddened grizzly with no weapons?

Vesuvius isn't a shifter. He's an aging, bad-tempered bear. If he'd been a shifter and tried this, Sergei just would have roughed him up and told him to go home. He tried to avoid the bear, but it just kept coming and wouldn't let up. He killed it in self-defense. Or thought he did. Guess we'll find out next week.

Pat C. said...

Maybe I just won't hurt any more animals in my flashes from now on. How's that?

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, no!!! don't feel you can't present a scene as you did. I understand why, and I'm okay with it, personally. Plus, you gotta deal with reality, as in life and death situations. And, of course, heightening the tension in the story is crucial.

I would say, the self-defense aspect didn't come through.

Also, my character has to remain true to herself, as well. You notice she didn't go after Sergei, even though she could have.