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Howls! Happy Earth Day - Blog Hop

Pic from romance author, Rebecca Gillan


Tongson stirred the fire.  Sparks flew in different directions.  Several rose, glowing red against the dark sky as though they mingled with the diamonds of the heavens.  Octavia’s soft voice reached him from their tent where she sang their daughter to sleep.  Mickey and Nighthawk remained back at the compound with Tomas and the other children.

Winter had finally left the high country and sprigs of green broke through the patches of dirt claiming their place amongst the snow refusing to melt.  Even though the air was cool and a frost would cover the ground in places before morning, Tongson welcomed the night away.  Camped out safe within the clearing close to their home allowed he and Octavia time alone.  Time to reconnect and allow their passion to renew privately away from the hustle and bustle their city life and large combined family unit needed.  Earth Day had become their unofficial anniversary.

Tongson smiled as he heard the zipper on the tent open.  Octavia would join him.  He moved toward the rolled up sleeping bag close to the fire.  As he untied the straps, he looked up.  A flash of green light, then red, and other colors appeared and vanished, then pulsed through the sky again.  The time had begun.

Octavia moved toward the fire.  The chill added a sensual lull to the clear sky and with it the kaleidoscope of colors that appeared and lingered longer with each burst of color until more of the sky glowed and pulsed with energy.  She inhaled deeply.  The scent of wet ground mixed with pine filled her nostrils.  If she turned her head toward the south, hints of flowers tickled her nose and disappeared.  Daffodils and other wildflowers dotted the trail as they hiked their way through the woods earlier in the afternoon.  From the East, the sky grew darker and cold iced its way making its presence felt even though the warmth of the west setting sun lingered for a short time as twilight claimed the rest of the sky.

Tongson stood and shook out the double sleeping bag.  As he bent to unzip it, he smiled.  Neither of them would feel the chill after a while.  The thick Sherpa lined bag would embrace them as they cuddled each other nude.  Flesh to flesh, with him buried deep within Octavia.  Slowly they would ride from crest to crest of passion until their shared mutual orgasm left them both replete and sated.  Passion fed upon itself.

“I can read and feel the heat rolling off you from here.”  Octavia’s voice wrapped herself around him and teased his libido into a hotter level.

“Come here love,” Tongson voiced, holding out his hand as his other reach for the belt of his robe.   Slowly the knot untied as the tie slide through his hand.  His eyes met Octavia’s.  Their glow mirrored his passion.  Desire rose higher and hotter deep within his groin.  His cock thickened and lengthened.  He hunched his shoulders and worked his arm free from the robe.

Octavia took his hand as her other hand mimicked his as she undid her robe.  Soon they faced each other as natural as their surroundings.  Tongson slide his hand up Octavia’s arm until he reached her shoulder.  Trailing his fingers downward, he dragged his short nails around and close to her taut nipples.

She moved closer until her arm easily slid around his waist and they stood a breath apart.  Want and need welled up and flooded out of each mixing until neither could tell where one began and the other stopped.  Nor did they care.  Their mouths met.  Lips part and tongues sought each other mingling in the age old dance of chase and retreat until bodies pressed tightly against each other.

Tongson kicked their discarded robes aside before he sank to his knees upon the open sleeping bag.  He leaned forward and nipped his way toward Octavia’s navel.  He soothed the flesh he worried with a kiss and a lick.  Lower his hands roved until he reached the apex of her thighs.  He parted her lips and inhaled deeply.  Her fragrance filled his nostrils and teased his taste buds. Her essence awaited him as he worked a finger over her swollen clit.  Liquid caressed and drenched his finger as he traced the outer edge of her vagina.  Easing one, then two fingers inside, moisture coated them.  Slowly Tongson withdrew them.

“You smell wonderful love and. . .”  He thrust his cum covered fingers into his mouth and closed his lips around them.  He eased them out and spoke.  “Taste better than last time.”

Octavia murmured as she dropped to her knees beside Tongosn.  “I want to taste you.”  She pushed against his shoulders until he leaned back allowing her access to him.

She lowered herself until his cock glistening with pre-cum shined by the light of the fire.  Octavia cupped his balls and worked her free hand around him.  She puckered, and laved the head savoring the salty masculine taste.  With a quick bob, she worked her lips and mouth up and down.

Each moan and jerk fueled her to take more.  On her next pass, Tongson’s hand tangled in her hair.  “Much more and I’m going to come. “

Octavia released him and tossed her head back.  “I’d prefer you come joined with me as we watch the light show overhead.”

Side by side the two lovers worked the sleeping bag over them as Tongson eased into Octavia from behind.  Deep within her warmth, he sighed and spooned to her.  Slowly he thrust as she tightened around him on his withdraws until neither could contain themselves. Pants and cries of pleasure grew until their own glow of love and energy joined with the lights above them.

As they returned to earth ready to be flung again to orgasm’s lofty heights, Tongson nipped Octavia’s neck.  Her soft ‘love you’ warmed him and ignited passion’s coals for another round.

Posted by Solara Gordon


You Can't Print That...

“You can’t print that.” Nick handed the article he’d downloaded from his email to the riled up reporter he slid into bed with night after night.

“Now I know you didn’t just tell me what I can and cannot print.”  Ziva rose from her chair, her eyes spit fiery nails felt not just in his heart, but quite a bit lower as well.  With each increment her eyes lowered he had the frantic urge to reach down and cover his sack, keeping the nuts within safe. 


“We just had this discussion, Nicolas.  I am a reporter and you cannot tie my hands in this.  Now at home, to your paddling bench…yes, our bed…hell yes, but not here at work!” 

Nick shook his head and continued to hold the paper out for her to take.  “You can’t print that.”

“Damn you!”  Ziva ripped the sheet from his hands, leaving a shallow slice that burned like hell, but didn’t bleed.  “There’s nothing wrong with this article.”



Nick bent closer to the gorgeous woman with the flare of wolf in her eyes.  Noses nearly touching, eye contact secured and lips a heartbeat away.  “You told them to take their beasts out to shite in the woods.”

“So?  It’s a story about composting…you know, for Earth Day.  Of course they need to shite in the woods, around their composting site to create the breakdown and such.”

“Ziva, look here.”  He lifted the hand currently crumpling the article; their cheeks brushing one another when they turned to look.  “You said, and I quote, ‘Take out your beast from it day long containment beneath the skin and stretch those legs.  Let your paws pound the soft forest floor and your claws dig deep.  Find your composting plot and give in to your body’s natural urges.  It will be good for you and Mother Nature.’  You can’t print that.”

Nick straightened and backed away, giving her and himself room.  He’d not come in here to fuck, but anymore time that up close and personal with her scent and he would be taking out his beast, praying she would run.

“Why the hell not!  I like it.”

“I seem to remember quite a few humans who live in town and subscribe to the paper. Outting shifters is not the way we want to go.”

The fire in Ziva’s eyes simmered, but wasn’t doused.  “Well…run them out of town.”

“We don’t support that kind of action here in Talbot’s Peak…all peace loving folks are welcome.”

“Yeah, I know, but damn, Nick...I like this copy.”

Nick tried hard to keep his grin to a minimum as his sexy she had finally started to wind down, but he couldn’t help touching her cheek with his hand.  “I like the copy too, Sweet.  How about you clean it up enough to keep the peaceable’s from taking up pitch forks and torches and chasing us out of town.”

“Fine…I’ll try.”

“That’s all I ask, Ziva.”

He leaned against the door jam and watched the love of his life turn back toward the computer to pull up her files and wondered what kind of Earth Day present he could get her to sooth the hackles he’d raised.  Something made of wood that was for sure…recycled would be even better.

Have a wonderful Earth Day!

Posted by Serena Shay



“Is it time yet?” Molly whispered. She practically shivered with giggles. “It’s chilly out here.”

“So shift,” her brother Pete hissed back. “We don’t make our move until midnight. Those are the rules.”

“Stupid rules,” Molly’s boyfriend Sherman muttered. He was a raccoon, but nobody had ever held that against him. “Stupid prank. Shouldn’t we be tipping over garbage cans or something?”

“Always with the garbage cans,” Pete said. “When we’re done, I’m taking you for breakfast at the diner. Get some real food into you.”

“As long as you’re paying.”

“It’s midnight!” Pete and Molly’s cousin, Chuck, announced from behind the wheel. “We’re off.”

He trundled the pickup down the farm lane and onto pavement. Molly, Pete and Sherman huddled and snickered in the bed under a tarp, where they kept the picks, shovels and their “delivery” from rolling around. They were less successful with themselves; more than once a body hit the side of the truck and somebody snapped off a swear word when Chuck took a curve too fast. “Easy does it,” Pete called to Chuck from beneath the tarp.

“We’ve got six stops to make,” Chuck retorted. “We don’t have time for easy.”

“Stupid prank,” Sherman grumbled again. “I’m knocking over a garbage can.”

“On the way out,” Pete relented.

# # #

Earth Day dawned in Talbot’s Peak bright and crisp and sunny, like it knew there'd be a celebration on.. Mayor Gil was holding off on his own celebrations. First he had to assess the damage. “Who got hit last night?” he asked his assistant, Paul.

“Six strikes this year, sir. They hit the diner again, and some residential homes, and the park. I’m sure you also noticed the fir out front. Some people got their garbage cans kicked over. We think one of the perps may have been a raccoon.”

Gil shook his head. “Any complaints?”

“Mrs. Cochrane wants the holly removed. She says her cats eat the berries and get sick. Somebody up the mountain heard about it and said they’d dig it up and take it. His wife does crafts. You know, Christmas wreaths.”

Gil leaned back in his chair. He couldn’t see the freshly-planted blue spruce in front of City Hall, but he knew it was there. “Explain it to me again, Paul. Real slow, with small words. Every year on Earth Day, a bunch of kids goes out after dark and does a stealth planting of trees in public places?”

“Trees mostly. One year they did shrubbery. You’ve seen that little three-foot hedge maze off the square?”

“The one the little kids go tearing through all the time? Yeah. Hoodlums did that? Why?”

Paul shrugged. “They’re beavers,” he said, like that explained everything.

“So,” Gil said, struggling with the concept, “to a beaver, planting a tree in somebody’s yard is like throwing toilet paper at a house?”

Now Paul looked confused. “Why would anybody do that?”

“You’ve never been human, so never mind. Where do they get the trees? Dig ‘em up in the woods?”

“Sometimes. I know at least one bunch has an uncle who runs a tree farm. He always seems to have extras lying around in the spring. Beavers do love their trees, sir.”

Gil sighed. “Someday I’ll get the hang of this. If you run into the little hooligans, you might want to let ‘em know the climate around here won’t support peanuts. That vine I found in my back yard won’t even make it to summer.”

“I’m sure they meant well, sir.”

“Yeah,” Gil said. Nine-thirty in the morning, and already he wanted a drink. “I hate holidays.”

Posted by Pat C. 


Talbot's Peak Garden of Eden
by Savanna Kougar

Syressa glided down the rainbow bridge. With a point of her finger, she'd magickally created the fifth dimensional bridge. Light as a feather, she whizzed from her home deep in the forest -- a bungalow she'd crafted from native stone, and other natural earth materials.

With a jarring thump, she landed on one foot behind Talbot's Peak's garden center. Once again, she'd gotten carried away with the sheer exhilaration of riding her rainbow.

Quickly Syressa righted herself, chuckling at her clumsiness. She disappeared her diaphanous wings fast. They'd popped out to help her keep her balance.

Yeah, yeah, the shapeshifter town was full of supernatural folk. But many still-in-the-dark humans roamed about, and she was not without enemies. Those black-soul sorcerers who hunted her kind, captured them, then cruelly, slowly drained away their fae powers.

Sensing for any disturbance in the wacky-wild force that was the Peak, Syressa glanced around. She always remained on guard when visiting any populated area.

The changeling hunters, often hired by the dark-side sorcerers, diffused their distinctive energy signatures by using the auras of the unsuspecting. Syressa shivered at the very thought of being forced to supercharge foul, life-murdering spells. This was an evil she simply didn't, couldn't understand.

"All clear," she murmured to herself. The midmorning sun sang golden rays through her as she adjusted her large canvass shoulder bag, and Syressa mentally sent a kiss to Sol's cheek.

"Let me guess," Laurie gave her welcoming grin, "you're here for more seeds."

Syressa nodded, then smiled. "This is the best, most wonderful garden center around."

"It's the only one." Laurie laughed, and moved from behind the checkout counter. "Guess what I have for you." She headed for her storeroom, motioning Syressa to follow her. "Since you always want my oldest seeds, I had a *turn in your old seeds for fresh seeds* sale. You know, folks are always buying with the idea of planting, and they don't always follow through."

"Perfect," Syressa enthused, already feeling the seeds calling to her. "How thoughtful of you, Laurie."

"Oh, I dunno. You're my best customer." Laurie plucked a stuffed store bag off the shelf. Turning, she placed it inside Syressa's bag once she'd lifted the flap.

"Besides," Laurie continued, "I like the idea of every seed having a second chance to grow. And with your amazing green thumb, Syressa, like you've said, we're planting our own Garden of Eden here in the Peak area."

"I can't wait to start spreading these, giving them a home in the Earth." Syressa patted her bag, infusing the vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower seeds with her green-light energy.

"Me and Digger are rallying the rabbit troops. Surprising how a wolf shifter and rabbit shifters can become such good buddies. Sure, he shared his garden goodies with them, and they helped out. But, Digger's actually developed a real fondness for his bunny buds, as he calls them."

Laurie moved toward the back of the storeroom. "Since Digger has extra seeds saved from last year's garden, we're going to plant them on every empty plot in town."

"That will be a good garden of eatin'." Syressa tingled, elation sparkling her insides. She glanced around to make certain no sparkles had escaped, and she wasn't leaving a glittery trail. "Let me know when, and I'll spread the love, as they say."

"Absolutely." Laurie bent over, pulling the special-delivery box toward her. "You might have to spread a lot of that green-thumb love around. We're hoping to inspire others, get them in the mood to plant gardens. Already got Mayor Gil on board. Promised to plant more nut-bearing trees. Him being a squirrel shifter and all."

Joy burst through Syressa as she envisioned abundant, sunshine-bright gardens everywhere. She smiled knowing everyone would be well fed from the food they grew -- well nourished by the sacred energies of sun, water, wind, and Mother Earth -- that which divinely created each plant.

About to float off the floor from her musings, she heard the bell on the front door announce another customer.

"Be right back." Laurie raised up from opening the box. "Help yourself. We'll settle the bill later."

Kneeling, Syressa eagerly dived in. One by one, she pulled out the pound-sized packages of seeds. She and Laurie had discovered the cottage business online, and after speaking with the generational, organic-farm family, they'd placed the order for the wild plants native to their Montana area.

"Born free," Syressa sang in a whisper, as images flowed before her mind's eye of where she planned to 'free' the seeds. Then, as she'd walked the land, or rode astride her golden ram, she'd watch them burst into life, feel their green shoots seek the sunlight.

So immersed in selecting her seeds, Syressa didn't hear the man's footsteps. At first.

She whirled on her haunches. Her inner wolfess prepared to launch upward. Syressa shot her palm toward him, ready to flashfire her magick bullets. 

"Whoa there."  The tall lanky man halted in his tracks, and raised his hands in mock surrender. "Pardon, little lady. Miss Laurie sent me back here."

Realizing, he wasn't a threat, Syressa lowered her hand. A grin shadowed his tough as rawhide features, and she caught the glint of amusement in his eyes. Silver-gray eyes that were so sharp they could cut a foe down to size in no time.

"Friends?" he asked in his rough and tumble, manly voice, even as he tipped his dark gray Stetson.

"Depends." Syressa raised upward, her movement reflecting her wolfess. Warily, she sniffed. Her beast side wasn't letting go until she knew the full score.

"Where are my manners?" he drawled like an old-west gentleman. "Drogan. My first name. Drogan Vann."

He extended his hand, a peace offering by her eye. A moment passed as she stood her ground, and they full-on assessed each other.

"Syressa is my name. I'm afraid my hands are off limits. A psychic thing," she added, as he raised his black silver-tipped eyebrows.

She firmed her jaw, and raised her chin, daring him to ridicule her sixth sense.

"You got some pair of flashing beautiful eyes, Miss Syressa."

Thrown off a bit by his sincere praise, Syressa un-tensed her posture. "Why did Laurie send you back here?"

He rested his hand on the butt of his sidearm, his manner easy as a real live gunslinger. Although, he wasn't a young gun type. No, not by any means. He was the all-too-sexy, mature type with silver sideburns.

The wolfess yipped her appreciation, and Syressa wondered if his inner wolf heard.  She psi-listened, but no answer howled inside her.

Without indicating he knew about her shapeshifter side, Drogan offered a 'let's be friends' grin. "Laurie was sayin' you could give me some sound advice. I'm up from Texas. Just bought a spread south of town. And I'm lookin' to turn it natural."

"Natural? Wildflowers, prairie grass, berries?" On her territory now, Syressa relaxed her guard.

"I'll take all of the above," he drawled nice and easy, yet truth lived in his words. "The land's been over grazed so I figured the best thing to do was let Mother Nature take over. Trouble is, I ain't no expert."

"So, you came to the garden center? Why not do that cyber web search thing?" She eyed him directly just for good measure.

"Not much of a computer man." He casually hooked his thumb on his plain leather gun belt, while running his gaze over her, real subtle like. "Like ridin' the ranch better. The other evening, I met Digger at Rattigan's, and he said to talk with his gal, Laurie."

"Over grazed." Syressa tapped her chin. Ideas rapid-fired through her head, and her heart winged at the thought of resurrecting the land. "Now's a good time to sow some of the seeds. Although some like being in the ground during winter first. I suppose we could find out if it works for both of our schedules... if so, yeah, I'll help you out."

"I'll make my schedule work, Miss Syressa. I got time. Nothing to do but make the acquaintances of the good folk in town, and take care of the ranch. Got a few head of horses and cattle, and a few other critters. That's it."

The psi-vision felt as if it smacked her forehead. A wolf pack running  in the moonlight, racing over the wide open land, their spirits fierce and free. It was his pack.

"Family, I assume." Syressa lifted a brow.

"How about I treat you to lunch, and we'll talk." He hadn't missed a beat. "One of those organic places, if you like."

Stunned at some undefinable level, Syressa didn't answer. She couldn't speak, for some reason that eluded her. "Seeds," she murmured a moment later, and glanced over her shoulder.

"Of course, I interrupted. Why don't I give you a hand with those? Then we'll get a bite to eat."

He sauntered past her with long strides that did wicked twinkly things to her insides.  Nonplussed by his presence, her head reeling, Syressa managed to spin around.

With her gaze captured by his broad shoulders, his trim waist, and his extra fine butt meant for riding in a saddle, she watched him hunker down next to the box.

"You can start educatin' me right now."  He winked, but his expression remained serious, as in he really did want to know.

"You sure do want your land renewed... don't you?" Kinda of a silly thing to say, Syressa knew, given it was obvious now, he wanted more than that. She smelled his mating lust.

But truth to tell Shining One Moon, she didn't have all that much experience with men. Most avoided her like the plague, instinctively knowing she could destroy them at will. Not that she'd had to, except on rare occasions.

"I want a lot of things 'renewed', Miss Syressa. It's why I left Texas to join up with this shapeshifter community. Join up with Dante and his posse."

"Are you related to Dante?" Syressa felt her feet move of their own volition, and before she knew it she'd lowered herself beside him.

"Quite a few generations back, but yep. More important, we're ropin' the same goals."

She knew he did it to put her at ease... sweeping his Stetson off, picking up one of the seed packages.

"I'm not exactly a shapeshifter... only a shifter, that is."

"Figured. You're too sparkly and way too cute... Miss Syressa. Now don't you worry I'll be real gentle, the way I court you. Until you want more, that is."

His gaze reflected his words, silvery brilliant, deep as the lake she loved to swim in, and only for her.   Yes, only for her.


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


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