Saturday, November 9, 2013


Tongson sat before the fire pit staring into the flames.  The brisk breeze blew down off the mountain peaks bringing with it the hint of chill and cold telling of the change of seasons.  Soon the first snow fall of the season would decorate the peaks behind him.  Fall foliage and many of the highland animals would vacate for lower areas closer to town.  Even Tavia mentioned packing up and returning to their city home.  Tongson inhaled filling his lungs with the scents he’d come to love over their spring, summer, and fall sojourn here on their peak in the mountains. 

Tomas left six months prior on one of his journeys that took him far away from the family.  The twins were barely crawling when he left.  Their older brothers and sister ran the quad with their spindly legs racing all over until they curled up in young children puppy pile style fall fast a sleep for a few hours.  Mickey and Night Hawk’s daughter ruled the rest of the children like the diva she loved to be.  Her new brother might temper those outbursts as he got older.    Yes, life was good here on their peak.    The book store and Tavia’s new arts and craft business needed attention.  And the tribe needed him.

Tongson stirred the fire watching the sparks fly into the dark midnight sky.  Deep within the house, most slept.  Ready for the journey they would undertake in the morning.  Maybe not until late afternoon if he didn’t sleep soon.  This time the truck and SUV would take them down the mountain and back to town.  Shape shifting with small babes and toddlers took more energy and time than any of them had leaving the mountains this late in the season.  Tomorrow would come no matter how much he longed for time to slow allowing him more time in the serenity and quiet he’d come to enjoy.

“Can’t sleep?” Tavia asked slipping her arms around him from behind.  She hugged him to her.  

Tongson nodded as she kissed his cheek.  “I wish sleep would claim me.  We elude each other.  Back to town tomorrow.”    He sighed and leaned against Tavia.

“The seasons have seen us grow and change.”  Tavia slipped her hand into Tongson’s.  She knew the call earlier in the week still haunted him.  His father at the age of one hundred had joined Tongson’s mother in the hereafter.  Watching two human parents age weighed heavily on their adopted son.  Neither of them permitted Tongson to deny his heritage or who he was.  Their unconditional 
love and support shaped the man next to her.  The man, the spirit bear, she loved and called husband.

“Tomas called,” she whispered leaning closer to Tongson.  

“How is he?  I miss that Tom Cat!”  Tongson sneezed as if on cue.  “Even miss his blasted dander tickling my nose.”

“He’s coming home.” Tavia squeezed her senior husband’s hand.  “Both my husbands will sleep with me between again.”

Tongson nodded.  Sometimes home was a place, a feeling, and even the people who made up the family.  He was blessed to have all three here and now.  Tomorrow he would have more again in another place that called him home again.


Happy Weekend Gang!

A few readers have remarked on how harsh and hard Tyburn and Rachel's saga is.  Pris and I are thinking about where to take the story next with them.  Meanwhile, the other part of our Alaskan group is making their way back to town after some time in their mountain home.  

Be sure to keep warm as the chill of fall begins.  Keep a good book or two handy  to share as you cuddle with your Spice and loves under a blanket in front of the fireplace.  I know I will!

Until next week,



Pat C. said...

Looks like "homecoming" was the theme this week. Sometimes you just have to stop and take a breath. Or three. Or six.

Wonder what's going to start up after the lull?

Savanna Kougar said...

The turning of the seasons, the turning of life... so it is. A beautiful flash scene, Solara.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna. This came w to me Wednesday as I drove home from work. The leaves falling and chill in the air.