Friday, November 8, 2013

Reetha's Coming Home

Happy Friday, Ya'll!  Once again I'm shocked by what Mz. Muse chooses to hold back on me.  So many of my characters/flashes have come out of "nowhere" (better known as that secret place where Mz. Muse hides things from me.)  Today's offering popped up in the car (typical) while listening to Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger.

Here's how it went...
Mz. Muse was like, "Oh btw, here ya go." 

For was more like THWAP, vivid Technicolor pictures of a worn out woman longing for home and those she left so long ago. 

Then,  Mz. has the audacity to say..."Oh, and she's a McMahon...the youngest McMahon and Ziva's BFF who she's help to hide from her brothers and dad.  Have fun!"

Me...looking crazy behind the wheel yelling WTF at the radio.

I think Mz. hates me.  Or she really wants Nick and Ziva to fail 'cause she sure piles it on high for them. 

I did remind her that Nick and Z still had not resolved the last thing she threw their way...

Her response... "Then one more thing can't hurt.

Sadistic...though in the end she's usually right.  Once again I need to trust she knows where this is going.

Say hi to Reetha McMahon below...


The small tinny jingle rang in Reetha’s ear as she prayed her friend would answer soon.  Time was running out.


Thank Lupa.  Relief so great flooded her body at the sound of her friend’s voice.   Her own caught in her throat as she attempted to hold back the tears.


“Zee,” she whispered, hoping she was loud enough to be heard.

“Ree?  Oh Lup-ahh, Ree, is it really you?”

“Ha-yes,” Reetha wasn’t so lucky this time and the tears she’d been holding back fell free. “It’s me, Zee.  It’s time, Zee.  I-I need to come home.  I’m so sorry.  Nick, Mooney and dad are going to be so mad… I’m sorry, Zee, so-so sorry.”

“I’ll call Dante.  Hang in there, Ree.  I’ll call you right back at this number.”

“Thank” she’d not even finished her sentence before finding herself thanking a dial tone.  She was putting Ziva in such a bad position and all because all those years ago she couldn’t stand to be the McMahon youngest one more minute and had asked her best friend to help her run.

What had started as an exciting new life thanks to Ziva putting her in contact with Dante had soured after years of hiding in plain sight and subterfuge.   

Reetha look down at the phone gripped in hands dripping with sparkly baubles and wondered once again when the thrill of this life had left her.
Have a great weekend!



Rebecca Gillan said...

Noooo! You can't leave it hanging like that! What's up with Ree? Why are her family going to be mad? Inquiring minds are demanding to know!

Pat C. said...

"Have a great weekend"? After that? Are you kidding?

Yeah, those muses are bitches. Especially when they blindside you with inspiration while you're out driving and have nothing to jot the ideas down on, not to mention all the oncoming traffic. Flighty, sadistic bastards, one and all.

Savanna Kougar said...

I'm with Rebecca... What's up with Ree? Other than she was tired of being the youngest? And, now finding out the baubles of life aren't worth it... usually.

Oh, those Muses... mine loves to trick me into writing novels instead of short stories and novellas.

Serena Shay said...

Slowly now Mz. is opening the playbook on Reetha and her reason for running, so far they tell me it was a case of over protectiveness from her bigs Nick and Mooney... Probably true, to a point. She's are pretty snarly and to be besties with Ziva, seems like Reetha could hold her own against her brothers.

There's something else that's being held back...I can feel it, just not sure what it is quite yet. :(

Yep, those Musi make ya want to scream on most occasions...but they are usually spot on. ;)

Rebecca Gillan said...

What, Nick and Mooney, over protective? Nev... ok, yeah. They are and I bet they were enough to drive a stong alpha female batshit crazy, especially if she were a younger sister.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, and like you're saying, Serena... there's something else, even deeper.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...yep, batshit crazy indeed!

With something bubbling underneath.