Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hyrum stepped back, prayed, and exhaled.  Either the spell would work or fail miserably.  He had no control over the outcome.  No one but the two occupants laying side-by-side in the royal crested bed exercised even the slightest hint of control to decisions affecting the future of many.  Maybe time was on their side.  Maybe it wasn’t.  All he and Carlotta could do for now was watch and wait.

Carlotta’s whimpers sounded from next door.  Her fitful tossing and turning told him the journey began.  The path woven by her subconscious as she linked and strengthened by the bridge between Rachel and Tyburn psychically demand its toll from the builder.  Soon he would take Carlotta’s place as he slept, watching and waiting from the psychic realm while she took her turn in the corporeal one.  How much time and energy they would expend neither knew.  Their lives might be the price.  Thus was their destiny as deity’s guardians.  Enhanced, magically adept and ready to serve, often overlooked due to their position and posture within Soletron.  They knew their worth and value. 

Hyrum moved backwards, keeping his gaze upon Rachel and Tyburn.  Each covered in badges, spelled with healing herbs and incantations, swaddled in their individual and mutual ice blankets, lay touching.  Close enough to sense and feel the others presence without invading personal space unless intimacy happened.  That blaze of passion would come in the latter stages of awakening and renewal.  The final stage might find them locked in sexual congress renewing their connection and perhaps commitment.  Hyrum murmured one last prayer and spell before dropping into the over-stuffed recliner near the doorways leading from the suite.  He picked up the mug of warm broth sitting on the table next to the recliner.  As he sipped, he focused his thoughts on the hazy bridge and shapes taking form in his third eye.

Rachel glanced down at her feet.  Gray cloth shoes covered them.  Long sleeves similar in color graced her arms.   Even her gown reflected the same hue.  She inhaled pulling in the scents of the white wispy clouds billowing up around her.  Rain, heat, and an earthy dampness filled her nose.  Holding her hand out in front of her, she spoke.  “Storms of the past be no more.  Take me to the place I must find light that guides me home each and every time.”
The clouds rose up, engulfing her.  Swirling and darkening, brushing over her, soaking her and the garments she wore until their tears and angst became hers.  Images of her home on the Peak came and went.  Intense feelings warped through and over her.  Bone piercing pain began at the soles of her feet, racing its way upward until her knees buckled, dropping her on them.  Agony writhed its demonic hold deeper into her psyche.  Claiming her, twisting every part of her being, until. . .

White bright light flashed around her, blinding her, forcing her eyes closed.  Her clenched hands weighed like two stone pulling her down, down into the pool of her own tears and anxiety.  Fear iced the edges of the still pool of water.  Clear into the depths, she plunged unable to resist the lure of death’s call.  

A voice broke through her chaotic thoughts and images.  Nudging her back to the surface, guiding her to a place she didn’t know.  A place deep within herself.   “Rest and renew.  Learn and heal.  Together you are stronger than alone.  Yet each of you must be resilient and ready to walk the solo paths your choices present you.”

Rachel shuddered, sighed, and fell forward.  Healing and caring for herself came hard for her.  Her instincts told her this must be.  Her time on the Peak taught her this too.  She’d also learned temperance and concern, giving and feeding her soul sustenance simultaneously, and compromise.  When would her guide appear?  Directing her across the bridge and to the encounter she wasn’t sure she could withstand?

Tyburn winded with pain as he stood.  Dark gray clothing came into focus.  Splotches of red stained patches deep into the fabric.  Some were faded.  Others bore the hue of dried blood.  Some remained bright and tacit in quality.  He tried to breath, drawing in life and . . .

A male voice chastised him.  “You aren’t ready for that.  You cause pain and strife while justifying your actions with love and caring.  Your heart breaks and bleeds while you listen not.”

Tyburn grabbed his gut, clawing at his middle.  Pain in huge fire like waves scorched around and over him.  Agony laughed and cackled, echoing in his mind until, he fell.  He tried to rise. Intense sobs and screams screeched deep into his soul marking his being with burns and hurt until he laid face down sobbing uncontrollably. 
Winds swarmed around him, heating him until his throat and lips dried, cracking as if a great fever enveloped him.  Shaking, he placed his hands palm down attempting to rise.  He pushed up, raising his chest up until his arms straightened.  His elbows wobbled, threatening to crash him on his face again.  The winds picked up in intensity, buffeting him.  Reaching under him, pushing upward, raising him off his hands.  A huge burst swooped under him, flipping him over.

Tyburn rolled and rolled whooshed along like the tumble weeds and dust devils he observed during his time in the southwestern deserts of a place called America.  Flashes of the past raced before him, brambles and thorns pierced him and his garments.  A huge ominous boulder crashed toward him.  One thought remained, claiming him as he collided with the hard stone head first.  His own demonic half demanded and sued for payment for past debts he wasn’t sure he could afford.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Sorry for the late post.  Pris whispered this part of Rachel and Tyburn's story to me last night as I slept.  Each of them are having to face themselves and make life changing decisions.  Decisions that may alter their lives and others too.  It isn't going to be easy.  And they have to face each other yet.  I sense a softer side of each is going to surface offering healing to both.  

I hope the weather isn't buffeted you and yours too badly as winter begins its descent upon the land.  Keep warm, share a good book or more with your loves and spice.  Make time for togetherness and sharing your thanks for each other.  Celebrate your joy and love too.  I know we will be here at the Spice Homestead.

Until next week, 



Savanna Kougar said...

Love the intensity of this flash scene... and the fiery intensity of Rachel and Tyburn's story.

"His own demonic half demanded and sued for payment for past debts he wasn’t sure he could afford." ~ great last line!

Pat C. said...

Isn't fire about purity? Is it possible for this experience to burn them clean of past sins so they can start over? Or is it too late for that?

Rebecca Gillan said...

Interesting insight into what they are facing, both together and apart!