Saturday, November 2, 2013


“Carlotta!  Hyrum!” Rachel cried out, sprinting down the hall back the direction she came.  One last glance over her shoulder showed the flames encircling Tyburn growing in color and intensity.   His death wail lessened in severity and timbre.  Rachel picked up her pace as she neared the turn leading back to their suite.  Time mattered.  Seconds, nano in portion, raced by.   There was nothing she could do about that.  Essential consciousness dictated action and prompt action within moments or flameout would engulf him, leaving less than the base components necessary to regenerate his rebirth.  Her heart tightened, pounded more as she lost sight of him.  Help was needed now!

The double doors to their suite flung open with Hyrum bursting through them.  Carlotta followed fast on his heels behind him.  Each carried the ice blankets needed to cool and stop the flames.  Rachel marveled at the connection Tyburn shared with his servants.  Neither Carlotta nor Hyrum spoke about the psychic connection and its drain on them.  Shared thoughts and mind melds increased the bond as each rebirth event neared.  Rachel wondered if her own servants might have shared the same with her if she hadn’t dismissed them.  The matter of sexual congress with Tyburn struck the possibility off her list of options.  Her rebirth events required careful watching and waiting.  Waiting for the combustion to claim her and letting someone close enough to dowse her before she flamed out.

“Which way Ma’am?” Hyrum asked, pausing near her.  Carlotta trotted past them looking down the ell of the hall in both directions.  

Hyrum reached out, touched Rachel’s arm.  “Ma’am, please.  Where?” 

 Rachel pointed to Carlotta as she turned to her left, disappearing around the corner.  Hyrum moved past her, paused within her sight.  He nodded, and rapidly spoke.  “The wail came from the heart.  I know you don’t and won’t understand.  You’re needed with us.  Needed now.”    Her gaze met Hyrum’s.  His short nod before he took off sprinting down the hall rattled Rachel more than she comprehended. 

Her stomach flip-flopped.  Her palms sweated with each pulse pounding beat of her heart.  Her throat threatened to collapse upon itself each time she tried to swallow.  Yes, Tyburn--never mind his being a royal pain-in-the-ass--needed her.  Not in a way she ever anticipated.  Damn, him.  Damn, her.  Damn the gods and goddesses who decried they end up together.   Nelson’s soft voice filtered through the clamor and shouting her conscience and heart spewed forth.  His words made sense with a ring of essential truth to them.  “The intricacies of life demand we do our best and be true to ourselves.  You’re Tyburn’s fulcrum.”

Rachel took a deep breath, followed by another.  Her astral birth charts showed her strengthens and weaknesses.  Strong character and the ability to withstand stood out.  She knew how to shield thanks to Nelson.  Giving of herself and remaining true to the person she’d become wasn’t going to be easy.  Neither could she let Tyburn flameout.    Too much unfinished business and a touch of caring drove her to do an about-ace and rush back to him; to help save him.  And maybe herself too. 

As she reached Hyrum and Carlotta, she stopped.  Each held out a thick whitish gray blanket covered with ice and crystals.  The size required they approached Tyburn, arms out stretched to engulf him and the flames within the blankets.  Heat generated by a flameout could melt the blankets if they didn’t contain the flames adequately.  

Sweat rolled off Rachel as she rushed past Carlotta.  Each lessening decibel of Tyburn’s death wail, told of the haste their actions dictated.  Rachel grabbed one corner of the blanket Hyrum held and another from Carlotta.  “Now,” Rachel called out moving toward Tyburn.

                                              *     *    *    * 

Silence.  Nothing but silence greeted her.  Rachel jolted up right, rocking the chair she sat in back and forth.  Her hand stroked down the old worn oak rocker’s arm.  Back and forth, she stroked until calm and sensory items focused.  Across the room, the king-sized bed took up two-thirds of the back wall. 

   Doctors hovered close to one side.  Hyrum and Carlotta stood nearby.  Rachel shook her head, reached with her other hand to push her hair off her face.  She grimaced.   As her hand came into view, she swallowed hard.  Bandaged from her wrist to the tips of her fingers, her hand spoke of her actions.  Flashes of the prior day greeted her if she thought too much.  No wonder the doctors insisted on injecting her with a sleep potion.  She glanced to the bed where Tyburn lay, swaddled in bandages and more ice blankets.  His vital signs swarmed across the portable computer screens surrounding the bed. 

 She, Hyrum, and Carlotta had their work cut out for them.  Rachel knew her rebirth mattered on Tyburn’s outcome.  Burned by his flames as she helped dowse him, she ignited her regeneration.  How much time she had, she didn’t know.  Tyburn’s last words before he crumpled to the floor haunted her.  His eyes had met hers as he mouthed, “Love you.”  Could she find the genuine attraction and passion needed to lay with him entwined in tantric lovemaking to ignite their joint rebirth? 


Happy Weekend Gang!

WOW!  Pris didn't let us down.  I've heard love doesn't turn off and on like a light switch.  Seems Tyburn and Rachel have some unfinished business to take care of.    I sense  some steam waiting to happen.  

Fall Foliage took on a wonderful hue this week.  As the colors reach their vibrancy, take a moment to share them with your loves and spice.  Remember to share a good book or two with them too.  I know I will!

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Pat C. said...

Whew! Close call. But I'm wondering: isn't it normal for a phoenix to burn up and then be reborn from the ashes? Or do they have to go together? If they die alone, do they die for good?

Whoa. That's make a hell of a romance fantasy book. In order to reproduce, a phoenix has to burn up with his/her mate. The offspring, a whole new being, arises from their mingled ashes.

Savanna Kougar said...

"entwined in tantric lovemaking to ignite their joint rebirth?" ... now that would be one fiery love scene!

Love, ain't it grand, even if you have to be reborn from the ashes.

The world of the phoenix isn't easy, is it?