Saturday, April 18, 2015


“Hello and Good Morning!  Tabby here on Peak 205.6.”  Static and fuzzy music poured out the radio setting on the bar.  Louie reached over and dialed the station in better.

“Tabby needs more cat java before he gives out those call letters and numbers.”  A slurp followed by another sounded.  “Ah, now let’s try that again. Peak 105.6 coming at you from the 6 AM hour on.”

Louie chuckled and went back to chopping vegetables and meat for the stew he prepped for the evening meal.  There’d be a crowd tonight.  Gill’s shift started at ten and ran until four a.m. when state laws required they stop serving alcohol.  Though no one knew what came in the door on its own between four and seven when the coffee and breakfast folks began showing up.

“We got a hot time going down in town this weekend.  A band around town gig happening.”  Two more loud slurps blasted out the speaker followed by an obnoxious belch.  “Sorry folks.  Good eats from Rattigan’s and a cup of Java from Java Joe’s is worth the extra sounds.”

Louie looked up as the kitchen door swung open.  Bettina walked in holding a stack of flyers.  Her hair stood up in places and her slippers scuffed along the floor.  Her ankle-length nightgown billowed out with each step.  She leaned on the prep table squinting at Louie.

“Thorn delivered these.  The man can bellow worse than a bull moose in heat.”  Her eyes glowed as Louie held out the blood pack he pulled from the small refrigerator under the prep table.  “Warm it up first.  That is O-negative.  That stuff is wicked if you don’t heat it up.”

Shaking his head, Louie tossed the pack into the microwave.  Hit thirty seconds and faced Bettina.  “So the Bandstand Festival is on.”

Bettina yawned again as she nodded.  Before another yawn over took her, she spoke.  “I hope Tabby makes the announcement about no X-rated lyrics and no grunge bands this year.”

As the microwave timer dinged, Louie answered.  “Tabby’s got the solo gig on the way early show.  He’s going to record the commercials later on when his other daytime partner is in studio.”

Bettina took the packet from Louie.  She pulled open on end and sipped.  After her second hefty swallow, she stood upright.  “Here’s to another all over town party.  Who knows what entries we’ll end up with?”



Hope you and yours are enjoying the warm weather.  Don't let your allergies get you down.  Time to get out and enjoy being warm is here!  Take time to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will!

Mage and his wife are off visiting family. DP's Gal Pal is busy preping her home for a make over.
DP is getting his new business off the ground.  And I'm working on new stories.  Life is good!

Until next week,



Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, So glad life is good!

If any Peakite wants a pint, Duff's Best of Breed Tavern is open... so is Dante's Biker Bar, and some establishment in the Pleasure Club is always open... state officials NOT ALLOWED... the werewolves will be on their tails.

Btw, X-rated lyrics and grunge bands are welcome at the Biker Bar. No underage patrons, of course.

Pat C. said...

Darn. Ray Nardo and his garage band ("LedZep covers our specialty") are still in high school. Well, they'll just set up on a corner and play until somebody chases them off. Fight authority!

Wonder what kind of shifters would be in a jazz combo?

Savanna Kougar said...

Or they can play at the teen club at the Pleasure Club...

Serena's teen character... gosh his name escapes me now... who Dante put to work is now helping to manage that club...

Darn it... I know I wrote a flash scene with the cool cat jazz band... but I couldn't find it... wait! Just found them. They're the Big Daddy Cat Trio, and they sang during the Christmas season in the Talbot's Peak Square.