Saturday, April 25, 2015

Would Be Rock Star or Did Someone Order A Dragon?

Gill roused, cocked his head, and listened.  The noise sounded again, louder this time than last.  Moving carefully to not wake Chloe, he rose.  He stuck his feet in his slippers and pulled on his bathrobe.  A chill had taken over the town again.  Great fluffy gray clouds blocked out the sun most of the last month.  The weather center predicted a late spring snowfall overnight.  

Half way down the hall, the noise grew in volume again.  Gill crept to the top step and paused.  Listening intently, he frowned.  Who snored so loud that the whole house seemed to snore with them?  No guests occupied the other bedrooms.  Was some dumb ass burglar trying to break in?  Or get out?  Whatever they were doing it was loud enough to broadcast they wanted capture.  

As Gill made his way down the stairs hoping, the creaks and groans didn’t give his approach away the snore as he called it ebbed.  Moments later as he grabbed the baseball bat he kept in the kitchen, bursts of light lite up the patio.  Gill rushed to the door ready to club whoever was out there.  As another blast of light flashed, he swallowed hard.  Shaking his head, he looked out the window again.  

Curled up with its tail over its long nose and horns, a large dragon lay sleeping.  How the hell had he ended up on the patio?  That was one question that could wait until morning.  As the old saying went, do not disturb a sleeping dragon lest you want your shorts singed.  And Gill valued what his shorts would be covering if he had any on.


Looks like the roadies and out of town guests for the Spring Band Festival are arriving.  A dragon though?  Has Chloe got some usual relatives she has told Gill about?  Or what?  Stay turned as I got a feeling this is going to be an unique festival.

Happy Spring and then .....more &**(&()*& snow?  I've heard from some Facebook friends snow is still happening from time to time.  The Spice homestead has a freeze warning in effect.  Keep warm and sharing a few good books with your spice and loves.  I know I am.

Until next week,



Pat C. said...

Only in the Peak ...

Maybe he's a roadie for Imagine Dragons?

Savanna Kougar said...

I luv it! A snoring dragon the patio. Yep, that's the Peak. This is going to be one heckuva fun festival.