Saturday, April 4, 2015


Gill wiped his eyes, stuck a finger under his nose, and inhaled----“AACCHOOO!”

Another round of allergy meds lay on the bar.  Louie looked up from where he sat, sniffling and nodding.

“Who ever thought we’d need these?”  Louie pointed to the two antihistamine pills closest to him.

Gill blew his nose.  “Damn I sound like those geese that came through a couple weeks back.”

Louie’s chortle didn’t last long before he reached for the glass next to him.  He grimaced as he swallowed.  “Gack!  I hate lemonade!’

Gill saluted Louie with his glass.  “Me too.  However Doc Williams said it’s this or a stint in the clinic next to his vet hospital hooked up to IV’s to get fluids into us.”

“Damn snow.  Frackin’ rain too.”  Louie held up his hand as Gill set his glass down.  “I know we need the rain and plants.”

“AACCCHOOO!’  Gill grabbed another tissue as he replied.  “Shape shifters with allergies.  BAAH humbug!”

Louie began chortling again, coughing in between out bursts.  “Got your seasons mixed up.”

“No, we got a sign to put out.”  Gill pulled up the sign Thorn down at the new print shop in town made for them.  

“Yep, that’s what we are.”  Louie reached for the sign.  “We is closed due to Spring Fever.”

Gill nodded downing two allergy pills, a few vitamin tablets, and a hefty gulp of tart sweet lemonade.
“A shot of whisky would make this stuff less vile.”

Louie turned from where he placed the sign in Rattigan’s front window.  “Can’t due to the pills we got to swallow.”

Gill cursed more and wondered how others across the Peak were handling Springs forward bounce touching off a spurt of blooms and growth all over the mountain range.



I can so relate to Louie and Gill's feelings.  I rejoice there is no more snow on the horizon or ground either.  BUT---my allergies and asthma are kicking my writing arse.  Survive I shall.  Thrive I am!  Blessed am I to have meds, the love of my spice and loves to help as well. 

Happy Spring to all!  May your celebration be filled with joy, good food, family and friends, and a the time to enjoy a few good books with you spice and loves too!  I know I am!

Until Next Week,



Pat C. said...

How about those poor shifters who are allergic to their family members?

That's right, it's spring. Now I can stop putting off housework and start putting off yard work.

Solara Gordon said...

Pat that is an opening to your next blog post I think. What a week we could have playing off this. Cleaning what's that?

Savanna Kougar said...

Bless Gil and Louie with their spring fever allergies... I'm lovin' Spring... my allergies haven't been too bad yet... just spaciiness and a slight headache thing, which can usually be cured with a bit of caffeine... and more sleep.

Take care, Solara, and everyone.