Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shifter Super Soldier... I stare at his sin-tempting mouth.

Greeting, shapeshifter lovers, I think a little walk on the dark side is in order for this bloggie. Yep, the dark side has many subgenre facets for us fiction writers. For today, I’d like to ask a couple of questions and do a bit of conjecturing.
The super soldier of the future has been featured via the science news of late and, so I’m told, in the GI Joe movie. I’m not a fan of how they’ve transformed good ole GI Joe, so, nope, I won’t be seeing that movie.
However, as an author I get the definite pleasure of living in the ‘what if’ question. So, if I could design a super soldier, a shapeshifter super soldier, what animal qualities and abilities would I include in my genetic-cauldron brew?
Oh, does that open up a universe of possibilities for me. How about you?
Many authors have explored those possibilities and created their own worlds. That’s the wonderful thing about our imaginations and our individuality, we get to pretend to be little ‘g’ goddesses when we write our own version of a shapeshifter world.
Sun Rocket, my heroine in
RED LIONESS TAMED, lives in the far future and does carry the legacy of the Big Cat super soldiers, created early in the twenty-first century on planet Earth, as part of her feline shifter genome. After all, you can create ‘em in the lab, but that doesn’t mean you can keep ‘em in the black ops’ military. Nope, those cat soldiers are smart enough to stray or run away and find their mates.
It’s a given to most of us that genes from wolves and the big cats would create incredible super soldiers ~ their physical senses and their body strength being greatly enhanced. Also, the hunting capabilities of eagles, hawks, falcons would be highly desirable in a specialized group of super soldiers. Yep, the wings, oh the wings. Talk about an urban warfare advantage.
Am I currently penning such a story? Nope, not yet. But, if I were... hmmm...

He soared the afternoon sky pretending to be one of them. They were wise to him, the other Eagles. However, not the enemy below. The hit squad crept through the dense forest surrounding the mountain lake. Their target was the isolated cabin of an inventor and her family. Recently, she’d perfected a portable energy device that could easily power most any home. On the verge of releasing it to an underground distribution network, she’d escaped from another hit team to the cabin. One eye fastened on the squad’s progress, he dived the instant they moved onto the lake bank. Screaming his savage attack, he also warned the family.

So, what about you (everyone included)? Wanna create your own shapeshifter super soldier?

Yowza butting-powza, the Bull is back... a hero with a real set of horns and the bold balls to match.

For the beginning of this bullie woolie tail see my blog ~ ...burning its way through my jeans ~ then, Longest Solar Eclipse... “possessiveness I’ve never known” ~ then, “...sliding up, then down” ~ “What a load of bull,” I challenge. ~ 2013 Celebration... He grabs my waist.

X-Serial Flash

New Bull in Town

“I’m not prejudice against any species.” His mouth nears mine. “Especially not a sex-kitten woman like you.”
His lust-roughened voice certainly doesn’t rub this sex kitten’s fur the wrong way. ‘Just one little kiss’ my mind whispers. Yeah, one little kiss. What if he kisses perfectly? What if he kisses better than that? What if he kisses with a passion that sends me into orbit? And makes me... stop!
‘Find out’ my mind tempts. Yes, I almost succumb, holding on with the skin of my teeth.
“I don’t kiss a man... or a bull man before I know his full name.”

Bull crap, I realize. We’re nearly kissing now, our lips so close the breath of my words must be caressing his mouth. His eyelids are half-mast, his smoky eyes utterly virile in expression. Not to mention the baseball-bat weight of his cock seems to be growing. Oh, god.
“Shelley.” My girlfriend’s voice carries toward us. “Where are you?”
The bull man boldly seizes my lips. He kisses me with a commanding prowess I’ve dreamed about, but figured didn’t actually exist. My arms throw themselves around his strong neck and cling. Our mouths wildly rub together in a frenzy of passion.

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Paris said...

My new EC release has a band of rogue mercenary jaguar shifters--but they definitely are not the good guys;-)The idea is intriguing though.

Serena Shay said...

Hey Savanna,
Hmmm, intriguing idea! Let's see for a shapeshifter solder guy...stealth would be the first and foremost requirement. Quiet like a cat stalking its prey. Then probably strength, yep strength with all kinds of fun extras to go along with it! woot!!

Oh my, the bull man sounds like one heck of a kisser! ~sigh~

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, super cool. Are you blogging about them? How about redeeming one of them for a hero?

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, with everything I've heard on late night paranormal radio, etc., the animal super soldier is definitely in the lab.

Darius is knocking her socks off, alright.