Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome Rebecca Royce!

Hey all you Shapeshifter fans out there, please help me welcome the wonderful Rebecca Royce. She's here today to tell us about herself and her wonderful new series The Westservelt Wolves.

Hi Rebecca, welcome to Shapeshifter Seductions...

How long have you been writing and who are your publishers?

I have been writing my whole life. I can remember being a little girl in my fourth grade classroom and making up stories about adventures where a monkey was swinging from the tree outside our classroom window. But, I only started trying to write for other people to read when I was pregnant with my second son. He is about to turn 2 so I guess it was almost three years ago.

I have been fortunate to be contracted with Liquid Silver Books and Eirelander Publishing.

What led you to writing?

You know, I just felt compelled to write, like I HAD to write. It didn't really feel like a choice, just something I MUST do.

What do you enjoy most? Any writing hurdles that you were surprised by?

I love the beginning of every new chapter. Its like a fresh chance to make the story even better. But, I also find it hard to write the first words in every chapter. It takes about ten minutes for me to start each time. Funny, right?

What are you reading now?

Pamela Palmer "Obsession Untamed"

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Social Worker

Tell us a bit about your new release.

Ashlee Morrison has a secret obsession—with a dark and mysterious male. The only problem is that he’s a wolf and she’s becoming convinced that she’s insane for thinking about him. But Ashlee’s wolf is no ordinary canine, he is Tristan Kane, third son in the royal family of the Westervelt Wolf pack.

Trapped in his wolf form by his evil father’s men, he has desperately sought a way out of predicament and is shocked to find that the beautiful, sad red head who has come to the wolf cage cannot only hear him, but awakens in him the knowledge that she is his mate, the other half of his soul who he has sought for thirty years.

Ashlee is unaware that she is half wolf-shifter but agrees to accompany Tristan back to his pack to seek answers to her past and understand her future. But as Tristan and Ashlee grow closer, familial betrayals will threaten to destroy the fragile love they have started to build.
With the odds stacked against them, Ashlee and Tristan will either embrace their love to save the Westervelt Wolves or be lost forever to despair.

Do any of your characters from previous books appear in your latest?

This is the first book in a new series so the characters that show up in this book show up again but in this book they're all new.

Do you use more than one element of the paranormal in your works?

In addition to the shifters, Her Wolf has witch craft and premonitions. But, future books, will contain a lot of elements from the paranormal.

Have you written a series?

I have written two series. This one, The Westservelt Wolves, follows wolf shifters. Love Beyond Time, coming December 4th 2009 from Eirelander Publishing is the first in another series, this one about mythical creatures called The Outsiders whose job it is to keep balance in the universe.

Do you have a favorite book or author that has influenced your writing?

Reading the books of Christine Feehan and Nalini Singh make me want to write better because they are so perfectly crafted.

Which book did you spend the most time researching and why?

The book I'm writing right now, which is meant to be the sequel to Love Beyond Time, took a lot of research because I wanted distances and places to be correct.

Anything else that you’d like readers to know about you?

I really am living my dream and so grateful for everyone's support.

What was the craziest thing you ever did to promote a book?

To promote a book? I guess interviewing my own characters. LOL.

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Paris said...

Welcome! Your books sound wonderful and I'll be sure to look them up. Great covers;-)

Serena Shay said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks again for being with us today! I can't wait to sink my teeth into The Westservelt Wolves series and The Love Beyond Time series! What great ideas!

Rebecca Royce said...

Hi Paris and Serena, thank you for the welcome. So glad to be here!!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Nice interview, Rebecca! For anyone who hasn't picked up this book, you really need to. Trust me, it's good :-)

J Hali said...

Hey, Rebecca, great interview. Your shifters are awesome and I can't wait for more of the Westervelt Wolves!

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, thanks for being here. I do love the wolfies. It's exciting to see how you and every author creates their own wolf worlds.
How did you decide on the type of world you wanted to build?

Rebecca Royce said...

It came to me, no joke, while I was taking my kids to the zoo. LOL. Thanks Savanna!