Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Enchantment of Silky

Tuesday greetings, Shapeshifter lovers. The following scene idea popped into my head, so I figured, why not write it for today’s blog? If only to amuse myself... though, I very much hope everyone enjoys it.

SunSilk and King Tut

With her mortgage paid for one more month, Silky snuggled deeper into her comfy bedding. Settling her head more comfortably on her pillows, she loosed a long sigh. Good God, she was exhausted. At least, all those extra hours at the zoo, helping to care for a pair of orphaned lion cubs, meant she could still scrape by, and keep the banker wolves from her door.

Like a bad reality show, her day passed before her mind’s eye. Other than caring for her ‘babies’ as she called the four-week old cubs, the only notable event during her ‘ball of confusion’ day... yep, she’d heard the Temptation’s oldie goldie tune on her way home... and, even now, the lyrics looped inside the tired mush that served as her brain...

“Evolution, revolution—it really doesn’t matter what the problem is ‘cause it’s all just a ball of confusion either way. And that’s where my life is these days. Hey, hey.”

The only notable event, she mentally repeated as she saw an image of his eyes... his great golden dark eyes watching her with an intensity that should have unnerved her, but didn’t. The magnificent male lion, always seemed to know when she arrived at the zoo, even though her schedule varied, or she filled in for other employees.

An apparent loner since he’d refused any and all companionship, Joey as he was called, had his own small lair. King Tut, as she called him, was a favorite with visitors because of his all-male majestic appearance, and because he willingly showed himself off, his posturing regal, his gaze wise, even sage-like.

If King Tut liked an individual or a group, he would approach offering a friendly expression while languidly shaking his mane. Often his tail would swing back and forth in a measured, but buoyant manner, the tassel like a royal proclamation of his thoughts.

However, if he didn’t like someone, he would turn away, his attitude one of complete dismissal. Often, he would lounge in the farthest corner on his rock throne as Silky thought of it, showing only his back. On more than one occasion, ‘friends of the zoo’ given a special tour, had been treated to an unmoving view of his back. Not even the lure of fresh raw meat could budge him.

Since it had become well known Joey always responded to her presence, Silky would be summoned. Sure enough, King Tut roused himself gloriously every time. Practically strutting, he’d focus his gaze on her and saunter as close as possible. He followed her every move, either with those deepest Africa eyes of his, or by matching her movements.

Silky had been accused so often of sneaking him treats, she’d actually begun slipping him pieces of her organic turkey jerky whenever the cameras went down, and she could get by with it. She’d slide it through the safe panel and he would take it from her in a careful, gentlemanly manner. As he crunched the jerky, a matter of moments, she’d watch him though the door’s window, then wait for him to launch upwards on his hind legs, so they could gaze at each other briefly.

King Tut, I do wish I could stroke that gorgeous fur of yours. Feeling drowsy, Silky yawned, rolled on her side and burrowed into the heavenly softness of her bed. She didn’t have much, but she’d indulged in purchasing high quality bedding, sheets and blankets.

She fell to her exhaustion quickly, yet his handsome lion face remained as she dropped off to sleep. Aware she dreamed, Silky found herself inside a temple chamber that reminded her of ancient Egypt. Sun-rinsed stone surrounded her, yet she could see beautiful palm trees outside beneath an azure sky that was so deep in color it looked unreal.

SunSilk, a man’s low voice addressed her. That is what I call you.

In that strange way of dreams King Tut appeared in the temple immediately morphing into a man... a man so breathtakingly handsome she could only stare. Plus, he only wore a long white loincloth. His golden-colored arms and legs were banded with wide, gem-studded bracelets.

More amazing, he gazed at her in the same lion-intense way as he approached and spoke to her. I must perform an enchantment, most beautiful of women, to make you mine.

The last thing Silky recalled was reaching out to touch his unbelievable mane of hair.

Feeling the warmth of the sun on her face, Silky blinked open her eyes. Something felt terribly different about her body as she stretched. Before she could halt herself she rolled back and forth amid her bed covers. Damn, she felt extra limber, and so wonderfully sleek... and, almost as if she had a tail, a long tail.

What the effing hell! Silky caught sight of paws. Her paws?

Her paws! Her furred legs. Her furry belly. Oh, God!

Whipping upwards in a frenzy of motion, she leapt off the bed. Landing on four feet... four feet! she raced toward the dressing mirror in the corner of her bedroom.

What the freaking fucking fricking... I look like a cat. Only she didn’t look like just a domestic cat with a tawny golden coat. She didn’t look like a full lioness, either. No, she’d been trapped somewhere between the two. Though, she did sport a lovely elegant tail.


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Serena Shay said...

Nice!! Lions are such royal creatures, I can totally see them reaching out and taking any woman they want for their own this way! ;) Might this be a possible story idea, or a fun flash to play with?

Pat C. said...

I think I foresee a double date looming between these two and your tigers.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, at this point, I'm not certain what to do with it... it was just there to write. But, I sure would love exploring more of Silky and King Tut's story.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, that is a dang good! idea... I'll let it percolate.

Paris said...

I would be very happy if you explored more of Silky and King Tut's story;-) I love lions!

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, there's just something incredible about the big beasts!

ladybirdrobi said...

Yes I can see Silky and King Tut having their own book. And Pat you mentioned double dating with tigers? Where did that idea come from? Many of your books be they in print or e form have a place on my TBR mountain which is stands at 1415 high right now with more needing to be entered into my wps file. I keep paper by the computer to write down anything I want to remember, even in my purse at stores with a book section and will list any that catch my eye so I can check out the author and see if it is a series. Strangely though the majority of books o ebooks on my mountain are about shape shifters, they are my fave supernatural being.

Can't wait to see if Silky and King Tut show up somewhere.


Savanna Kougar said...

Robin, I used to list everything I wanted to read like that, so I understand.

It would be kinda cool if Silky and King Tut joined up Kytaira and Zurroc for further *getting rid of villain* adventures.