Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rainy Day Shifters

It's getting ready to storm for the next couple of days...again. Which means my computer time will be very short and I won't have any excuse not to clean my office or make something edible for dinner. Just my luck.

I'd love to be able to get lost in one of the books I listed yesterday but the truth is, I've started four books in as many days and can't remain interested in any of them. They're all good books but I know when it's time to write, so it will be me and a yellow pad as soon as I can manage. And since my brain has finally kicked into writing mode once again, I'm also wondering what rainy day activity my jaguar shifters from ASSASSIN'S KISS, would enjoy.

Now Diego, my simple tracker wouldn't have any trouble tracking because he wouldn't focus on the muddy ground, he'd be looking for bent leaves, bits of fur or dropped objects. Diego has a one-track mind but he also doesn't care for water (I think someone may have tried to drown him when he was a cub). He'd rather slurp some hot chocolate and observe everyone's habits...just in case he had to track them one day. I think I'm getting a scene here. Where's that yellow pad?

Edward, Sebastian's father is probably in his study trying to figure out whether or not the Brotherhood is onto the existence of the Jaguar People, and if there's going to be a war. Book, everyone's "go to" guy when a tough job needs to be done is probably checking equipment for the next mission. Who will they send him after, next?

And Sebastian and Kira? The lovers are definitely enjoying a tryst, accompanied by thunder and lightening while they listen to the rain beat at the windows--in of all places, a bed. After being on the run through an entire book, a bed might seem ordinary to some but to them it is quite a novelty. But then so is the shower with plenty of hot water, the carpeted floor...a sturdy settee. They haven't entirely lost their sense of adventure.

What about your shifters or vamps or gargoyles? How would they spend a rainy day? C'mon, you know how nosy I am;-)


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Savanna Kougar said...

Rainy thundery days... it's spitting on and off here, now... hmmmm... let's see there aren't that many rainy days on Sun Rocket's homeworld, a Mars Moon. Mostly it's long days of heavy mist and the Spring rise of water into gushing waterfalls, rivers, lakes and thermal springs. On heavy mist days she likes to prowl as her red lioness self and observe the other wild creatures lurking about.

Zio enjoys a gallop as his stallion self in a soft steady rain, regardless of the planet-world. Thunderstorm, lightning days, he stays inside and enjoys, of course romping passionately with his mate, Katta. He indulges in reading huge tomes about a variety of subjects and investigating other worlds' pleasure products.

On rainy days on the Upper Earth, Sable finds whatever fun she can inside... no fun getting her dainty paws wet, usually. She and Devon take turns attacking each other passionately. Devon has taken her for flight in the rain, the best part, for Sable, was the exciting clawing lust afterward on Devon's huge bed.

Trail enjoys shifting to his stallion self and taking Seneca for a galloping ride on a rainy day. During thunderstorm days, they take care of her horses and everything indoors, then settle down for hot cocoa or spiced apple cider. They tease each other, catch up on reading and, of course, have a long lusty romp in the hay... actually, the bed, or the counter, table... etc.

Pat C. said...

A fun rainy day activity for the coyotes is tricking one of their number into going outside, then locking the door and laughing at him while he pounds on the doors and windows trying to get back in. Fun for the victim involves plotting revenge. Unless, of course, the adults get fed up and fork over money so the kids can all go to the movies and get out of the house and quit making all that racket.

Paris said...

Sounds like a wonderful time is being had by all! I just love shifters. They have their priorities straight:-)

Paris said...


Your coyotes sound like a riot! It would definitely be an adventure to grow up in their house;-) Tricksters are so much fun!

Crystal Kauffman said...

My gargoyles love the rain. It's refreshing and cleansing and cools the burn of the sun on their backs. It also makes for clean, brisk air to fly through and breathe deeply of when they take to the sky. Of course, they love the fog too, and because they're all from San Francisco, they love those rare sunny days just as much.

Paris said...

It's weird but I always pictured the gargoyles enjoying the rain and fog! Just seems to fit for some reason;-)

Serena Shay said...

My jags love the rain as long as they can stay in a dry, protected area and indulge in sexy fun all day long! ;)